The Journey Continues – Writer’s Blank

Writer's Blank

In case you’re wondering, there’s no mistake in the title, folks. Some writers and bloggers get writer’s block. Not me! As usual, I have to do things differently and just go totally blank!

It could be the fact that I’ve been consistently writing in this blog for over 5 years now, alternating between astrological articles and spiritual/personal articles. It could be I’ve finally found myself with little or nothing to say. (Nahhhhh…that’s not possible! Is it? )

I’ve covered a lot of ground in that time. Let’s face it, this is my 126th article and there have been just as many astrological articles. Phew! That’s a LOT of writing! It’s included articles on my past, who I am, how I view things, and articles on energy medicine, Wicca, numerology, various aspects of spirituality, and much, much more.

I think I’ve reached a point that many people my age do. You’ve been around quite a while, experienced a fair amount of both the good and the bad that life has to offer, tried to pass on what you’ve learned, and now find yourself sitting at the proverbial “bus stop” waiting for a bus to take you on to the next phase of your journey. However, for many, that destination, or even the direction to head in, is a complete and total unknown.

That would explain the blank look on my face. I have no idea when the bus is coming, from what direction it will arrive, or where it plans on taking me. For some this might be a bit scary, but you see I’ve been at this bus stop (or one like it) more than once in my life. Sometimes it’s made me feel like I’m waiting for the world to catch up to me or the right people and circumstances to make an appearance. Then I can move forward to whatever awaits me.

For now, it’s leaving me uninspired. It could just be that it’s Spring and I would like to be outside, doing something exciting, enjoying the long awaited sunshine and warmer temperatures. Whatever the reason, dear reader, know that I have thought of you and decided it was better to write this explanation rather than write some useless prattle.

Life is good and I am grateful (especially grateful for all of you who read what I write). So for now, I wish you peace and joy and many good adventures!

Adventure 2

Love & Blessed Be