The Journey Continues – You Have a Choice

Seed Quotation

As Spring begins to break here in Ohio, the above quote from Mark Twain kind of says it all. The seed reaching for the sunlight is very symbolic of what we humans go through as the Sun shines more, warming the Earth and us. We awaken from the dreariness of Winter and yearn to feel the warmth of the Sun on our faces. There is an energy that arises in many of us that brings back memories of our youth and all the fun that was to be had in the months to come.

I’ve mentioned before in my writings that this is a time of planting seeds, not just in our physical gardens, but in our personal intimate ones as well. What we plant inside each of us will determine what kind of a personal garden will grow in our lives as we live out this year.

For me, it may have to do with my 50th class reunion coming up this Summer…I’m not sure. I’ve been noticing some trends happening. My attention was drawn to an awareness about age or maybe better said as “aging”.

My husband and I were talking recently about being in our sixties and how, when we look around us, others seem to look and act older than we do. Now, by no means am I saying I look 40 but the awareness that I’ll be turning 68 in about six weeks and I neither look nor act like what would be “normal” for someone my age has often causes a conversation to start about that.

Recently, my husband but a video on my Facebook timeline of an African American gentleman who was 110 years old that neither looked nor acted his age. It got me to thinking. In his case, he had a firm belief in what his father had taught him about the five food he eats, the exercise he gets and keeping his mind active. (Here’s the link if you want to check it out:
http// Isn’t it really about what each one of us believes or even refuses to believe?

With the class reunion coming up, there’s a Facebook page for members of our graduating class to communicate and one of guys had posted that he looked up the statistics for life expectancy for those born in 1948. The findings stated that men were expected to live to be 65 and women to be 70. He made the comment that any of the men from our class reading that had already beaten the odds. I couldn’t help myself, I replied, “I’ve always been one to march to the beat of my own drummer. Statistics? Ha! I don’t put much stock in them. What you believe, you achieve. I plan on being here for quite a while longer.” Someone else replied, “You made my day.”

If we choose to believe that Life and aging are just the way they are, then aren’t we living by default? That “default” is that the body will age according to the prominent beliefs of the culture/country we reside in. However, if we choose to believe we have a choice and implement that choice through our belief in certain exercises, energy work, dietary disciplines, and/or mental activities, we take ourselves out of “default” mode and place the responsibility for our rate of aging in our own hands. Well, look at us being all confident and everything!!!

The second is a realization that maybe we should re-evaluate what we are being told about our health and those who provide care to us for it. As you well know, if you’ve been reading my writings on this site for very long, I’m not a big fan of the AMA. Although I would never tell anyone not to seek out medical help, for myself, over the years my personal experience with most medical professionals has shown me that they do NOT have my best interest in mind. They really can’t diagnose anything anymore – it’s become a guessing game because they no longer take the time to get to know their patients. Most importantly, they aren’t healers anymore. They treat symptoms, at best, and but seldom, if ever, look for causes in order to heal the condition. So what are we to do?

Healthcare Lies

Some are realizing we have to be our own authority when it comes to our health and well-being. Once again, we can live by default and allow our bodies to deteriorate however they so choose or we can make a conscience choice to take responsibility and control of what’s happening to us physically. That means an awareness of more than the symptoms. It means looking for the cause and, believe it or not, more often than not, that cause lies in our psyche and our feelings.

Yes, a change in diet or exercise can help, especially if that’s where your beliefs lie, but it also lies in realizing the emotional and psychological baggage you’re still toting around long after the incident that created it has disappeared from existence. These energies are at the root of our illnesses and people are beginning to become aware of this and act on it.

Alternative healing methods and energy work of all kinds are the tools for us to use to become that authority to our own healing and well being. Whether it’s daily meditation, yoga, tai chi, Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine, or something else, these promote a healthy mind and state of being which, in turn, creates a healthy body. This is the awareness and change that is slowly taking place in the 21st century. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, becoming aware that you have a choice and acting on it is all that matters.

So, it’s Spring and here we are with a new opportunity to plant new seeds and grow new things. Your personal garden awaits your choice for planting. Will you pull the “weeds”, turn over the “soil”, and plant something entirely new? I truly hope so. That “garden” can be the most beautiful, the most refreshing, and the most life-sustaining of any you’ve planted in quite a while. I say, “Go for it!” (Yeah…I see you smiling!)


Love & Blessed Be