The Journey Continues – Beliefs vs Believes


At first, you may think these are one and the same.  I used to think so as well.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Oftentimes, what we say we believe and what we truly believe are very different.

Take, for instance, the fact that most people believe in protecting the environment as well as believing in love, justice, equality, and generosity.  Still, how many times do you find yourself thinking, or even acting, in a manner that you know goes against what you say you believe?  Perhaps, being human, we have yet to truly realize that any belief we say we believe in must become part of our being before it has the power to affect or alter our lives.

Take a look around at your life.  Whatever you see is a manifestation of what you really believe.  It may not be what you wish you believed- those things you say you believe, but it does speak to what you do believe, at this moment.  If what you see does differ from what you profess to believe, you may wonder what the problem is.  The answer could be any number of things or, more simply, we just have a lot of doubt at work in our unconscious.  That might even arise from a suspicion that our ideals don’t match up to the reality we live in.

The truth is that if we wish to believe in love, we have to give up our belief in fear.  If we wish to believe in abundance, we have to give up our belief in scarcity and/or limitation.  If we wish to believe in equality, we have to let go of our belief in discrimination and/or difference.  You get the idea.  On any level of your being, if you’re holding onto beliefs that go contra to the beliefs you say are your truths then what you believe is different from your beliefs.

I want to quote a paragraph from Where Two Worlds Touch by Gloria D. Karpinski that gives us a clue what we should be looking for when a belief is truly adopted:

“When we become a belief, the frequency of energy it emits enters our permanent aura, our radiation into the world.  The aura is made up of the totality of all our subtle energies – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Moods, attitudes, even our physical highs and lows are like the changing colors and patterns of a lake as it responds to changing weather conditions.”

That frequency, no matter what it is, has a sound and a color.  If you know anything about the colors of the aura, you can understand why even our language expresses those colors when it talks about someone being “green” with envy; feeling “blue”; seeing “red” when angry.  All these emotions are seen in the aura as various shades of these colors.  So, if you truly believe in love that would show in your aura as a clear, brilliant red.  Or, the belief in abundance might appear as a vibrant green or even a golden hue.  All these are the result of truly accepting that belief without doubt or uncertainty.  So, the “coat” of color and vibration we wear (the aura) will always reveal what we truly believe.

We also need to realize that, even though our personal lives reveal the outer expression of our true inner beliefs, we are also influenced by the collective view of reality.  This shows in our collective world reality.  I have often spoken about how we are programmed from youth by our parent, teachers, peers, etc. and it’s quite true.  Just as we are conditioned by the voices of those close to us, we also receive and are affected by racial, political, spiritual, and even planetary messages about our reality.

The important message here is that no myth, no message, no tale has the power to affect us if we have no belief in it, either openly or in secret.  So, what is it you truly believe?  Not sure?  Take a look around you again.  The truth lies in your surroundings and circumstances.

If you want that to change, then it’s time to change your auric colors and vibration by becoming what you say you believe.  Developing an awareness of the internal messages you send yourself on a regular basis can really open ones eyes to how we might be sabotaging ourselves from what we want to believe.  Listen to that inner voice.  When you say something positive that you believe, internally is there a voice that gives you a “but” or a “what if”?  That could be the voice of the worrier, the critic, the victim, or even the perfectionist.  These are sub-personalities that we develop because of past experiences in our life.  Whether it’s one or more of these, the fact is that these are the blocks to you becoming the beliefs you want to believe.  These are the aspects of yourself that hold you back from being able to embody your beliefs.

Each time you become aware of such a statement being made, defusing your positive belief, you need to counter it with another positive statement.  This is how you change the energy surrounding the belief so that it can be permanently adopted into your permanent aura.  Once that happens, things begin to change.

Is it easy to change what you believe into your beliefs?  No, but it is worth it.  Change your vibration and you change your world.  What a gift to give yourself and to the rest of the world as well!

Thoughts 6Love & Blessed Be