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Have you ever stopped and really thought about how minuscule we are in the greater scheme of things?  Here we are on Planet Earth.  There are almost 8 billion of us…on one planet.  Eight billion..that alone can make one feel a little humble when it comes to self-importance.

If you allow your thoughts to wander a little farther out into space, it might occur to you that Earth is not even close to being one of the larger planets in our solar system.  Take Jupiter, for example.  All the other planets in our solar system could fit inside it.  It would take 1300 Earths to make the size of Jupiter.  (I’m feeling smaller still.)  Oh, and our Sun…well, it would take 1.3 million Earths to equal its size. (Getting smaller.)

Our solar system is just one of as many as 100 billion solar systems existing in the Milky Way galaxy.  That makes each of us like a grain of sand on the beach – or smaller.

My point to all this is the influence that the planets have on us from an energetic, gravitational perspective.  If our Moon, which is smaller that the Earth, can exert influence on the oceans and seas – even on the emotional and psychological state of some people – why should we doubt that there are other influences from other planets, asteroids, etc. that can be felt by we tiny human beings on this planet?  After all, we are but grains of sand on the cosmic beach of the Universe.

Think about it.

New Moon in LeoIn the meantime, speaking of our Moon, we have a New Moon occurring on Sunday, August 8th at 9:50 a.m. EDT.  That means both the Sun and the Moon will be in Leo – a very double-edged sword energy.

On one hand, these energies are kind-hearted and generous while also intuitive, resourceful and filled with vitality.  On the other hand, these energies can cause people to be self-centered, overly proud and apt to go to extremes.

The New Moon would be good for anything that requires leadership, taking center stage, organizing, or anything that has to do with children.

For new beginnings, that many people look to the New Moon for, the recommendation is to look closely at people and situations.  Sight is the most developed sense of Leo, so use it to choose friends and lovers with discrimination.  Keep high ideals in the forefront of your mind because, when you deviate from those ideals, it can produce sadness and ultimately even bitterness.

Use the energies of Leo (and the Sun that rules it) to find success in any area of your life, but also be willing to take the lead in acquiring that success and accepting any responsibilities that come with it.

Mercury in VirgoMercury will enter Virgo, on Wednesday, August 11th, at 5:57 p.m. EDT.  Virgo is one of the signs ruled by Mercury so this becomes a very intellectual time.  Life is now approached with more reason than emotion.  This can create detachment and that detachment can cause us to forget to take human failings into consideration.  For some, this may make it easier to deal with solving problems than interacting with people.

This is an excellent time for writers, learning a language, or anything that requires analysis. Solving abstract problems is more easily done under this transit.

Although learning is made easy with this position, remembering what one has learned is more difficult during this transit.  This is a great placement for anything analytical or anything requiring attention to detail.

The drawback is that people can become overly critical and have little patience with those who do not think as fast as they do.

Venus in LibraWith Venus entering Libra on Monday, August 16th, at 0:27 a.m. EDT, all love is sacred and is done with the mind and spirit.  Love, however, must be free and not chained to materialism.  People and things that are coarse or crude are distasteful here.  Disharmony and chaos in ones surrounding can actually cause illness.

In harmonious surroundings, this is an excellent time for art and music – the enjoyment and creation of both.  It also creates the energy for giving public performances.

This is a wonderful energy that, if tapped into, can be of great assistance in finding peace, harmony and love.

Uranus in TaurusUranus has bee in Taurus since March, 2019.  It only went direct from being retrograde in mid-January of this year.  Now, it will go retrograde again on Thursday, August 19th, at 9:40 p.m. EDT.

When Uranus is direct in Taurus it can spell major reforms in business and the economy with people desiring the application of humanitarian ways of thinking and doing as a multitude of people begin to think outside the proverbial box.  With these energies, it’s possible they may throw that darn box away!

On one side you may have those who very much want to be practical but in a unique and original way while, on the other side, there will be those who will be unyielding in their stubbornness.  Both will be determined and both will have fixity of purpose – one to keep the status quo and the other to radically change things.

There is a huge amount of energy attached to this transit and also monumental will to do.  The trick is to make changes, but not too quickly.

Now, with it turning retrograde, like the tides, it washes all that energy back upon us to learn and grow from.

For some, financial and emotional security can become shaky.  This is only to offer you a chance to become more determined to establish yourself.  This could come about by the discovery of fixed conflicts in your value system which are holding you back and must now be broken so that you can progress.

This retrograde’s energies are offering to lift you from your lower self by putting you through circumstances that make you aware that much of your sense of safety and well-being may be built on false foundations.

It also causes wanting to “have your cake and eat it too.”  For example, you can be married but, at the same time, want to be free or want and need to work a steady job and yet convince yourself you are not bound by it.

Then there’s ever the desire and liking to follow one religion while thinking that you truly have no obligation to it.  What’s funny is that when offered the opportunity to be truly free of whichever of these fits you, you may quickly jump back into the womb of safety that energy causes you to seek.

From a karmic standpoint, the energy of this retrograde transit is trying to assist you in breaking up these fixed though patterns, especially those from past incarnations, in an effort to detach from the primary importance put on the physical side of life.

This is a really important opportunity for those who are consciously working on their own enlightenment and spiritual growth.

This retrograde motion of Uranus is an annual event, each year, at about this time. It will be retrograde until about mid-January of 2022.  What should be recognized is that Uranus is a revolutionary energy and this placement in Taurus coupled with the retrograde motion clearly explains a lot of what’s going on at this time in our country and around the world.

Stream of StarsHere’s wishing you an enjoyable two weeks.  Keep cool!

Summertime 4                                          Love & Blessed Be