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Supernova in Leo

In a galaxy far, far away…36 million light years to be exact…M66, a spiral galaxy, had a star go supernova. We are just now observing that event that happened all those millions of years ago. It came into view last weekend.

There was a time when astronomy and astrology were one and the same science. Now, astronomy deals with the physical aspects of the stars and planets, while astrology deals with the affects those same stars and planets have on planet Earth and all her inhabitants.

So what does this supernova mean astrologically for us Earthlings? Truth be told, I have no facts for you, just “gut” instinct. We are already aware of the affect solar flares from our own Sun has upon the Earth and us, but this happened 36 million years ago. Well, instinct says that only means it took that long for the energy of that event to reach us, not that there will be no effect.

Leo has many positive characteristics, but it also has many challenging ones. For example, Leo energy makes good leaders but it can also pump up ones ego possibly creating a dictator. Leo is dramatic and can aid a person in a career in acting, but it can also make them a drama queen, conceited, or pompous. Leo rules the heart so when positive qualities are focused on, people can be warmhearted, generous, loving and a source of encouragement to others. Leo is ruled by our Sun so it can be enthusiastic but there’s also a chance of being temperamental.

Any energy is always neutral and the energy from this supernova is no different. If and how it will affect you personally depends on what you choose to do with it. I hope you choose to focus on the good qualities so that this energy will aid you on your journey.

New Moon in Gemini

There’s a New Moon in Gemini happening on Saturday, June 4th at 10:59 p.m. EDT. Gemini is all about duality and here there is a choice between using the energy of this New Moon to stimulate the imagination and do creative work or using your imagination to “tell tales”, spread gossip and rumor, or just outright lie.

Oh, don’t get me wrong! There are many good qualities about Moon in Gemini as long as the mind is kept active and focused. With the mind and imagination so active, doing more than one thing at a time is an option but be careful not to spread yourself to thin with too many projects.

The combination of the Sun in Sagittarius with the Moon in Gemini can cause people to become hasty in speech, overexcited, and, of course, too active. There may also be nervousness with this combination.

So what new beginnings does this New Moon offer? Anything that has to do with communication, but especially writing. Is there an article, book or even a speech you’ve been wanting to write? Now is the time!

Gemini is pretty adaptable and changeable so if you’re feeling restless and in need of a change, it could be as simple as a road trip or it could mean it’s time to consider a change of residence or job.

With Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter, that only adds to the need to expand your life beyond the known, familiar limits you’ve become so used to having.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury will be moving into one of the signs it rules, Gemini, on Sunday, June 12th at 7:22 p.m. EDT. creating a time of pure, logical reasoning.

The energy of Mercury in Gemini is versatile, unbiased and impersonal giving one the ability to perceive truth more easily since it’s about facts and not feelings.

While Mercury in Gemini is wondrous for the mind, it’s not so good for the nervous system. Shutting out external stimuli can be difficult. Both speech and activity in ones surroundings register intensely. Being exposed to busy or harsh environments for too long can cause one to feel frazzled, fatigued, confused and irritable. The solution, if you have no choice but to be in that environment, is to learn how to shield and use things like aromatherapy to counter the affects.

The upside to Mercury in Gemini is the mental agility it bestows and all the uses you can make of it. The mind will be very inventive and surprising solutions for problems can be found.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde on Monday, June 13th at 4:43 p.m. EDT. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and Pisces rules the spiritual/psychic side of life.

Neptune and Pisces both are about illusion. When Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces, it gives us the ability to more easily see what is real and what is illusion.

Highly intuitive, right now, answers that may have eluded you for quite some time can be found. The retrograde motion of Neptune in its home sign will allow you to clearly see and sense fraud and deceit, especially any that you may have been perpetrating on yourself.

This is a time of extreme sensitivity that requires you turn inward and gain a real understanding of who you are on a more spiritual level.

That sensitivity also warns that you should take care in your use or drugs (prescription or recreational), alcohol and any other stimulant while Neptune is retrograde.

Venus in Cancer

Venus will be moving into Cancer on Friday, June 17th at 3:39 p.m. EDT. So here we have the planet of Love in the sign ruled by the Moon (emotion). To say this is an emotional time is an understatement. Feelings are deep and quiet. There may also be intense sentimentality. Love and family are taken quite seriously now.

Energies of this placement value both financial and domestic security. Marriage could be sought to stabilize ones domestic life. The home becomes the focus of social activities.

It’s all about comfort. There is a fondness for good food and overeating could be a problem, so take care.

The one thing negative about all this emotion is that when something doesn’t go our way, there will be a tendency to sulk. Allow yourself to get over disappointments quickly by using humor to raise your spirits up again.

Overall, this is a very pleasant, loving, social time. Enjoy it.

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Short and to the point this time. It’s almost Summer! Time to go enjoy the wonderful outdoors! See you in two weeks with more astrological musings…..

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