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Harvest Moon 4

The planets are rather subdued in their movement this time. Oh, they’ll still be forming aspects with each other, but as for changing signs, they remain pretty stationary.

Part of that is due to the time of year we’re in. The “dark” of the year, that time when the Sun is waning and the days are growing shorter, usually sees less action than during the Spring and Summer months. We’re down to two planets being retrograde – Uranus and Neptune – so not much to worry about those energies coming back at us, for now.

Perhaps that’s because this time of the year is known to some of us as a time of introspection. That may be because, in the time of our ancestors, after the crops were harvested for the year, it gave time to stop and think, to assess and plan. Time that during the “light” of the year was spent planting and cultivating the food that would get them through this dark time.

Our lives are a little different now. Although there are still farmers, most of us are doing other jobs that don’t slow down or stop with the coming of Autumn and Winter. Still, we should take time for ourselves, at this time of the year, to think about the past year, all that has happened, and what we would like to see happen in the new year.

The planets have even slowed their motion to make it easier for us to deal with our own energies without having to deal so much with theirs. Take the time to get to know yourself and your thoughts better during this time of introspection. You may find it was well worth it.

Harvest Moon 6

We do have a Full Moon happening on Sunday, October 13th, at 5:08 pm EDT. The Moon will be in Aries with the Sun still in Libra.

A Full Moon, with this combination, is one in which many may find their personalities working overtime while who they are internally remains quite silent. This can make a person active, independent, and even, at times, aggressive externally. Internally, at heart, people may be more quiet, harmonious, and affectionate.

This is a time when people can become fond of change, quickly appreciate new ideas, perhaps be a little impatient sometimes, and lack in perseverance. Some of that may be due to the fact Aries is consider a fire sign and also the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning.

The horns of the ram, that represents Aries, represent a fork in the road of life, giving a person the opportunity to choose which direction their life should go. That’s about free will and having the independence to choose how your life will be.

Perhaps this Full Moon is telling you that if Life isn’t the way you’d like it to be, now is the time to choose a different path. Be aware though that Aries also is impulsive. Use the energies of the Libra Sun to look at things before you leap into that new direction. That will help keep you from aggravating a situation and quickly losing your temper, at yourself, for having rushed your decision.

This is a potent Full Moon filled with potential. Use it wisely for the betterment of your life.

Scorpio 13

On Wednesday, October 23rd, the Sun begins its annual transit through the sign of Scorpio at 1:20pm EDT.

There are so many levels to the energy of Scorpio. There’s the scorpion or serpent, which represents the first level. This energy can create a person who’s not what they appear to be. They’re playing a game and it can be a dangerous one. The other side of this energy, when it’s turned inward, can produce neurotic concern about the self, fearful apprehension about evil that may strike at any moment, and bitterness.

When you take that Scorpio energy to the next level, you find the symbol of the soaring eagle. This is Scorpio energy ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Typically, there is no fear here. A person, who chooses to tap into this energy, will bravely face anything with confidence in an ability to overcome whatever the situation may be.

Finally, there’s the phoenix. Like the mythical bird that flew so high it was consumed by the fire of the Sun and then arose again from its own ashes, this Scorpio energy is about regeneration, which may be done through suffering and, sometime, through what appears to be self-destructive behavior. This is because of a need to experience Life in all its facets with great intensity. This is the energy of the mystic, the healer, the priest or priestess, who uses their abilities to help others to transform and regenerate themselves.

These are the energies, and therefore choices, being presented to us by the Sun entering Scorpio. Choosing the higher qualities of Scorpio can be quite a benefit to yourself and others. Enjoy!

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Thus ends the planetary motion for the next two weeks. May you calmly choose to turn inward and think about Life and the choices being presented to you.


Love and Blessed Be