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As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd this year, we can thank Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin for this 51st celebration.  He was disturbed that the important issue of our environment wasn’t being addressed by either politicians or the media.  Thus was created Earth Day, in 1970, to draw our attention to the conditions of the planet we live on.

It’s become a worldwide celebration focused on promoting the re-creation of healthy, sustainable habitats for people and wildlife alike through conscious clean living including recycling, reusing, and reducing our waste and discarded items.

From an astrological point of view, the sign of Taurus was an excellent choice for this celebration.  Not only is it a fixed earth sign, but there have been astrologers who have said that if you were going to assign a planet to rule Taurus, rather than its current ruler Venus, it would have to be Planet Earth.

The sign of Taurus has energies that can be both like Ferdinand the Bull – peaceful, smelling the flowers, enjoying Nature – and the proverbial “bull in a china shop” – charging, angry, destructive.  When you think of our planet, can it not be just like this as well?  Peaceful, beautiful, filled with natural wonders, and also, at times, charging, angry, and destructive with its earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, and storms, very much like the definition of Taurus.

Yes, I would say a day that celebrates the Earth and brings its care back to our attentions is well placed on April 22nd, in the sign Taurus. How will you be celebrating this year?

New Moon in Aries

First, we have a New Moon in the sign Aries happening on Sunday, April 11th, at 10:31 p.m. EDT.

With the Sun and Moon both in Aries, this give rise to great activity of thought, quickness of perception, and an inclination to excitability.  Keywords are masterful, independent, self-reliant, forceful, and original.

Like any energy, it can be used negatively, in which case people can be militant, domineering, intolerant, hard, and/or unyielding.  To avoid troubles, one should avoid impulsive actions and rash conduct.

There’s an abundance of energy and vitality that can be tapped to initiate new projects or any new beginning you may have in mind.  Don’t waste that energy by just talking about what you want to see happen.  Action must be taken and this New Moon has plenty of energy to help with that.

Venus in Taurus 3

When Venus moves into Taurus on Wednesday, April 14th, at 2:22 p.m. EDT, energy for constant, lasting affections arrives.  For those born with this placement, or others who may feel the effects of it, emotional security and stability in love are important.

While people can be loyal and steadfast, there is also a possibility of possessiveness and jealousy if emotional security is threatened.  Because the sense of touch can be heightened, there will be enjoyment in physical contact with loved ones.

In general, this placement gives a love of comfort, luxury, beautiful surroundings, and good food.  That, in turn, makes the money that procures these things important at this time.

This is also a wonderful time for artists, gardeners, home decorators, and even musicians, especially singers, as Taurus rules the throat and larynx.

Mercury in Taurus 2

On Monday, April 19th, Mercury enters Taurus at 6:29 a.m. EDT.  Mentally, this can make those affected by these energies very patient and practical.  People may accept only that which is tried and true, resisting outside influences and being quite conservative.

Opinions are stuck to very stubbornly.  Once an idea is decided upon, it is almost impossible to persuade a person to change their minds.  (That may include yourself as well.)

Actual experiences will probably create better learning experiences than from what is read or learned in a school setting.  Slowly, steadily, surely, is how solid foundations and structures are built at this time.

Ideas concerning financial matters will do better when done in a conservative manner.  This applies not only to your own finances bt to anyone else’s you may be handling.

This is definitely a time for down-to-earth thinking and practices.

Taurus 12

Finally, later the same day, the Sun begins its annual sojourn through the sign of Taurus.  That happens April 19th at 4:33 p.m. EDT.  This is a combination of the practicality of earth with the concentrated nature of it being a fixed sign.

Ruled by Venus, those born under this sign or who feel the energy of this placement are lovers of beauty and are very affectionate.  Passivity is typical behavior with this placement.

Change is upsetting for those affected by this energy.  Not that they can’t or won’t make changes, they just prefer not to do so.  There is also patience and reliability, provided inertia doesn’t over take a person creating laziness.

This is a wonderful time for all the arts as well as working with the Earth to create beauty.  So whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, gardener, or all of the above, this zodiacal month has the energies you need to create, create, create!

Mars in Cancer 3

On Friday, April 23rd, Mars enters Cancer at 7:49 a.m. EDT.  It’s here that the fighting side of Mars is subdued.  Those affected by these energies fight back only when forced to do so.  The preference is to use guilt to keep things under control.

Since Cancer is often equated to the home, Mars here can indicate difficulties there, including domestic discord. Cancer also equates to intuition and it can be very helpful now.  Guard against negative psychism, however.

Working hard around ones home is one way to find opportunities for personal growth.  It doesn’t really matter if the work is actually connected to the home or just merely being done there; if motivation is high, the opportunities will come.

With Mars placed in Cancer, moodiness and emotional frustrations can lead to anger, which, if expressed openly, can cause discord in domestic situations.  It’s even possible that there was a great deal of emotional turmoil in past lives and this placement is now offering a chance to sort things out and settle them down.  It may all center around the need for reassurance from others that has, thus far, been unattainable.

An interesting placement, with interesting energies, to work with at this time.

Celestial Background

That’s it for now.  Keep in mind, with three planets in Taurus, it’s a great time to build a firm foundation for any area of your life through the use of practical ideas and methods.

Stars in the Palm of my Hand

Love & Blessed Be