Astrological Musings & More

Who says the Universe doesn’t have a sense of humor?  Certainly not me.  I was already to publish the “Blue” Moon/Halloween editions of Astrological Musings, when I noticed I had no internet access.  Slight interruptions are not unusual when you live in a rural area, but by 6 p.m. I was calling my internet provider to find out what was going on.

Long story short, there had been a fire a couple blocks away the night before and it interrupted the service for both our internet and our home phone.  Because of the outage lasting a week, my article was outdated before I could publish it.

Here’s what’s happened astrologically since you last heard from me:

1. We had the first Blue Full Moon on Halloween since 1955 in the Eastern time zone.

2. The very next morning, Daylight Savings Time ended.

3. Mercury in Libra, which had been retrograde, turned direct on November 3rd, leaving three other planets still retrograde – Mars, Uranus, and Neptune.

4. Mercury then entered Scorpio on November 10th.

All those energies were fairly intense and could produce all kinds of strange, unexpected occurrences.  I truly hope you managed to get through them unscathed.

Now we’re facing a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, November 15th, at 0:07am EST.  That means that the Sun and the Moon are both in Scorpio, a combination that gives much independence and self-reliance. There can be a tendency to override, domineer, and master while being proud and somewhat reserved.  There’s also a tendency to be inquisitive.

If we look just at the Moon in Scorpio by itself the energies boost the memory.  At first this may seem like a blessing, but remembering things from as far back as childhood can be good or bad depending on what childhood was like for you or any other part of your past that now is recalled by this phenomenal memory.

This placement helps those who are born with it or affected by it to overcome seemingly impossible challenges with persistence.  Care needs to be taken that problems don’t cause an overindulgence in drugs or alcohol.

It also inclines to an interest in the occult or the mysterious in Life.  It may also cause a need for secrecy.  That trait can limit growth and make it difficult to get a relationship started.

If you’re looking at this New Moon to begin something new, I would suggest taking on problems (and perhaps people that help create them) that are inhibiting your growth.  Call upon the quality of persistence to help you.  Scorpio has the power to aid in healing and transmutation so it can be a real aid in overcoming anything that been a stumbling block for way too long.

On Saturday, November 21st, at 8:22 a.m. EST, Venus will enter Scorpio.  This is a placement where people love intensely and in a physical sense.  Willfulness can make them go to extremes.  If love isn’t returned, then the object of love is disliked completely.  Things can get emotionally stormy here.

It does cause people affected by these energies to be very straightforward.  That can frighten the person that the love is directed at.  The energies are passionate, possessive, and jealous.  It’s important to guard against excesses of feeling.

There can be an attraction to the occult and inner mysteries, as well as psychic sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Then the Sun begins its yearly transit through Sagittarius later the same day – Saturday, November 21st, at 3:40 p.m. EST.  Here, the keywords are aspiration, adaptability, and enthusiasm.

These are freedom-loving energies and those affected by them need their space.  The outdoors may beckon or just an adventure of some kind may be just what is needed now  People will be friendly, outgoing, dependable, open-minded, and optimistic.  Like any sign, there can also be a downside of tactlessness, irresponsibility, and capriciousness.  Arrogance can become the greatest fault.  When they get off their “high horse,” a person affected by these energies can be beautifully positive, and that helps to encourage others.

To all those celebrating a birthday in this sign, I wish you a very “Happy Birthday!”

Then we come to Neptune in its home sign of Pisces.  It’s been retrograde since June 23rd. Now, on Saturday, November 28th, it turns direct at 7:36 p.m. EST.

There’s no way to get around it, Neptune in Pisces is still telling us that, as a whole, the world needs to confront it’s illusions about spirituality, values, the ideal vision, God, the arts, nature and all things mysterious, magical and make-believe.

We’re sill in a time of either great inspiration or great disillusionment and pain as favorite beliefs are slowly eroded and undermined.  Much suffering can be incurred as people confront their illusions and accept the destructive side of this self-protective mechanism.

It’s become a time when people need to take a look at the human tendency to deny or evade rather than deal with problems.  It’s an excellent time to examine the human tendency to take the easy way out without doing any of the necessary groundwork.

On the positive side, there can be a resurgence of interest in spiritual development and its benefits.  The legitimate role of spiritual need would then be accepted an integrated into more lives.  The role of cultural value systems could slowly be illuminated and more clearly understood.

For the individual, the energies are broad-minded, sympathetic, domestic, and charitable.  It also gives a love of travel, especially by water.  For those already on a spiritual quest for enlightenment, this is the perfect time to dive deep into the exploration of ones own illusions and why they exist.

May the stars be your guide to enlightenment and healing! 

Love & Blessed Be