The Journey Continues – Rambling Thoughts

For days I’ve been thinking about this article and, for days, my mind has gone many places, settling on no one subject that seemed to be a priority.  Perhaps that’s a symptom of the times we live in.  I don’t know.

What I do know is we’re in a time of change.  We stand at a crossroad, individually and collectively, with a choice to make for ourselves, our country, and our planet, as to what the future will hold for us and future generations.  To move to a better future, the old ways of thinking and doing may find us becoming stagnate and unfulfilled in our lives.

The energies of change are all around us in so many ways.  The number of this year is “five,” the number of change.  The Sun has just entered Aquarius, a sign that both heralds and encourages our uniqueness and new ways of thinking, doing, and being.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is conjunct (within a few degrees) of Saturn, the teacher, both of which are in Aquarius, telling us the old ways won’t continue to work and we really need to think outside the box.  Finally, in the USA, we just witnessed the swearing in of a new President who states we are in a dark time, but we are strong enough, if we work together, to get through it and move ourselves and our country forward.  Yes, the energies of change are beckoning us.

One of the things philosophers, scholars, and historians have often spoken of is that when change is upon us, we often have to first face times of chaos.  The old doesn’t let go easily.  It takes time and persistence to overcome old ways.  We become too accustomed, too comfortable with them (whatever they may be and whether they be personal or collective), even if we are unhappy with them.  As I have often said, fear of the unknown is sometimes stronger than the promise of something better.  That’s why we stay with the old – at least it’s known albeit a state of unhappiness and misery.

So my poor old jumbled mind goes through all the things I have written looking for something that may be of value to you, dear Reader.  Perhaps it’s time to speak of hope and/or humor.

I never realized how the last four years and the previous administration of our nation had affected me until I watched the Inauguration yesterday and found myself coming to tears.  As I realized my eyes were tearing up, I did my usual and ask myself, “Why?”  The answer became quickly clear.  That ceremony was a ray of hope in the darkness of the energies of a pandemic that we have now been dealing with for almost a year and whose side effects have been quarantine from friends and family; the loss of jobs and the closing of businesses and events; and an administration that seemed to not give a damn if we all died.  The possibility of real change for this nation and its people arrived yesterday at 11:48 a.m. EST and it brought tears to my eyes.

Believe me when I say that I don’t rely on other people or the external world to bring me my joy and abundance, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have help from those arenas.  That’s also why I became an astrologer and a spiritual counselor – to help others re-empower themselves so they can find their own joy and abundance.  After all, we have all come from the same Source (by whatever name or title you recognize it by) and that makes us all connected, even when it appears we are so separate and alone.

How we are brought up and trained in our societies often causes us to put on blinders and lose sight of the fact that we are never alone.  It causes us to think we are merely these separate, isolated, physical bodies that have one short life and then it’s over.  Hello, oblivion or hello, heaven or hell.

We are so much more than that.  We are energy that never dies.  When these physical bodies die, the energy that we truly are just changes form and moves on.  (I won’t begin to get into where it moves on to.  That’s a lengthy discussion that depends on your spiritual beliefs.)

While we are here, our emotions are the energy that expresses who we are and what we feel.  Like everything else in this reality, there are two main polarities to emotion.  There’s Love and there’s Fear.  All other emotions are some form of these two main emotions.  Love is a high vibrating energy while Fear is a low vibrating energy.  One lifts us up while the other holds us back or pulls us down.  Having been given free will, it’s always been and always will be our choice which one we want to be dominant in our lives.  Right now, due to the circumstances we are facing as individuals, a nation, and a planet, many have become enmeshed in the many ramifications of Fear.  The vibrations of Change indicate it’s time to find ways to lift ourselves out of those places with the many forms of Love, such as gratitude, compassion, hope, and even humor.  We need not do this alone.  We should reach out to each other and be willing to give each other a hand up.  It be an act as simple as listening intently to someone’s story.  It could be a smile to a stranger, opening a door for someone struggling, offering your assistance to a friend or neighbor, etc.  On the other hand, if you need that ear or a shoulder to verbalize  your story – reach out.  If you could use help in some other way, don’t be afraid to ask.  We are here to help each other on our journeys so ask or offer, whichever is needed at the time.  Together, hope is magnified.

And humor?  Well, there’s an old saying that states if you lose your sense of humor you’ve lost everything.  Smiling and laughing are two awesome ways to raise your vibrations.  Try being mad or crying when you’ve found something or someone to make you laugh. You can’t do it. (Although I do admit I’ve had a few people make me laugh so much, it brought me to tears.)

I learned early in my life to use humor to take away fear from situations that were scary to me.  Humor has the ability to take power away from people and situations that cause fear in us.  I know that sound crazy, but it’s true.  So, maybe one of the changes we each need to make this year is to find humor wherever we can, whenever we can.  If it’s going to help lift us out of negative, low vibrating emotions, what have we got to lose?  IN the meantime, I will take my rambling thoughts and leave you for now.  I wish you as much joy and abundance in this new year as you are open to receiving (and I hope that’s a lot.)

Love & Blessed Be