Astrological Musings & More

SNOW!There’s a line out of a ritual from my spiritual path that calls February “the cruelest month of all the year”.  Living in Ohio all the years that I have, I would have to agree with that.  However, there’s an astrological connection that I’ve made that’s even more accurate than just blaming February.

Granted, weather in the northern hemisphere can be iffy at any time from October through April, but, after decades of observation, I’ve noticed that if bad weather is really going to hit – even in a mild winter – look to the Sun entering the sign of Aquarius for it to happen.

Maybe it’s the angle of the Sun when it enters Aquarius as it’s making its return to the position that brings Spring, I don’t know.  What I do know is that if you can make it through Aquarius without any major cold or snow….you’re home free for the most part!

Of course this isn’t an absolute law, but more often than not, it holds true.  I find this a curious occurrence for a sign defined as “the water-bearer”.  However, it does fit with being eccentric, impersonal, and a non-conformist!

Just thought you might find that interesting.

Full Moon 8There’s a Full Moon occurring in Leo on Friday, February 14th @ 6:53 p.m. EST.  How appropriate for Valentine’s Day!  Emotions will be high on the Day of Love with the Moon in Leo, the sign of the heart!  Woo hoo!

With the Sun in Aquarius, the energies of the Moon in Leo adds warmth, ardor and imagination to the more impersonal energies of Aquarius.

There is a fondness for children, parties, art, and entertainment in general. Moon in Leo loves people and loves to be loved.  There can be a tendency to dominate others emotionally or to become a prima donna or drama-queen.

With this Sun/Moon combination, both of which are fixed signs, stubbornness can rear its ugly head, but shouldn’t last long as the sunny energies of Leo soon break through to chase the blues away.

Pisces 2Speaking of the Sun, it makes its move into Pisces on Tuesday, February 18th at 1:00 p.m. EST.

The symbol of the two fish that represents Pisces sometimes brings to mind the Yin/Yang symbol and is quite appropriate with Pisces root energy being spiritual.
While Pisces energy can be intuitive, humble, adaptable, receptive, and sensitive, it also can create indecisiveness, laziness, carelessness, delusion and escapism.  This energy is about balance, but, unlike Libra, it can’t be found through logic or analysis.  Piscean balance is found through emotion and feeling.  One must come to know and understand both within themselves if balance is to be achieved.

When the Sun is in Pisces, ones growth and understanding of life can only be limited by the imagination. Using the higher vibration energies of emotions like joy, gratitude, unconditional love, etc. the imagination can be used to create and bring into manifestation whatever one desires most out of life.

This is a gentle, adaptable energy that is very powerful and is open to the use of all of us, even if we weren’t born under its sign.

To all those gentle, intuitive, sensitive souls born in the sign of Pisces, I say…

Happy Birthday Pisces

Mercury 8Mercury, which has moved back into Aquarius during its retrograde motion, will now turn direct on Friday, February 28th at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Retrograde motion always brings energies that allow us to learn and grow.  In this instance, we were given a twofold opportunity in the area of communication.  First, to both give and receive communications from the higher vibration of the spiritual, the soul.  Second, as Mercury backed into Aquarius, we were given the opportunity to give and receive communications in new and unusual ways; to be inventive and original where communications, in any form, are concerned.

Now Mercury in Aquarius turns direct and we have the opportunity to take what we have learned and use it.  It’s time to open our minds to new experiences, to look at things from a different perspective and to recognize that our individuality ultimately enhances the whole as we work with others to achieve positive goals.
Smiling Sun
Well, stay hopeful, my friends.  Spring will be here shortly.  Until we meet again, may the Sun warm you and bring a smile to your face…often.

SpringtimeLove & Blessed Be