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No matter where you live, most would agree that these are troubled times we live in.  Whether you’re talking about rising costs, political unrest, natural disasters, or health concerns and the pandemic, it seems that no goes unaffected.  If often makes many of us feel that we are powerless against all that seems to be beyond our control.

It is then that I’m reminded that even in the worst of times, people have made the best of things.  Recognizing that they can allow themselves to become victims of these events or they can choose to use them to learn, grow and become stronger, many have chosen the latter.  Good for them!

I’ve been an astrologer for around 50 years and I’ve been writing this column for about fifteen of that fifty.  Although it sounds like a huge cliche, I can tell you that everything does happen for a reason.  Sometimes that reason is to let us know that we are stronger than our circumstance.

Astrology is a tool that allows us to see where the prevailing “winds” are blowing and how it might affect us.  It no longer is the joke of the 1970s (“What’s your sign?”) but a real tool that when used can aid each of us, in our daily lives, in keeping our vibrations high – thus alleviating many of the “disasters” that we could fall prey to by running on default.

It’s not fatalistic, nothing is preordained.  It’s more of a “weather” forecast that allows each of us to decide if we should “wear a coat,” “take an umbrella,” or “wear sunglasses” as we go out the door into the world for the day.  It’s a tool…and a valuable one at that, that people still stereotype into the category of the horoscopes that appear in the daily newspaper.  Choice is still very much up to us, but at least with the astrological knowledge of what’s happening on a particular day, we can choose wisely how we want to approach our day so that we get the greatest benefit from it.

And where does ones natal astrology chart fit into all this?  Well, think of it as a vibrational guidebook on this journey through your current life.  Just as when we take a vacation, we make plans of where we want to go, what we want to do, and how we plan on getting there, ones natal astrology chart reveals what energies we have given ourselves as talents and abilities, stumbling blocks and challenges, and even any karma from past lives that we came to resolve.  We still have the choice of how we pan on using them – or not using them at all.  This astrological information can open our eyes to things we never thought about or even considered concerning ourselves.  It can make a whole lot more sense out of life for us.

When you combine this astrological knowledge about yourself with what’s happening astrologically for the day, the choices you make may change from what you make now because you see how working with energies is so much easier than just being swept along by them.

Yes, these are troubling times we live in, my friends, but we have choices and we have tools that can help us in making those choices.  How will you choose?

New Moon In Taurus

Those choices begin with the New Moon in Taurus that takes place on Tuesday, May 11th at 3:00 p.m. EDT.  With the Sun and Moon both in Taurus, the energies enable a person to gather in and conserve resources for the proverbial rainy day.  Taurus is a practical sign that allows us to apply common sense to all situations and problems.

The Moon strongly influences romantic attitudes, and those who are influenced by these energies will find they enjoy such things as candlelight, soft music, and gracious companionship in their love life.  Good food, good wine, and more are all part of the “frills”desired by those who feel these energies.  It also brings devotions and perseverance in combination with that common sense I mentioned earlier.  The head rules the heart here, but never to such an extent that a love affair becomes a painful experience.

This Moon placement’s energies are fairly conservative.  People will tend to only accept ideas that conform to their preconceived standards.  Nothing revolutionary happens here.  Only those things that meet the standards of a person’s time and upbringing are accepted.

For those seeking to use these energies for a new beginning in any area of their lives, look first to the resources you have available or support you can get from family and friends to make that change.  Build on a firm foundation of what you know and have learned thus far.  This is a position that attracts financial security and the other good things in life.

Jupiter in Pisces

As we move to Thursday, May 13th, Jupiter enters Pisces at 6:36 p.m. EDT.  The energies of this combination connect the ultimate intellectual values to the ultimate emotional values.  The first is driven by a need to understand.  The second is driven by a need to reconnect with the mystical, divine nature within each of us.  The first deals with concepts that can be articulated while the second deals with concepts that are received more effectively through art, myth, or dreams.

Jupiter represents “head goals,” while Pisces represents “heart goals.”  This can cause some clashes, depending on the circumstances of a situation.

The commonalities between Jupiter and Pisces come from the fact that, before the discovery of Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces), Jupiter was considered to be the ruler of Pisces (and is still considered to be a co-ruler by some astrologers).  Both are connected to a search which often turns spiritual in nature.  Both are connected to values and faith, although their methods are different.  That makes Jupiter in Pisces a profoundly spiritual energy that can cause those affected by it to approach religion/spirituality with a sense of yearning and awe.

The energy of this placement can also indicate problems with faith and values, possibly due to a lack of boundaries, unbridled expansion, lack of attention being paid to the realities of the world and/or unrestrained expectations.  Using the energies constructively and putting ones mind to it, boundaries can be created and the ability to put words to ones profound understanding and insight can be found.

This is truly a spiritual time when one can find meaning and direction to that side of ones life.


The following Thursday, May 20th, the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini at 3:37 p.m. EDT.  Here the energies shift from being placid to restless.  After all, Gemini is ruled by Mercury and that is one fast, little planet!

These are mental energies that are meant for communication in any and all forms.  It’s a great energy for those who write, teach, or lecture. It’s also great for travel and that can be by car, train, plane, or any other way that strikes your fancy.

There is a duality to this energy, in accordance with its symbol of the twins.  That can often mean a choice between two people, places, or situations.  It can make decisions difficult at times.  There’s also the dual nature to those born under this sign or even those affected by its energies.  The person seems to have two distinct personalities.  Sometimes only one is presented to the outside word, but there is a second one that remains within.

The quality of the energies are logical, versatile, inquisitive, spontaneous, and talkative, but there, unfortunately, can also be restlessness, superficiality, nervousness, and inconsistency.  It’s wise to take these into consideration when dealing with people and situations during this transit of the Sun, especially where decision need to be made.

Saturn Retrograde

Lastly, we have Saturn in Aquarius becoming our second planet to go retrograde this year when it does so on Sunday, May 23rd, at 5:21 a.m. EDT.  When moving forward (direct), it provides well-organized mental concentration.  The mind becomes impersonal and more scientific with a concern for impartial truth.

Turning retrograde, it offers energies that can indicate an individual is slow in bringing karmic lessons to completion.  This creates a weight we carry in our souls from a former life.  When that energy combines with the energy of our current life, it can present us with evidence that helps us to understand our true mission.

Because we are repeating this lesson, the retrograde action of the planet can make us feel its restrictive force, especially if we try to escape the lesson.  To flow with that energy and that lesson, understanding that patient guidance is being offered, can lead to identifying with something higher than we may imagine.

Saturn is the teacher.  Retrograde it’s telling us we’re experiencing similar teachings from another lifetime.  An enormous amount of wisdom steadily pours through the retrograde motion of Saturn. Here, in Aquarius, it’s pointing to how highly unique and independent we truly are.  It’s telling us that there are so many different things that Life has to offer that we should take an interest in.

Regardless of where Saturn is found (sign or house), it always represents the neglect of responsibilities in the past.  In many ways, it’s indicating we must be more honest with ourselves since there was an avoidance of true self-awareness and self-honesty previously.

This retrograde will last until October 10th, so it provides us with plenty of time to learn from and work with these energies.

Energy of the Planets

Love & Blessed Be