The Journey Continues – Empathy: What is it?


This time we are in is so different from the time I was born into. The exploration and understanding of the invisible forces around us and within us had barely begun when I came into incarnation this time. Oh, yes, Mankind, at different times throughout history has allowed his curiosity to lead him into the hidden places of both the external world and the internal world of us all. We’ve always been interested in things that can’t be seen, heard or felt with our physical senses.

Living on the edge of a New Age for so many decades brought all this into our consciousness again. The 1960s seem to have been the time when the proverbial door was really thrown open (my observation) to mind-expanding drugs, meditative practices, psychic training and experimentation, etc. You could say that, just by being open to it, it was a time of consciousness expansion.

Now we have stepped through the door of that New Age. Some will argue that we still haven’t entered the Age of Aquarius, but there are signs all around us that we have. Every generation that has been born since the 60s has been a little more sensitive, psychic, otherworldly aware without really needing to do much to open those talents and abilities. That’s because the vibration of the planet has been speeding up and those born into it are more easily adapted to it than those of us born previously. They see things differently, feel things differently and hear what we have to strain and train to hear.

The word “empath” is used quite commonly in today’s conversations. It comes from the word “empathy”. According to the dictionary empathy means – 1. Understanding of another’s feelings: the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties; 2. Attribution of feelings to an object: the transfer of somebody ‘s own feelings and emotions to an object such as a painting.

This is the definition that I have associated with the word for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t, however, give any indication of it being spiritual or psychic in nature, just an ability to understand and even relate to the feelings of another person. This caused me a great deal of confusion when I started hearing the word “empath”. To me, it just meant a person who was able to put themselves in another’s place emotional and understand how that person felt. In order to understand why I was, and sometimes still am, confused by the modern use of this word, you need to know where I come from in my own learning and understanding of spiritual and especially psychic matters.

I have always had a certain amount of psychic ability. I see auras, ghosts; I hear both spirit voices and voices of prophecy; and I have an extremely sensitive sense of touch that allows me to use the practice of psychometry (divination by holding an object belonging to a person) and also “feel” the energies in houses, cars, etc. Because of all this, I’ve had a long-standing interest in psychic, occult, metaphysical (call it what you will) subjects.

Some of the first terms I learned were the ones that would help me define the talents and abilities I have. It goes something like this:

Clairvoyance: A “supernatural” ability to see events, persons, and things which are remote in time and location, and of which no knowledge can reach the seer by any sensory channel considered normal.

Clairaudience: The ability to hear sound inaudible to the normal ear, such as spirit vices. Many of these voices will bring prophecy or other information.

Clairsentience: Translated, it means “clear feeling”. It is the ability to feel or sense energies of ones surroundings or of objects held by the clairsentient. These energies can include those of the past, present, or future. It may also include the sensing of the physical or emotional nature of a person.

Can you begin to see why I was confused? Having all three of these abilities, to some extent, I couldn’t understand why those using the word “empath” weren’t saying “clairsentient”. I know. You may feel like I’m splitting hairs here. I really don’t think I am. Has the word “empath” come into existence to be more socially acceptable than the word “clairsentient”? When you read the definitions, it seems fairly clear that clairsentience is really what we’re talking about.

Moving on…the other thing that has confused me about being an “empath” is that most proclaim how victimized they are by the energies of the people and places around them. They tell of how exhausting it is to just be out in public or around more than a few people because the energies are so draining. I mean this with the greatest amount of love and compassion…have you never heard of shielding?

Again, I mean no disrespect. I’m just confused that few seem to think about protecting themselves from these energies. This is another thing I learned fairly early in my journey down the path of psychic abilities. What really drove it home to me was a woman I knew who was very psychic. I would have to say that she, like me, had all three abilities. She never shielded or protected herself in any way. She would pull bad energies from objects, places, and even people, taking them into her body, and never even grounding them. She died. When they opened her up, they found little pus sacs all throughout her body that had burst open, flooding her body with poison, causing her death.

It became quite clear to me that there were precautions that one needed to take and cleansings one must do after performing any such actions, or even just having these talents and abilities.

Shielding is such a simple act of protection, but such an important one. Even if you don’t feel you have any psychic talents or abilities, shielding can be a valuable tool in everyday life. It’s simply a process of seeing yourself surrounded by blinding white light, mirrors or whatever will work for you, with the idea that anything good is allowed to pass through this protective barrier while anything negative or harmful to you will bounce off and return to its sender – even if it was sent unconsciously. Being a Star Trek fan, I find myself humorously telling myself, “Shields up!” as I leave the house to go out into the outside world. For those who might pooh-pooh this away, I would remind you that you have enough forethought to put on a coat when it’s cold to guard against becoming ill, so why wouldn’t you protect yourself from other possible causes of illness?

I also mentioned grounding and this is important too. You can also include with this smudging and cleansing with water. When you have done any psychic or healing work or just been in a less than positive situation, it is an act of wisdom and protection to rid yourself of any harmful energies that you may have inadvertently picked up. The mere act of washing your hands can be both physically cleansing and metaphysically cleansing as well, as you allow the water to wash anything harmful down the drain.

The times we live in are extremely different and that calls for words that clearly define who we are, what we are about, and tools to help us safely navigate this journey we are all experiencing together.

Safe journey, my friends.


Love & Blessed Be