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Solar System 3There’s been some exciting news that could, at some point in the future, affect those of us who call ourselves “astrologer”. In an article from an newsletter I receive from EarthSky, there is news that there may be more planets out beyond the orbit of Pluto!

Scientists in both Spain and the UK have indicated that their calculations indicate the possibility of two large planets on the fringes of our solar system.

Even after proof is found of this being true, it may well be decades before astrologers would have a clear picture of how these planets would affect those of us on Planet Earth.

Outer planets with long orbits around the Sun, like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are considered “trans-personal” planets by most astrologers. I call them “generational” planets because the effects that are felt have more of an affect on the group of individuals that were born when that planet was in a specific sign, i.e., Pluto in Leo is found in the charts of most “baby boomers.”

While this may make it seem insignificant to some, astrologers have found that “generational” or “trans-personal” planets can speak to the general attitudes and perspectives of a whole group of people. It can even indicate the work that group came in to do. For the individual, this can be important when considering what your goals or purpose in life might be.

Anyway…if you would like to read the whole article, you can find it at:
In the meantime, let’s talk about the planets we are well acquainted with and what the are doing for the next two weeks…

Aquarius 6The Sun moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, January 20th at 4:44 a.m. EST. I love Aquarius! It’s like a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) in the middle of Winter. For me, it’s like someone threw open the door to ingenuity and creativity; to looking at things from a totally new, even unconventional perspective.

After the heavy, even depressing for some, transit of the Sun in Capricorn, Aquarius is an outgoing, positive expression that wants to communicate! Keywords for this sign are original, inventive, intellectual, unconventional (some might even say ‘eccentric’), independent, revolutionary (which can become rebellious, for some), and humanitarian.

Those who read Tarot often look at The Star as representing Aquarius, but I sometimes feel that The Hanged Man could represent it just as well for Aquarians truly do look at things from a very different perspective. This can be a great help to the rest of us when we are stuck in our efforts to find a solution to a problem. Ask an Aquarian and you may be surprised at the fresh, new approach that’s offered!

Independence/freedom is very important to anyone who is either born under this sign or feels a strong affect from it from some other placement in their chart. Take away that freedom, curtail their independence, and there is a coldness that settles in that could give anyone frostbite!

So, for any of us looking to solve a problem or change something that is weighing us down or holding us back – make use of these Aquarian energies. They may provide the key you’ve been looking for!

To all those born under the sign of Aquarius…

Happy Birthday Aquarius 2

New Moon 8Later that same morning, Tuesday, January 20th, the New Moon occurs in the sign of Aquarius at 8:14 a.m. EST.

Moon in Aquarius is very imaginative on its own, coupled with the Sun in Aquarius (along with Mercury and Venus also in Aquarius) this is the time to open up to being creative both for fun and problem-solving. The energy is there, why not use it?

One may experience some unusual occurrences that are very enlightening emotionally. On the one hand, using ones creative imagination can create innovation and new opportunities, including the meeting of new people. On the other hand, stifling ones imagination can cause one to gossip and spread rumors which can create an unpleasant backlash to deal with, even if your intentions weren’t malicious.

New Moon, new beginnings. With this Sun and Moon placement, thinking outside the box is almost mandatory. The results? Something unconventional that may be quite pleasant and surprising!

Mercury in Aquarius 3Mercury, which has been in Aquarius since January 4th, will be turning retrograde on Wednesday January 21st at 10:54 a.m. EST.

Before you either go screaming into the night, “Oh, no, not again!” or hide in bed until it’s all over, with the covers over your head, stop and think about the possibilities being offered to you.

As I said in the last issue, when Mercury went into Aquarius: “The energies of this placement create minds that are open to new experience. Aquarius being impersonal allows the mind to be unbiased, truthful and objective. Ideas become very original, unconventional even.

“Mercury in Aquarius manifests the highest intuitive ability due to an easy connection to the Universal Mind, going beyond the limits of the individual ego.

“Mental energy is stabilized and concentrated allowing for the possibility of telepathy occurring. This is an excellent time for astrology and occult study of any kind.”

Now, with the retrograde motion, the opportunity to turn inward, using these tools and energies, presents itself. This could be a mind-blowing time of revelation when it comes to uncovering the reality of your inner world!

Outwardly, there may be delays, disruptions and detours, especially where communication and travel are concerned, but if you stick to routine, carefully think through your words before you speak them out loud, and have patience, both with yourself and others, this could be a very enlightening experience.

I just read an article this morning that really expresses this well, especially for dealing with the outside world during Mercury retrograde. You can find it at:

Look with hope rather than dread at this time of Mercury retrograde!

Venus in PiscesVenus, now in Aquarius, will transit into Pisces on Tuesday January 27th at 10:00 a.m. EST creating loving, emotional, idealistic energies for us all to enjoy

Dedication, self-sacrifice, consideration of others, and intuition are all heightened now. Some may be very sensitive to suffering now, especially when it involves others. The fear of rejection may be heightened as well.

That heightened intuition can provide inspiration for great artistic, poetic and musical creation.

Be aware that these energies do have a downside and can create a lack of discrimination, laziness, hypersensitivity and even over-dependence on others.

Focus on all the positive of this placement and Venus in Pisces will be a very loving time!

Groundhog Day 3On Monday, February 2nd, that annual occurrence that so many await happens – Groundhog Day!

While some of us refer to it as Imbolg (or Imbolc), the Feast of the Waxing Light, others just celebrate that furry little critter and pray he will predict an end to Winter.

In reality, we are six weeks into Winter and, by the calendar, have six more weeks to go, but we hope, with all our hearts, that warm temperatures will override that calendar and the groundhog will be the herald that let’s us know Spring’s on the way!

May the next two weeks provide you with all the peace, prosperity, health, happiness and warmth that anyone could possibly want!

CandlemasLove & Blessed Be