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Have you ever just sat and pondered life? What IS it all about? Why are we here? I’ve been doing that for around 50 years. Some things have become clearer to me while others still very much remain a mystery….and I love a mystery!

Believe it or not, both astrology and numerology have helped me better understand the many mysteries of my latest sojourn upon this planet. I’m not talking about the use of them for foretelling the future – although I will admit that in my youth I did seek many answers through the use of Tarot and other such means. I’m talking about deciphering the enigma of my existence.

Both natal astrology and numerology (which is based on your birth name and birth date) offer a look inside the energies that each of us chose to surround ourselves with at birth into this incarnation.

What’s even more amazing is that each of these separate methods will support the explanations of the other when looking for meaning to ones life and purpose. Both give you an inside view to the lessons you came to learn and the things you came to set straight from the past.

If you want a little “food for thought”, consider having the numerology of your birth name and date done. If you really want some input into those birth energies, have your natal chart done. It can be quite revealing and thought-provoking!

If you’re interested in having me do either or both of these for you, you can contact me through Facebook Messenger or at my email address – (Please put “Astrology/Numerology Inquiry” in the subject line.)

Here’s what I charge for each:

Numerology Analysis of Birth Name – $35

Numerology Analysis of Birth Date – $35

Natal Astrology Chart – $150

Galaxy 3

The skies are kind of quiet right now. No big planet shifts so this will be brief this time.

New Moon in SagittariusThere’s a New Moon in Sagittarius heading our way on Saturday, December 4th at 2:43 a.m. EST. that includes a total solar eclipse. That eclipse will only be seen in Antarctica. A partial eclipse will be experienced by people in the southernmost tips of South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although we won’t any of this visually, we may still be able to feel the effects of it. That could mean some setbacks or needing to adjust to change by using an open mind and being flexible.

With the Sun and the Moon both in this sign of adventure, this might be the New Moon you’ve waiting for in order to change jobs or place where you live. Indecision could become a problem because of the duality of Sagittarius. Don’t let that opportunity you’ve been waiting for slip away. After all, there truly are no wrong decisions!

There’s a restlessness with Moon in Sagittarius that can simply mean you need a change of scenery and a road trip or day trip is in order rather than a change of residence. Look carefully at what you are feeling. The need for independence and freedom can mean many things to many people.

People have a tendency to be more warm and friendly now and that will sometimes be accompanied with much generosity. Benevolent and harmonious feelings will flow freely.

Spontaneity will help break any doldrums you are feeling – you just have to follow your intuition, which is heightened now.

Overall, it’s a great time for an adventure of any kind!!!

Stream of Stars

I wish you a wonderful two weeks.  See you soon!

Candle Blessings                                          Love & Blessed Be