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There was a time when astrology and astronomy were one and the same science. Once they became separate, astrology became a pariah, a joke even, and astrologers were viewed as charlatans, con-artists, people to avoid and certainly NOT to be taken seriously!

Yes, there are those who claim to be astrologers who fall into these categories. Using the claims of wanting to help you make your life better and assist you in solving your life’s problems, they will charge exorbitant prices and find reasons to keep you coming back. Is it any wonder most people are totally unable to see the value in what astrology can tell them?

For the true, sincere astrologer, there is a code of ethics. First, and foremost, they truly do want to help you create a better life, but not through making you dependent on them. Rather, they want to use their talents and abilities to help you re-empower yourself. They will discourage attachment and dependence to themselves by you.

Second (and this is my personal perspective), an astrologer who is the real-deal won’t just print out a chart, send it to you and cash your check. They will offer consultations on the astrological information you have paid them to create for you. Granted, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink, but you at least have to offer and be willing to do those consultations so that the client has a better understanding of the material.

Third, even an honest astrologer will charge you for the work they do, but it won’t be unreasonable. Included in that price should be the price of at least one consultation. If you know you have at least one consultation coming, why would you not take advantage of it?

Lastly, in those consultations, the true astrologer will tell you both what energies are working for you and creating obstacles for you, but they won’t focus purely on the negative and they won’t insist that only they know how to cure you of your ills. Rather, they will tell you about the energies, talents and abilities that you have given yourself and encourage you to make use of these to take charge of your life.

In my own personal practice, of almost 50 years, my main focus has been to be of service and assistance to those who are seeking to find a better way to live their lives. Getting paid for this is nice, but not why I do it. I want to supply the most information and encouragement I can so those who seek me out will have additional “tools” for self-healing and empowerment. That’s probably why I haven’t raised my prices in over 30 years. I want people of all walks of life and income to be able to make use of what I know so that life becomes a friend rather than “the enemy”.

Having said that, I encourage anyone who has never had their natal astrology chart done, to contact me. You will be surprised by what you learn from it and how much help it can be to you. Natal astrology chart: $150.00 (includes 3 consultations).New Moon in Virgo
Having said all that, there’s a New Moon happening in the sign of Virgo on Monday, September 6th at 8:52 p.m. EDT. Many people view New Moons as a time for new beginnings in area of your life that you feel needs a change.

With the Sun and Moon both in Virgo, as it always is at a New Moon, there is an increase in discrimination, independence, self-reliance, and foresight. It can make some of us, somewhat self-centered.

It can also create a hard worker who may also be frugal and persevering. There could be a tendency to be too methodical and precise.

Virgo is a very practical sign, especially where communication and thought are concerned. If you are thinking of a change in any area of your life, be sure to look closely at the details of making it happen, how practical it is, and what the end result might be.

One last thing. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health. This would be an excellent time to make changes in your diet, start an exercise program, or to do anything that improves your health.Venus in Scorpio
Later that week, on Friday September 10th, Venus enters Scorpio at 4:39 p.m. EDT. This intensifies love and causes some people to go to extremes where love is concerned.

Those affected by these energies can be very straightforward. They can be so determined and direct that they can frighten the very person they are in love with. These energies can also make people passionate, possessive, and jealous. This is a time to guard against excesses of feeling.

On the plus side, it can give a person a colorful personality. Artistic tastes lean toward strong dramatic contrasts. This would also be true of artistic styles for those who create art in any form.

This is a time when people can be attracted to occult sciences and inner mysteries. There can also be psychic sensitivity to the feeling of others.

Our last planetary move during this time period is Mars entering Libra on Tuesday, September 14th, at 8:14 p.m. EDT. If you have this placement in your natal chart or are affected by its energies, you may often find yourself torn between two choices of action while this transit is happening.

This is a time when some will want companionship. In an effort to avid loneliness, they will pay just about any price (in the form of compromise or altering of ones needs) to do so. Interestingly, the desire will still be to have a growth-oriented relationship. If things get too hum-drum, change may be instigated.

If you are looking for a job or career, be discriminating in what you choose in order to avoid disappointment. Success in the working world could require a willingness to relocate or work long hours.

This placement of Mars is less fiery when in Libra and much more social in nature. All types of relationships can be made that help move a person forward in life.
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Well, that’s it for this time. Stay safe. See you in two weeks.

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