The Journey Continues – Legend, Myth or History?

UFO over PyramidsThis time of year is difficult for me, as I’m sure it is for others.  It’s cold here in Ohio and, as I look out my window, I see white snow instead of green trees. Although I wouldn’t live anywhere else because I enjoy the changing of the seasons, it does take its toll on my imagination and I find myself looking for ways to get the creative juices flowing.

It was early on in my writings, Day 6 of Journey Log to be specific, that I mentioned my interest and belief in the possibility that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth long ago, may even have had a hand in the jumping of our evolution, and still continue to visit us to this day.

I’ve recently begun to reread Zecharia Sitchin’s series called “The Earth Chronicles”, taking notes in preparation for a novel I want to write.  Talk about getting your creative juices flowing!  Rereading the material has made me realize how much truth our myths and legends may be based in.

My spiritual path, Wicca, has a belief in the many aspects of both a Mother Goddess and a Father God.  Reading the first book of Sitchin’s series, The Twelfth Planet, has brought me to one of those myths that we refer to as “The Descent of the Goddess”.  There are many versions of it, but the oldest one is from Sumeria and involves the god Tammuz, his wife Inanna/Ishtar and her sister, Ereshkigal, who is the mistress of the “underworld” with her spouse, Nergal.  Let me give you the abridged version here for reference:

Ishtar fell in love with Tammuz, son of the god EA. Her lover was killed by a wild boar and descended into Aralu, the Hades of the Babylonians, which was ruled by Ishtar’s jealous sister, Ereshkigal.  Ishtar followed Tammuz and, since none but the nude could enter Aralu, she stripped off her garments and jewels as she passed through each of the seven gates of “Hades” (this is also probably the origin of “Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils”).  Ereshkigal tried to keep her sister in Aralu and the Earth languished: plants did not bloom, nothing was created.  Alarmed for the safety of Earth, the other gods forced Ereshkigal to release Ishtar with her clothes and jewels. Then the plants grew and bloomed again, and the animals and humans started to reproduce their kind.

Now…let’s play a game of “What if?”  Open your minds, return to your childhood belief in anything being possible.

First, let’s look at the word that has been translated as “underworld”.   Sumerian texts exist that use the word AB.ZU, translated to “apsu”, which means “watery deep”.  It’s the source of our word “abyss” which denotes deep, dark, dangerous waters.  Notice there is no mention of it being the land of the dead.

In these same Sumerian tests, there is mention of a place called “Arali” which is referred to as the “basement” of Earth. It even tells the direction in which it can be found – south and west of Sumer.  It speaks of how it takes 200 hours of travel by sea to get there.  Not knowing how fast one would have been traveling, that would put Arali in south Africa!

There is even a pictograph to represent AB.ZU and that was an excavation deep into Earth mounted on a shaft.  So, let your imagination go…  Is this telling us that someone, in the ancient history of our planet, was excavating for something in southern Africa?  Hmmm…

What if this is really the story of real beings who came from another world to excavate for something they needed?  What if Ereshkigal was the head of this “mining” work going on in southern Africa?  What if her sister, Inanna/Ishtar came looking for her husband here – maybe not because he was wounded by a wild boar, but for some other reason?  What if this legend of “The Descent of the Goddess” is really based on a historical event that happened involving beings that the less-evolved humans viewed as “gods” because they came from the sky and had technology they had never seen before?  If this story has been passed down through not only generations since the time of the Sumerians, but also has spread through other countries who changed the names to more ethnically suitable ones, it would explain why there are certain legends and myths that are common among most cultures on the fact of the Earth.

I believe in not only thinking outside the proverbial “box” but outside the atmosphere of Earth.  It’s really hard for me to believe that we are all alone in the Universe and that we are the brightest “crayon” in the box of “God’s” creation.  It’s even more difficult for me to not want to seek out an explanation for the quantum jump in our evolution referred to as Darwin’s “missing link”.  If we have reached a point in our scientific endeavors where we can clone sheep, change cells to avoid certain diseases in our offspring and more, then why is it so hard to believe that someone came from off world in our ancient past and jumped our evolution?  Perhaps their motives were to save their own race or perhaps it was to create a slave race.  No matter what the reason, it is totally possible that it happened and from this came tales of Gods and Goddesses who had extraordinary powers and the ability to ascend and descend from the heavens.

I, and my inner child, find this awesome to think about and imagine!  It gives me hope that someday we may  get to a point where they feel they can return and make themselves known to us along with the true history of Man’s evolution on Earth.  That, to me, would be better than any sci-fi movie that could be written and produced!!!

So while you’re waiting for Spring to arrive, let your inner child imagine the possibilities.  It may take you on a fantastic adventure!  At the very least, it will make you smile!

ImaginationLove & Blessed Be