The Journey Continues – Why Practice Psycho-Spiritual Aromatherapy?

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I have been fascinated with the infinite possibilities of the mind since I was a child. From the different levels of intellect to our individual perceptions of the world we live in to things like telepathy, psychokineses, precognition, I have been in wonder of what the mind is capable of doing and being.

I have also searched for the meaning and purpose of Life since my early 20s. That search led me to the belief that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and, combined with our perception of our world, this has brought each of us experiences that convey lessons for our personal growth and enlightenment.

Too often that perception of the world is created by the programming we receive as children from our parents, other family members, teachers, clergy, and more. We are often told who we are expected to be rather than being encouraged to be who we truly are. Because of that, many of us experience trauma and wounds as we journey through Life. Those wounds leave scars – emotional and psychological – that may not be visible but continue to influence the choices we make and the actions we take throughout our lives.

Since it was with the help of others we received this programming, it may take others to help us let go of this worn, outdated learning that still impacts our lives. It also often takes help to finally let go of the scars created from the choices we made based on that programming. Helping others to do this became a passion for me.

Having been through a bout of depression while in my mid to late 20s, I learned that the power of one’s mind is the real prescription to overcoming this debilitating disease that now affects more people than I could have ever believed possible. My journey would lead me to experiences that only reaffirmed that this is one of my purposes in this lifetime. Helping others through experiences like depression.

I have an unusual way of looking at things. The avenues that I have taken, subjects that I have researched, and methods I have used in my quest to find the answers to the mysteries of Life may seem just as unusual.

Having always been interested in the invisible, mysterious things of Life, I was led to the use of the Tarot. I learned to read them from both a literal and psychic perspective and then began reading for friends, family, and, eventually, strangers. One of the first things that became evident to me was that, no matter what the question was, the first reading I did for someone was always one that spoke about their psychology. At first, I thought it was a fluke, but then it happened over and over again, reaffirming that the starting place for helping someone was to understand where his or her head was.

Not too much later, I got into astrology and found it fascinating. To do someone’s birth (natal) chart was to understand the energies that they chose to work with in this lifetime. It became another, more detailed, tool in helping others to understand themselves. Which, to me, is the starting place for re-empowerment and healing.

As I proceeded down this road of inquiry into the mysteries of Life, I became interested in the aura, the chakras, and the meridians. It became evident that energy lies at the foundation of who we are and how well we function, both physically and psychologically, in our lives. Having led me back to the belief that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, it also led me to Donna Eden and her book and DVDs on Energy Medicine. If we are energy, then that energy has to flow correctly through these physical shells we are wearing in order for us to do what we came here to do.

I’ve also taken some training with tuning forks – we are energy and energy has frequencies and those frequencies can get out of tune just like a piano. The logical thing to do was learn how to re-tune the body.

It was, and is, still the mind that fascinated me. We know so little about it. It’s really an enigma to us…and a powerful one at that. Certain smells can affect the brain, causing warm memories of the past or, sadly, unpleasant memories. When I read The Fragrant Mind by Valerie Ann Worwood, it became clear that this was another piece to the puzzle that I had been assembling for decades.

In time, my interest in aromatherapy in general led me to an aromatherapy course, but it wasn’t until I read Aromatherapy for the Soul by Valerie Ann Worwood that the final piece fell into place. To be able to successfully help others to heal, you have to begin at the starting point of all susceptibility to illness, “our own spiritual harmonic note.” This seems, to me, to be the basis for being in balance and harmony so that we are resistant to all forms of disease.

When we become out of balance and out of harmony with who we truly are, it trickles “down” first to our psychology and our beliefs about ourselves and the outside world, manifesting next in the physical – in our bodies as illness either of mind or body or both. To truly heal, it appears you have to follow that illness back up the chain to first our minds and then our souls.

When I speak of souls and healing them, I’m talking about the nature of each of our individual spirits – the resonance of the energy of who we truly are. Most of us, to some greater or lesser degree have gotten out of harmony with that original spiritual note we came in with upon entering this reality. Once we do that, the Universal Law of Attraction comes into play, we attract more inharmonious circumstances into our lives. This continues happening until we come to the understanding that we have the ability to put a stop to it and change things for the better. In other words, we begin to seek reclamation of our original state of being.

For many, this doesn’t take place until we’ve already acquired decades of inharmonious vibrations that become trapped in our minds and our auras. If trapped there long enough, it manifests in the form of mental, emotional, or physical illness, as I stated earlier. The journey back to balance and harmony can take a while and, because we are all very much individuals, can take one or more forms of healing techniques, aromatherapy being one of them.

In choosing psycho-spiritual aromatherapy as my method of practice, I’m choosing to help people get to the root of their illnesses and re-empower themselves to overcome all kinds of illnesses and reclaim their own spiritual harmonic note.

This begins with a Client Intake form where I can begin to understand the possible psychological/emotional causes of their illnesses. I then add the use of an astrology chart, cast for their date, time and place of birth, to allow me to see the original energies they came in to work with in this incarnation. A great deal of discussion and counseling would follow as we both follow the energetic pathways back to the source(s) of their imbalance.

Through the use of energy medicine techniques, coupled with appropriate essential oils and blends, the realignment of the energies of the body would begin to take place. Meanwhile, exploration of the psychology and beliefs of the individual would continue and, unlike conventional psychology, intuition and visualization can be key, sometimes even in the choosing of essential oils and blends to aid in this journey.

While this might point to certain aromas that aid in this process, it might also point to what aromas, if any, cause the reemergence of unpleasant memories and emotions. This can be very revealing and can aid greatly in the process of re-empowerment and achieving harmony and balance within.

Taking it one step further, the use of tuning forks to realign chakras and meridians with the additional aid of essential oils, appropriate to each chakra and meridian, can further hasten this process. Even using the tuning forks to harmonize the oils to a specific purpose is possible. (This has been evidenced by the effect words, sounds, and even emotions have on water molecules.)

Unlike many forms of healing, Psycho-Spiritual Aromatherapy does not just treat the symptoms of an illness, in order to alleviate pain, it takes those symptoms and uses them as a starting point to tracking the real cause of the illness. Of course, essential oil recommendations will be made to alleviate pain, anxiety, etc. while the process of getting to the root cause is being sought for, but that’s only the beginning, not the end of this healing process.

I think one of the important things to remember with this or any form of healing is that cases of it happening overnight are rare, if they exist at all.  Just as it took years to get to this point in ones life, it requires time to unravel the mystery of how you got there and then learn a new, healthier way to travel through the rest of your journey in this lifetime.

Another important realization, that many have little or no knowledge of, is that we truly are more powerful than we have been led to believe we are. The power for success, for healing, for so many things resides within us. Aromatherapy and other energy techniques are the tools that can help us recognize our self-healing abilities.

One of the reasons I was drawn to aromatherapy, in its inhalation state, is that it doesn’t affect the other medicines we may have to take at this stage of our lives. Until we are at a place where we feel we no longer need them, those medicines can still do what they do with no interference from the inhalation of essential oils, either straight or in blends. So a person can begin to affect the mind, which then affects the body, without feeling that they are putting themselves in danger with the medicines they take.

I don’t know that an actual definition of psycho-spiritual aromatherapy actually exists, at the present time, but what I do know is that, for me, it’s an all-encompassing process of healing where I am my client’s guide as they discover the source of their dis-ease and find the path forward to healing through the use of essential oils, energy medicine, astrology, and spiritual counseling.

Balance & Harmony

Love & Blessed Be