The Journey Continues – Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology

I’ve been slowly learning energy medicine for the last three years.  It’s truly amazing how powerful we really are and don’t even realize it for the most part.  It’s also amazing how we keep looking outside of ourselves for answers that truly lie within each and every one of us.  Then there’s the amazing fact that, if you learn to work with your body and it’s energy systems, the body can truly heal itself.

The part of our humanness that has always especially fascinated me is the mind and the part it plays in our lives – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I guess that’s why when I learned there was another aspect of energy medicine,  called energy psychology,  I immediately had to explore it.

This past Spring, I gave a 2 hour workshop on the techniques of energy psychology, known to many as EFT – emotional freedom technique – and, to some, as TFT – thought field therapy.  What I’ve learned goes beyond both of these somewhat and revolves around a technique called “The Basic Recipe”.  The foundation to all three of these systems is thinking about and verbalizing an issue and tapping on points of the meridian system to rebalance it and thus overcome the issue.

The really cool thing about energy psychology is that, in many cases, it will alleviate a phobia, addiction, fear, habit, or traumatic memory – to name a few – in one session of using the Basic Recipe.  Even physical ailments often respond to this because there is an emotional component to most physical conditions.

Two years ago, when, by choice, I faced going to the dentist to have all my teeth pulled, it became a necessity for me to use the Basic Recipe to overcome my overwhelming fear attached to dentists visits.  Long story short, I had a masochistic dentist when I was a child and the fear of going to a dentist was so strong it almost created a panic attack just thinking about the possibility.  It took a great deal of deep breathing just to call and make the much needed appointment.  So, about a month before I was to go, I started using the Basic Recipe.  It was truly amazing how the fear disappeared!  When I finally went to the appointment for an evaluation, there was no fear.  Next, was the actually procedure.  I could feel fear trying to return, although it was much lessened from my previous use of the Basic Recipe.  I went through it again and when that day came…I was fine.  I became an advocate for the Basic Recipe and believe in it wholeheartedly.

My intent is not to present my entire two-hour workshop here, but to tell you something else I discovered while readying myself for this workshop.  Having found, from my study of this technique of energy psychology, how much our beliefs – good or not-so-good – influence us, I was intrigued when I found an answer to the question, “Why do affirmations only work sometimes or not at all?”

Unlike the Basic Recipe and similar systems, which encourage you to actually think about the issue you wish to resolve and verbalize it, affirmations are meant to bring a state of being into manifestation through stating it as if it is a reality already.  For some of us, the affirmation can actually trigger what is called a “tail-ender” which can cause the opposite effect.

These “tail-enders” can involve a limiting self-image and or unacknowledged/unwanted consequences of reaching that goal.  Either way, the outcome is the same…the affirmation fails because you’re really reaffirming the reasons that goal shouldn’t or can’t be reached!  Talk about working black magick on yourself!  Oy!

Here’s a little test you can try for yourself.  Think of a goal you’ve had for a long time but haven’t achieved.  Put in into words and write it down.  Next, take each of the following phrases and describe what comes to you as you complete each one:

  • The thing that makes it impossible for me to reach my goal is-

  • If I did reach this goal, the consequences  would  be –

  • If there were an emotional reason for my not reaching this goal, it would be –

  • In order to reach this goal, I would have to –

  • What I really want, rather than just this goal is –

By looking at what came to your mind, if anything, when you completed these statements can reveal the chain of events, beliefs, and attitudes that are keeping you from manifesting this goal as a reality for yourself.

So what can be done about these tail-enders that are preventing you from moving forward in your life and manifesting what you really want?  It’s obvious there’s an emotional component to them so using the Basic Recipe, EFT or TFT, you can rid yourself of them.

Something else about affirmations is that, to be really effective, its focus must touch you deeply, evoking passion.  There must also be a balance between being achievable within your belief system and getting you stretch beyond your comfort zone to another level.  This stimulates excitement.

I’d like to leave you with ten guidelines I found for constructing an effective affirmation:

1. Affirm a want, not a should.
2. Affirm your wants rather than your  don’t wants.
3. Affirm a goal you believe is realistically possible to attain, or adjust the wording so it is within the range of what you believe is realistic.
4. At the same time, affirm a goal that is a “stretch,” a goal that is large enough to be exciting.
5. State your affirmation in the first person, present tense.
6. Keep your affirmation short, simple and direct.
7. Augment your statement with a vivid mental image or inner rehearsal of the goal already having been attained.
8. Adjust your affirmation from time to time to eliminate boredom or to aim at different aspects of your goal.
9. Keep your focus on what you can do rather than on what you hope others will do.
10. Keep your affirmation private.

A couple of personal notes: 1) As a Witch of many years, one of the things I first learned is, “Power shared is power lost.” I believe this to be behind the reasoning of #10, “Keep your affirmation private.”  Although many of our friends and family may wish us well, many hold an image of us in their minds that actually can work against our efforts to promote change.
2) Repetition of an affirmation is part of what makes it work.  To be effective, in my opinion, you need to be repeating that affirmation at least twenty times a day.  This can be verbal or writing it.  Put feeling into it and include an image of having already achieving it to add more “punch” to it.

As I end this latest entry, I come full Circle and remind you that the answers you seek are within you and always have been there.  Also, you are more powerful than you believe and, if you will take the time to learn to work with your bodies energy systems, you will astonish yourself!

For those who may be interested in the details of The Basic Recipe, it can be googled or you can go to and check out energy psychology or you can also find it in The Promise of Energy Psychology by David Feinstein.  If you want to email me at , I would be more than willing to email you a PDF copy of The Basic Recipe.

Life is interesting, but we are each very fascinating!

Love & Blessed Be