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Most people can tell you their Sun sign, a few can tell you the sign the Moon was in on the day they were born, but even fewer can tell you what that combination means.

Today, as I write this, the Sun is in Gemini while the Moon is in Scorpio.  That’s an interesting combination to say the least.  The Sun represents who we are at our core while the Moon represents our emotions.

When I do a natal chart for someone, I use my “homemade” data base to offer them this explanation of this combination:

“This combination accentuates the critical faculties which tend to become hard and severe.  There is much determination, argumentativeness, assertiveness, over-sensitiveness, jealousy and self-esteem.  There is also sarcasm, liveliness, and wit, with some practical business ability and power of management; but the usual cheerful self-confidence sometimes gives way to irritable and quarrelsome moods.”

There are obviously other perspectives on this.  The following is a quote from the web site

“People with the Sun in Gemini, moon in Scorpio combo are able to command attention because of their captivating aura.  They are attracted to power and feel the need to cultivate that of their own.  They are fearful of being controlled or being stuck in powerless and impoverished state.  Although they are personable and friendly, people may feel somewhat intimidated by them.  They have a ‘presence’ and when they are pushed, their survival fighting instincts emerge in frightening fashion.”

That’s just one paragraph from the explanation of this combination on this web site.

With 144 different combinations between the Sun and Moon, each has energies that are unique and can offer us an insight into ourselves and others.  You can find an explanation of your unique combination online by “googling” it, if you know it.  What you find may prove very interesting.

Full Moon in Gemini

Right now, you may find the Full Moon that will happen on Wednesday, May 26th, at 7:14 a.m. EDT interesting.  There will be a lunar eclipse accompany it that can be seen, to varying degrees, across most of the United States.

Being a Full Moon, the Sun in Gemini will be in opposition to the Moon, which will be in Sagittarius (another of those interesting combinations).  These two signs produce activity and restlessness which can result in nervousness.

Since Gemini is about short journeys and Sagittarius is about long journeys, with a love for adventure, there can be an instinctive love of travel and a great desire for change and movement.

The mental capacity is enhanced here, both intellectually and intuitively.  There can, however, be a considerable waste of mental energy and you should stay aware of that, especially with it being a Full Moon.  In other words, don’t over-think it!

Energies, in general, are humane, generous, benevolent, genial, with much enthusiasm.  These energies can bode well for all forms of communication, as well as things of a philosophic and/or religious nature.

Knowing there are some who use the Full Moon to being ridding themselves of people, things, and situations that no longer serve them, this one will be good for cutting communications, journey away from a person or place, or merely learning to stop thinking so much.  The eclipse will be even more helpful in stopping the flow of energy to that person, place, or thing that you now find must go.

Mercury Retrograde 2

A few days later, on Saturday, Many 29th, Mercury in Gemini will turn retrograde at 6:34 p.m. EDT until June 22nd.  With the Sun also in Gemini, that puts a real emphasis on communication.

Because Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house of siblings, it could be that this retrograde will present past life residue of a relationship with a brother or a sister that needs to be resolved now.  The real karma is in relationships with others.

Although the retrograde motion of Mercury can cause us to take longer to learn something, we will ultimately understand it on a deeper level.  The greatest strength of this retrograde is the fact, tapping into it, causes us to be born students – even if it’s just students of Life.

There may be a tendency to function on nervous energy and also react in a nervous manner to all facets of Life.  Worry and fear can result.  The cure?  Clear, precise communication both given and received between us and those we interact with, thus improving relationships with them.

Venus in Cancer

A few more days pass, and Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday, June 2nd at 9:19 a.m. EDT. Here, love is the prime requirement for those born with or affected by this placement. It’s also a very emotional time. Feelings can be deep and quiet. There can be intense sentimentality.

Most people will be basically good humored and it will be a time to enjoy the comforts of Life, especially food. Take care not to overindulge.

This can be a time when people seek financial and domestic security. Having a stable domestic life can become very important now. The family and home are cherished.

What more can be said? Venus = love. Cancer = emotions and family. This can be a very warm, loving transit.

Stream of Stars

Wishing you all a wonderful two weeks!


Love & Blessed Be