The Journey Continues- What is Illusion & What is Real?

Illusion 3

In this day and age of virtual reality and beginning holographic invention, the line between reality and illusion starts to blur. I think, for me, this blurring of the real and the imaginary has best been presented by a new program on TV called “Reverie.” The premise of the show is that a new technology that allows people to escape into virtual reality has become so in-demand that the company has now had to create a means by which someone from the outside can enter a person’s personal “reality” and bring them out to the “real” world. Mara Kent is an expert in human behavior and a former hostage negotiator. She’s been hired to bring these people out of “reverie”. The problem is, Mara is starting to experience a blur between reality and reverie. For me, this begs the question, “What is thing we call reality?”

My favorite place to begin is always the dictionary so let’s take a look at some definitions. I want to begin with the term “reality.” According to an old dictionary I have, it means, “1. The fact, state, or quality of being real or genuine. 2. That which is real; an actual thing, situation, or event. 3. The sum or totality of real things. 4. That which exists, as contrasted with what is fictitious or merely conceived of.” This definition alone leaves me wanting. You see, what may be real for me, may not be real for you. An example would be, I see and speak with the dead. I know they exist and they are real for me. If you’ve never had this experience, then they may not be real for you. How does one tell? Let’s see if another definition helps.

How about illusion? “1. A false, misleading, or overly optimistic idea; misconception; delusion. 2. A general impression not consistent with fact. (Red gives an illusion of heat.) 3. Psychol. A sensory impression that results in misinterpretation of the true character of an actual object: an optical illusion.” Hmmm… This could be included in the definitions of virtual reality and holography. Something else that deserves mentioning here is that it has now been proven that different colors do give off different vibrations that can be felt by some people is heat or cold. Does this mean that the color red could actually give off heat and it’s no longer an illusion that this is so? Something to think about.

The online definition of virtual reality is “An artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one’s actions partially determine what happens in the environment.” Let me play “devil’s advocate” here for a moment and ask the question: In the outside world, don’t our actions at least partially determine what happens in our environment? Other than having special equipment on to produce the artificial environment provided by a computer, what difference is there between virtual reality and reality that we experience every day?

Moving on… Holograms are “three-dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.” Perhaps, for now, the most distinguishable from our normal reality, but they are only in the beginning stages. What happens when holography becomes so good it’s like being on the holodeck of the Enterprise? How do we tell the difference then?

There’s another word I want to define here. It’s the word maya. Not capitalized, I’m talking about a word whose origin comes from the Sanskrit maya, which comes from ma, meaning to create. By definition, it means, “1. the supernatural power wielded by gods and demons to produce illusion. 2. The power by which the universe becomes manifest; the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world.” Aha! There it is. Now we are being told this world that we consider to be real is really an illusion. Now the confusion can really begin!

“Thoughts are things.” I’m sure you’ve heard it before, especially if you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction. This philosophy says that what we focus on is what we get. Why is that? Our real nature is that we are electro-magnet beings. In other words, we are energy and so is our thoughts. When we focus on something, it creates a vibration that sends out a signal to the rest of the vibrating Universe. That, in turn, draws people, situations, and other things to us that are vibrating at a similar rate to us. This is called manifesting and is as unique as each of us is.

Why do I mention this in the middle of writing about what is real and what is illusion? Because it shows not only how powerful we are but that we are each creators of our personal reality. That reality may not exist for anyone but us, but is does exist because we’ve created it. That also means there isn’t just one reality. Reality has been personalized, by us, for us.

But what about what’s going on in the world in general? You’ve heard of like-minded people, haven’t you? Well, that’s what’s going on. Some are consciously joining in and adding to specific energies that permeate the world as we know it, while others, not realizing they have the power to do otherwise, are swept up in the energy of a specific circumstance or set of circumstances and drift along with the prevailing tide of events. That becomes their reality.

You may have heard or read about people “waking up,” “being awake,” or “being asleep.” These are all terms relating, in part, to becoming aware of your power to step away (detach) from the prevailing current and create your own reality. Maya defines not only the illusion of this world, but our ability to use the power of thought, word, and action, to create whatever it is we want our personal world to be.

That energy does ripple out and it can make a difference in the overall vibration of our planet. If we choose to see that we have the ability to change our personal world, then we can also know that we have the power and ability to be part of a different, better reality for our planet. All we have to do is step away from what we have believed is reality, recognize it for the illusion it really is, and create the one we want. Then we can all have a life filled with reverie.

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Love & Blessed Be