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Father Time 3

It’s been quite a year. I’ve heard that from quite a few people. I’ve even said it myself. Things that were unexpected, sudden, and some times difficult seemed to be common this year.

For those who are aware of and use numerology, this may be puzzling since “2019” is a “3” year and that’s one of the most pleasant & nicest of the year cycles. It does, however, carry lessons like any other vibration.

“Three” brings the lesson of self-expression, to give freely of the self. One of the biggest dangers with three is to overcome jealousy. It also brings the challenge of not scattering our energies.

If you did this, either consciously or unconsciously, then your year may have been more pleasant than problematic. Three does bestow a life full of inspiration, talent, and kindness. If you found yourself being social, outgoing, outgiving, and creative then your problems were, more than likely, slight and easy to overcome. Otherwise, the year may have been one with many learning experiences that challenged you to be creative in your solutions.

Now the end of that yearly cycle is close at hand. As we prepare for the New Year to arrive, keep in mind that a new vibrational cycle will also begin. We will move from the vibration of “three” to that of “four”.

“Four” brings the qualities of organization, devotion, dignity, trust, and loyalty. It will ask us to accept responsibility, make an effort, and ask us to accept some forms of limitation. It will challenge us to overcome unjust hatred. The reward of learning the lessons of this numerical vibration is building a solid foundation for our lives in any or many areas of it. Even the very first day of the year tells us what we can expect – responsibility – as it adds up to a “six” (1 + 1+ 4 = 6), which can lead to achievement through making adjustments to our lives. Anything is possible in this coming year. It’s up to us whether we make the most of it or not.

New Moon - Solar Eclipse

Speaking of making the most of it, there’s a New Moon in Capricorn happening on Thursday, December 26th at 0:13 a.m. EST that also happens to be a Solar Eclipse.

With the Sun and Moon both in Capricorn, there can be a tendency to become moody, emotionally cold, and/or depressed. Realizing that this is a possibility, remaining aware of your emotional state can allow you to compensate by finding people and situations to help lift you out of emotional heaviness when it begins to occur.

Instead, using the qualities of quick decision making and the ability to look at a problem and quickly resolve it correctly can be quite beneficial in the areas of work and money-making. This can lead to financial security.

Positive traits/energies of this sign are being practical, efficient, prudent, patient, persistent, and ambitious. To focus on these rather than the negative traits/energies of coldness, rigidity, pessimism, and being overly conservative, gives a pathway to success in any area of life.

For a new beginning with this New Moon, withdraw of the chaos of life’s mainstream and bide your time until the situation is ripe for you to attain your goals. Remember your sense of humor for those moments when things seem to be getting heavy and trying to pull you down. Success can be yours!

Mercury in Capricorn 2

Mercury will come to aid you when it enters Capricorn on Saturday, December 28th at 11:55 p.m. EST and lends energies that can create a profound mind that’s very steady, serious, and sincere. This is an energy that can make it possible for you to meditate for long periods of time. The details of any situation won’t escape those who choose to tap into these energies.

Two drawbacks can be focusing so much on detail that you miss the bigger picture and/or appearing to hand down maxims to others when you express yourself. Keep your mind and ears open to benefit the most from this energy.

The suspicious nature of this placement causes people to examine facts with the utmost care. That’s a good thing. A firm belief in cause and effect is an asset when viewed from a place of optimism and cheerfulness. Like does attract like and being pessimistic, fearful or depressed will only bring you more of the same with this energy.

Overall, the practicality, attention to detail, and good memory can be very valuable assets for planning and venturing into the New Year.

Mars in Sagittarius
As we being the New Year, Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, January 3rd at 4:37 a.m. EST bestowing a strong sense of justice and an inner strength based on a positive philosophy of life.

The upside to spontaneity is that it keeps things interesting, but it can contribute to sloppiness or slap-dash work. This can also mean losing interest in activities and projects unless there is a tremendous potential to improve ones life. Acting, without thinking, can get a person into a fair amount of difficulty, if they are influenced by this placement.

This energy can give high energy levels and make a person a self-starter, but meeting deadlines can be difficult because there’s a tendency to get side-tracked and/or spread oneself too thin. Again, stopping to think before proceeding can be of great assistance.

This is a good time for “spiritual” things, whether learning or practicing. It’s also good for developing psychic abilities, especially those that foresee events.

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That’s all for this year…wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year 5

Love & Blessed Be