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Celestial conjunction at Paranal

It was brought to my attention, by a meme posted on Facebook, that May’s night sky has some interesting things to offer. The one that really caught my attention was this multiple planet conjunction (not alignment) that will be happening on May 12th, my birthday.

I hope you’ll forgive me for making this personal, but May 12th is obviously special to me and now…there are four planets that will be within conjunctive orb of each other. I realize you may be wondering the difference between conjunction and alignment. It’s pretty simple. Alignment means they would be within degrees of each other, thus causing them to look like they are “standing in line” behind each other in the sky. Conjunction means they are still close but farther away so that they will look more separated in the sky.

The Moon will be at 28 degrees Capricorn; Jupiter will be at 27 degrees Capricorn; Saturn will be at 2 degrees retrograde in Aquarius; and Pluto will be 25 degrees retrograde in Capricorn. That’s a lot of planetary energy gathered together.

Just to give you a brief idea of what it all means, when the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct, it confers sympathy and generosity. There’s an inclination to good health. Meanwhile the conjunction between the Moon and Saturn bestows practical realism and common sense. Attention should be directed to constructive activities and goals. Self-discipline is key. The Moon conjunct Pluto can create intense feelings and cause people to be strong-willed where their emotions are concerned. There’s also a tendency to let the past die and to create a new base for emotional experience.

When you look at Jupiter conjunct Pluto you see determination to achieve goals that will bring improvement for the self and others. This is an aspect that gives capacity for spiritual regeneration and the ability to channel constructive forces in times of crises. Meanwhile, Jupiter conjunct Saturn causes a serious outlook on life and a need to be both conservative and practical. It does indicate possible problems connected to money, but patience will help achieve goals and increase resources.

Finally, Saturn conjunct Pluto is sometimes called the aspect of the magician because of the ability it gives to channel energy through structured systems to bring about change. This can have a transforming effect on the world.

If you stop and think about this, it’s almost like the Universe is making energies available to all of us that we can use to change this situation we now find ourselves in. Now we must choose whether to use them or not.

One last thing…The Sun in Taurus will also be forming a conjunction with Mercury and Uranus (although those two planets will not be conjunct with each other). When the Sun is conjunct Mercury, it confers creativity and the ability to act in all things denoted by Mercury, especially in ideas, work, and friendships. The Sun conjunct Uranus offers energies to venture into untried realms of experience. This is another aspect that offers access to higher frequency planes of mind by applying our wills through new and untried ways of doing things. People will act powerfully, suddenly, and decisively and this is available to all of us.

Once again, the energies are indicating we have access to energies, both personally and collectively, to bring about change. I’d say that’s pretty heavy stuff. Remember though that this energy won’t be around exactly like this for long, especially where the Moon is concerned as it changes signs (and therefore energy) quickly. My advice? Mark this day on your calendar and do something to bring about change for yourself and the world as a whole.

Full Moon in Scorpio

This intense May energy all seems to begin with the Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday, May 6th, at 6:45 a.m. EDT. Full Moons can be intense all on their own, but one in Scorpio can be quite intense both emotionally and psychically.

Don’t be surprised if memories from childhood arise to be dealt with now. Once realized, it becomes necessary to express, work through, and let go of the emotions attached to them. It would be detrimental to ones growth to do otherwise.

With the Sun in Taurus, keeping secrets, anger, jealousy, pride, and appetites will all need curbing. This is a time to forgive and forget, especially yourself.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn, which is currently in Aquarius, goes retrograde on Monday, May 11th at 0:09 a.m. EDT. This brings lessons, to each of us, about our uniqueness and independence.

While we may be willing to listen to all new pieces of information that will increase our knowledge, we may tend to resist changing our basic underlying attitudes that may have been established as far back as a previous incarnation. This is a lesson in realizing we cannot move into a new future strongly holding on to the past, whether it’s the past of this life or another.

Regardless of which house it might be found in a person’s chart, a retrograde Saturn always represents the neglect of responsibilities in the past. This is indicating that we must be more honest with ourselves since there was an avoidance of true self-awareness and self-honesty. Which can also indicate that the goals you had in a past life are the same ones you have now because of the avoidance of responsibilities. Although the circumstances or situations may be different, the lessons are the same. Now you are being given a chance to use these energies to truly move forward.

Mars in Pisces

Then along comes Mars on Wednesday, May 13th entering Pisces at 0:17 a.m. EDT offering energies of kindness, forgiveness, and the ability to be a good listener.

There’s also a need to be aware of possibly being too influenced by others. This can be coupled with a tendency to wander though Life without goals, perhaps due to a fear of the unknown.

Emotions can be unpredictable with ecstatic highs and lows that produce brooding. Both should be watched as indicators of being out of balance emotionally, which can affect the physical. Care should be exercised in the use of alcohol, drugs, and even psychic phenomena as it can cause a person to lose touch with reality.

Contemplation and meditation can be very helpful tools now. This might be a time to also explore an artistic outlet to develop your creativity. This is also a good time to study or practice healing techniques.

Venus Retrograde 2
Venus in Gemini will turn retrograde on Wednesday, May 13th at 2:45 a.m. EDT bringing lessons that can involve a tendency toward self-indulgence thus possibly making you your own worst enemy. It can also be indicative of feelings, actions, pleasures, inclination, vanities, and possibly marriage, from a past life or lives, that are being repeated.

In Gemini, a retrograde Venus can indicate a great deal of time trying to learn what others think of us. For some, this means we change our likes and dislikes to align with whomever we are with at the moment. What is really needed is an understanding of the parts of ourselves we like so we can become more acceptance-oriented.

Jupiter Retrograde

The next day, Thursday, May 14th, Jupiter in Capricorn goes retrograde at 10:32 a.m. EDT. This placement can create conflict between the need for expansion, enthusiasm, and optimism (Jupiter) and the tendency towards restriction, sobriety, and reserve (Capricorn). To reach the vast wisdom offered by this placement (and stop the conflict), one must achieve a balance between these two extremes.

The solution may be found through introspection from the perspective of the higher mind or self. This may cause a tremendous amount of deja-vu. Times and places from the past can become triggered by current experiences. A better understanding of oneself allows for an opportunity to make changes that bring about the balance needed in ones life.

As we spend this time finding understanding and balance in all of these planetary changes this month, we end this two weeks with the Sun entering Gemini on Wednesday, May 20th, at 9:49 a.m. EDT.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins. Ruled by Mercury, it can cause restlessness, especially where ones thinking is concerned. It may offer choices between two people, places, or situations on a fairly regular basis. Although spontaneity is one of Gemini’s qualities, using another of its qualities, communication and talking, could be advantageous before making a decision.

The other energies of Gemini are versatility, being inquisitive, logical, and witty. It also offers being nervous, superficial, and inconsistent. There’s those two distinct sides – the twins.

Gemini energy also offers an immediate, sympathetic friendliness by those affected by Gemini. They can be impatient with those who are overly conservative.

Things may not happen as quickly and unexpectedly as they do in Aquarius, but Gemini likes to move, talk (although there are times when they should not be so hasty in speech), and even listen fast. It can make other signs feel a little rushed at times.

This is a great time for making short trips, writing, and communicating in general.

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Whew! That’s quite an energetic trip the Universe has planned for us these next two weeks. It is filled with opportunity though. Wishing you much good fortune.

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Love & Blessed Be