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Every once in a while I find myself at a loss for ideas to write about. Astrology is a fairly large subject, with many pieces and parts comprising it, yet I sometimes feel I’ve told you everything I can about it. This is one of those times. So, for now, I’ll just give you the updates on planetary energies for the next two weeks.

We begin with a Full Moon happening on Wednesday, September 2nd at 1:22 a.m. EDT in the sign of Pisces.

As with any Full Moon, that means the Sun is in the opposing sign. In this case, that would be Virgo. So what exactly does that mean? Well, the combination of the two energies can make for a restless personality that has a great love and change and novelty. It can create dissatisfaction, some irritability, and a lack of self-reliance.

If you are a worker, it can cause you to be very correct in details, however, it can make you lazy at times. The qualities of charity and sympathy are both given and received with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.

By itself, the Moon in Pisces, it gives the opportunity to be a few steps ahead of others, if you follow your intuition. There are strong psychic qualities to be had here, if you don’t allow any fears you may have to cause you to pooh-pooh away those intuitional feelings. This is all amplified by the fact the Moon is Full.

Those affected by these energies need to realize apathy is their worst enemy. The focus should be on positive thinking and when positive thinking is combined with intuition a spectacular power is created that allows a person to meet challenges.

For those who use the cycles of the Moon to make changes in their lives, I would say this one is offering you the opportunity to focus more on the positive, listen to your intuition, and thus be able to meet anything Life throws at you.

Mercury in Libra 2
Then on Saturday, September 5th, we have Mercury entering Libra at 3:46 p.m. EDT. It’s here that you may find your mind intensely curious about the thinking and behavior patterns of others. This can lead to an interest in such subjects as psychology, astrology, public relations, and sociology.

You may find good communication and happiness in relationships of all kinds to be essential. Communication with others becomes easier because of a real interest in what others think.

Those affected by these energies will be honest in their communications because of a strong sense of justice and harmony. Considering all sides of an issue will be deemed necessary before making any decisions. The downside is that it can be overdone and result in indecisiveness with opportunities possibly being lost.

If used beneficially, this can be a great time for some level-headed thinking in areas where making the best decision is necessary.

Venus in Leo

Then Venus moves into Leo on Sunday, September 6th at 3:22 a.m. EDT. These energies can make a person affected by them very popular. People are drawn to you because of your kindliness and heartfelt geniality. It bestows the qualities of being magnanimous, decent, big-hearted, and a humanitarian on those affected by this position of Venus.

In more intimate relationships, with family and loved ones, there is extreme loyalty, generosity to a fault, as well as demonstrative and warm.

It causes some to desire being admired and appreciated. When this isn’t forthcoming, there can be theatrical behavior such as competing for the center of attention at social gatherings. This can be a plus if a person has a desire to be an actor or actress. It can also be helpful for artists, of all types, in the creation of their works.

Mars Retrograde

When Mars in Aries goes retrograde at 6:22 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, September 9th, it will make the sixth retrograde planet we have at that time.

A retrograde Mars, no matter what sign its in or what house it might be in an individual’s chart, indicates that all actions of an individual in the current life are recreations of the past. Once may try to find individuals in this life who symbolize all those who fulfilled them in past incarnations. This is due to a desire to act out all that wasn’t previously expressed. A person affected by these energies can even attempt to forcibly move them into imaginary roles that have been conceived for them. This can cause the person to come on too strong and end up being rejected but not realize why.

It can also cause a person to focus on a time which represented a force that had to be dealt with such as anger, revenge, hostility, or misdirected action. Now, unconsciously, the person vibrates to that vary same force. The residue from that past life weighs heavily on their present behavior.

With Mars retrograde being in Aries, it indicates lessons that have to do with residue from past lives where there was insecurity. For that reason, some may find they feel like they can’t get started at whatever they came here to do this time.

The retrograde action of this planet will continually thrust a person back into themselves so that ultimately they come to understand that ones desires never were in the outer world, but rather a much deeper inner desire to establish self-esteem within oneself.

The lesson of this retrograde is that one achieves much more once you measure yourself against yourself rather than against other people or outside forces beyond your control.

Retrograde Planets 2
And there are so many lessons to make possible advancement with when we realize we have six planets retrograde offering us that chance for spiritual evolution.

Stream of Stars
Wishing you a wonderful two weeks! Stay safe.

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Love & Blessed Be