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There may be some out there right now who are wondering why astrologers didn’t see this current virus crisis coming. Although there is a certain amount of intuitive perception used at times in reading a person’s chart, astrology isn’t a form of “fortunetelling.”

Astrology can, and does, give an astrologer the ability to read the energetic trends for any given person, place, or situation. These are, however, trends. Astrology isn’t a doctrine of fatalism. It can provide us with an inventory of the planetary energies and how they may affect us. How we use or neglect to use these remains our choice.

It’s important to make note of it being “our choice” because our own energies can make the difference in how, if at all, those planetary energies affect us. “Wisdom puts an end to pain.” To become aware of and make use of astrological information allows us to improve our fate by consciously complying with Nature’s laws instead of violating them. It’s a choice we make every minute of every day, either consciously or unconsciously.

Did astrologers see this coming? Being purely a natal astrologer, that’s hard for me to answer. There are other astrologers whose practice includes this very thing. If they did see it, they may have spoken of it. The question is, would any of us listen?

Now, in the midst of all this, the best we can do is focus on solutions, on helping each other, on staying safe, and remembering that love and compassion, along with humor, are very healing energies.

New Moon in Aries

The choice for a new beginning arrives with the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday, March 24th at 5:28 a.m. EDT. Since the Sun just entered Aries, both the Sun and Moon are in this sign bringing a doubly power energy for a new beginning.

This is an ideal time to take a new look at Life, relating past experiences to the present and looking with hope toward the future. This is double fire energy with both the Sun and Moon in the fire sign of Aries. Fire is a cleanser, a purifier. How apropos for the current situation we find ourselves in.

However, this is a time to look before you leap – don’t rush into anything without first taking a good look at the situation. It’s also a time to be aware that tempers, including your own, may be quick to rise. The good news is that they fizzle out rather quickly.

Aries does have to do with the head and face and usually indicates possible injuries in these areas. It also makes sense that we are being told not to touch our faces during this current viral crisis with this astrological energy being so strong.

Bottom line: we have a chance, with this New Moon, to change the course of this situation and, for that matter, our personal lives, by focusing on a new beginning. A purification of the old and a rebirth of a new, brighter future.

Mars in Aquarius

On Monday, Mach 30th, Mars will move into Aquarius at 3:43 p.m. EDT. While Mars is about physical activity, Aquarius is intellectual by nature. This can cause energy to get bottled up within those who are affected by this placement. It can create inner conflicts and nervous tension. Often this is caused by a need for friends and a need to be an individual.

This placement can bring up unfinished business from past lives. It could bring forth the recognition of the amount of courage you truly have and show you ways to use it. It could be to show others, that you may know from those past live, how to save time or how to manifest plans on a larger scale.

However this placement may affect you, be assured that it will show you some new, unique way to move forward in your life.

Venus in Gemini 2

Venus is not at its best in Gemini, but that’s where it will be starting on Friday, April 3rd at 1:11 p.m. EDT. That’s only because Venus is emotional and earthy while Gemini is airy and rational.

This is a time when people will rarely like to be touched or fondled. Love and devotion may be expressed more through mind and spirit rather than body. Where love is concerned, the attention span may be short and there may be a lack of desire for concrete attachments.

Love really does become more intellectual. Although people will understand it, they may not feel it. Feelings can even be superficial and shallow from some.

I have to interject that this energy could aid us all in our self-quarantined situations and with “social-distancing” during this health crisis.

Wishing you all the very best. Stay safe. Remember that we are all in this together. Be kind. Be compassionate. Help when you can.

Time to Unite

Love & Blessed Be