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Visons of Sugar Plums

As I sit here writing this, the Winter Solstice approaches. It will arrive at 5:23 p.m. EST today and with it comes the shortest day of the year with the longest night. What most of us don’t realize is that in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the Summer Solstice with its longest day and shortest night. What we also don’t stop to think about is that, at the South Pole, this is the one and only time during the year that noon happens. The Sun won’t set here until around the March Equinox!

Meanwhile in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the one and only time midnight happens. They won’t be seeing daylight until the Sun rises there at the March Equinox. Six months later, at the Autumn Equinox the Sun will finally set.

Those are some really interesting facts to let stir in your imagination for a while. I, for one, will have to rethink my complaining about it being the shortest day now realizing that, at each of the poles, their days and nights are each six months long!

Full Moon in Cancer

We may not think about that short day and long night much with a Full Moon in Cancer happening the very day after the Winter Solstice occurs. The Full Moon happens on Saturday, December 22nd at 12:49 p.m. EST.

With the Moon in Cancer, some of us may find ourselves a little more sentimental or family-oriented at this holiday season. Cancer is about family history, memories, and traditions. It’s about home, caring, and nurturing that is often expressed with food – making it easy to overeat.

Cancer is one of the most sensitive and emotional signs there is and is the sign ruled by the Moon and, here we are, with a Full Moon during the holiday season! Many people will be very vulnerable during this time and respond to situations and people with intense emotions rather than reason. So, although no one should walk on egg shells around another person, be aware and try to prevent emotionally wounding others or allowing others to emotionally wound you. It makes for a happier time of celebration that way.

With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, it can lead some toward economy, thrift and prudence with even a chance of a certain amount of selfishness. That may only be because those affect by these energies have a desire for high attainment or change and they are being tenacious about it.

So what can you do with this Full Moon? Well, even though most of us don’t like to think about it, making preparations for growing older is done quite well under these energies. It makes one capable of strategic planning to comfortably meet the older years of our lives. As the Moon begins to wane, taking a look at any and all obstacles in our path to that comfortable living should be sought out and remedies found to overcome them.

Another aspect of Moon in Cancer is being shrewd about business and being able to make money quite easily, especially through real estate or working from home. If you already have a job, perhaps there’s something that you can do at home to make more. Is there a hobby that might turn into an enterprise that could become a money-making job you can do at home? Now is the time to take a close look and see what the possibilities might be.

This Full Moon could shine a light on some things you have yet to seriously consider. Take a closer look.

Mars in Aries

As the New Year approaches on December 31st, Mars will move into Aries @ 9:20 p.m. EST. This is a most powerful position, since Mars rules Aries.  We have a fiery planet in a fiery sign. It will provide a great deal of energy for any new beginnings you might have in mind for 2019.

Be aware, though, that there’s often a lack of stick-to-itiveness. Some will leap before they look and end up with too many irons in the fire thus setting themselves up for failure in one or more of them. Remind yourself to take a breath, take a good look – and a moment to think about it – before you go charging into something. When done with reason, rather than impulse, these energies can propel you forward to victory in accomplishing anything you might truly want to do.

Another point to remember, so that you use these energies to your advantage, is to not become impatient to the point of losing your temper. Although the anger may be short-lived, it can last long enough to throw you off balance and off course to your intended goal.

There’s a fair amount of ego connected to this placement and its energies. Ego’s not a bad thing, if used constructively. There is executive or leadership ability to this energy, but being domineering can be ones downfall just as being assertive works in a more positive way than being aggressive. Like all energies, it has two sides and it’s up to us how we use it.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury will enter Capricorn on Friday, January 4th at 10:40 p.m. EST. This can add profound abilities to the mind, making it steady, serious, and sincere. This is the placement that can grant the ability to meditate deeply for long periods of time. The memory is excellent.

This is an energy that will cause those affected by it to suspiciously examine facts with the utmost care. They tend to be pessimistic, fearful or depressed and need to be more optimistic and cheerful. They sometimes take themselves too seriously and can become annoyed by other people’s “frivolity.”

This energy inspires responsibility and wisdom, also patience and discipline. Ideas will be important only for their practical value at this time. There’s good managerial ability here and others may look up to those affected by this placement.

If you are aware of the pitfalls of this placement, striving to avoid them, and focus on the practical virtues, you may find yourself more able to make plans to move yourself forward toward your goals.

Once again, the planets are in slow motion for now. Take the time for some rest and relaxation along with the celebrations of the season. See you soon!

Full moom with Santa

Love & Blessed Be