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It will be another few days before the Sun does its yearly transit through Libra, but I wanted to write about this interesting sign before it happens rather than after.

I think one of the greatest misconceptions about the energies of the sign of Libra is the word “balance”. Most people assume that having a Libra Sun, Moon, Rising or Libra influence in some other form in your chart means you have accomplished balance and harmony. Not so, my friends. It means you have added this energy to your chart so that you can work on the lessons that come with attaining balance and harmony in your life.

Although there is no myth, per se, about the sign of Libra, about 2000 BCE, the Babylonian religions associated the constellation with judgment of the living and the dead – the scales weighed the soul. The harvest was weighed when the Full Moon was in Libra, in Egypt.

Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house of partnership in the astrological chart. They value partnership in all forms. When it comes to more personal, intimate relationships, you could say Libra falls in love with love. For this reason, they can rush into a relationship before they’re ready. Some partners will find it quite easy to take advantage of Libra’s pleasant, casual qualities.

Libra is an air sign and, therefore, the mind and intellect are important tools for anyone under the influence of this sign. One of the reasons that indecision seems to plague them is because Libra sees all sides to all problems and situations. Some even say that before a Libra can make a decision they must view a problem from each degree of the 360 degrees surrounding it. A lot of this has to do with their sense of justice and their dislike of quarrels. Easily swayed by the opinions of others, forming their own conclusions is of great importance.

Libra is charming, optimistic and easy-going by nature. Self-expression, in all areas of life, is essential to the nature and well-being of Libra. That appearance of indecision can give the impression that Libra is lazy. In those moments of what appears to be inactivity, Libra is using their minds to analyze how best to help before taking action.

When you speak of Libra and careers, you have to take into consideration its ruler – Venus. Venus, and Libra, enjoy beauty and the arts. A career where those can be used and created will bring them much joy. Such fields as beautician, hairdresser, milliner, dress designer, artist, musician will allow them to create beauty. Libra also makes a good diplomat, social worker, or even a receptionist with their ability to be charming and good-natured.

We should all cultivate some of these qualities of Libra. The world and our lives would be better for it!

full-moon-in-piscesThe Full Moon in Pisces will be occurring on Monday, September 20th at 7:55 p.m. EDT. making it a very psychic time!

Unfortunately, being combined with the Sun in Virgo, it can make it a very restless time, even creating irritability and dissatisfaction. The energies are sympathetic and charitable though.

Being a Full Moon, intuition will be high and even when your fears may cause you to pooh-pooh away a strong gut feeling, it may be insistent that you pay attention and keep coming back so that you do take notice and act on it.

The Moon in Pisces can also cause apathy. This may be because Moon in Pisces also causes some to feel the world is so messed up that rejecting it is the best thing to do. Understanding that this is part of the lesson can allow a person to readjust themselves philosophically and be able to fulfill the purpose of their journey.

If you are the least empathetic, be sure to shield yourself during this Full Moon. Energies will be strong and it will be easy to pick up on people and places in which you find yourself. It’s a good time for any type of metaphysical work!

EquinoxThe Autumn Equinox, when the Sun moves into Libra, will be happening on Wednesday, September 22nd at 3:21 p.m. EDT. It only makes sense that a celestial occurrence that sees day and night as equal would happen as the Sun moves into the sign of balance!

While this is a time of flowing communication and intelligence (being an air sign), it is also about achieving a balance between self and others.

It is a time when the energies are seeking harmony and avoiding discord; a time when beauty and refinement is sought after and crudeness is left alone.

Indecision can be a problem during this time as the energies tend to want us to look at all sides and that takes time. Once again, a balance must be achieved. This time between thought and action.

Overall, this is a pleasant, easygoing time where we can be idealistic and romantic but need to take care not to become frivolous and gullible.

Mercury Retrograde 2And finally there’s Mercury in Libra and the fact it will be turning retrograde on Monday, September 27th at 1:10 a.m. EDT.

This is one of the more difficult positions for a retrograde Mercury. Individuals may feel out of balance with the need to center and, therefore, have strong feelings of non-direction.

People affected by this energy may find indecisiveness to be a big problem now. This could even be a karmic lesson rearing its head. Those around you may find it hard to understand you during this retrograde period. As you wobble back and forth trying to achieve balance, you may find yourself being concerned as to whether those around you approve or disapprove of your decisions when you finally make them.

People might be extremely contrary and difficult now. Dishonesty could also be a problem for some.

When Mercury is direct in Libra the need for direct, honest communication with others is of prime importance. Now, with Mercury retrograde, that energy is directed inward. You will find balance and harmony when you know that you are communicating in a direct and honest manner with yourself. What a lesson!

ReminderSince I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on the meaning of Libra, you should remember that Mars entered Libra on September 14th. That means there will soon be three (3) planets in Libra with one of them retrograde.

I would say the Universe is giving us every opportunity to bring balance and harmony not only to ourselves but to the world we live in. Make the very best of this opportunity!

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