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“Centuries ago a king wouldn’t think of going to war without first consulting the planets.  A physician, upon hearing that a patient had fallen ill, would immediately check the placement of the planets to diagnose the disease and decide how best to treat it.


“Nowadays, people tend to identify with their zodiac sign rather than their Planet.  Each of us is born under a specific Ruling Planet.  Your Ruling Planet is your celestial guide, helping you to navigate your way through life and relationships.  Unlike zodiac signs, which are static, planets are in constant motion, changing as you change…It’s this active partnership between person and Planet that is missing from today’s astrology books.”  (From the front book flap of Ruling Planets by Christopher Renstrom)

I bought this book a number of years ago because I’m always interested in new information and new approaches to looking at each natal astrology chart.  The book is interesting and does contain some good information but I’m not sure I totally agree with what is being said there.

The book’s premise is that whatever sign you were born under, the ruling planet of that sign is where you should be placing your attention.  For example, I’m a Taurus, whose ruling planet is Venus.  In the terms of the book, that makes me a “Child of Venus.”  While there is some very interesting reading under this classification, it hardly fits me because of all the Mercury influence in my chart, including being born on a Wednesday (ruled by Mercury).

My many years of studying natal charts has brought me to the conclusion that it truly is necessary to look at the whole chart – what signs and house all the planets occupy.  Are any of those planets in their home sign (because that gives them more influence)?

Then to search out if there is a predominance of planets in a particular sign.  Finally to look for the influence the planets have on each other through the aspects they form.  All of these pieces form the picture of the energy that created your physical birth and the energies that continue to have influence on you as you make your way through this physical incarnation.

Your Sun sign may be your “anchor” or your core energy, but it’s all the other planets and pieces I mentioned that complete the picture of who you are.  Like me, it’s the reason you may no completely fit the meaning and nature of either your Sun sign or its ruling planet.  (But do read the book, if you have an interest in astrology.)

Let’s take a look at the motion of the planets now…
Full Moon in Aquarius 2The Full Moon will be occurring in Aquarius on Friday, July 23rd at 10:37 p.m. EDT.  This has the possibility of being a very imaginative and creative time with the combination of Sun in Leo/Moon in Aquarius.

Emotionally, the sign Aquarius is friendly but detached and this is sometimes misinterpreted as being “cold.”  This can possibly be explained because of the importance of the freedom and independence this energy brings with it.

This is definitely the sign and vibration you want if you have a need to look at something differently.  Aquarius is broad-minded, unconventional and very original in its thinking.  Add to that some great intuition and a vivid imagination and a new way to view something should be a breeze!

There are a couple of drawbacks though.  One is that conversation can turn to gossip and rumor and the other is that good intentions are not always tempered with wisdom and good judgment.

This solar/lunar combination can, however, add determination and willpower to any situation.
Mercury in LeoMercury transits into Leo on Tuesday, July 27th at 9:12 p.m. EDT.  This combination is really unbeatable with Mercury ruling the mind and Leo ruling the heart.  For a while, the heart and mind work together.

That doesn’t mean it won’t cause moments o boastfulness or pride, but it does five ones thinking that touch of sympathy/empathy which causes decision to be based on the effect they might have on others.

Mercury in Leo gives mental self-confidence which is a great positive aid in tackling and solving problems.  It also gives continuity of planning and purpose.  In other words, it gives an executive or “take charge” ability.

If you can keep your ego in check and not get too ostentatious, this is a great energy for accomplishing things.

Jupiter in AquariusJupiter, which is still retrograde, will back itself into Aquarius on Wednesday, July 28th at 8:43 a.m. EDT.


Jupiter in Aquarius, by itself, puts a double emphasis on intellectual freedom, humanitarian focus and the need to go well beyond the boundaries that others commonly accept.  Jupiter, no matter what sign it occupies, is always looking for Ultimate Truth, and Aquarius may do so in some very unusual ways and places.

Beliefs and values, which are part of what Jupiter represents, can take an extremely intellectual turn with a belief only in mental processes, logic, and technology.  There is a chance that it can create an openness to “New Age” thought and spiritual practices, but even though there a strong faith in a Universal Power can develop, there may be a resistance to committed membership in any particular spiritual group or assemblage.

These energies may cause people to take an entirely unique approach to values, perceptions, and the search for Truth.  Those affected by these energies can become leaders in innovative thought whether it’s intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual.  It can cause people to decry racial, sexual, or cultural prejudices.

With it being retrograde, it can make those affected by its energies anxious to experience the future.  It’s the energy of the pathfinder and the idealist.  This can cause a person to be attracted to all the different paths that lie ahead of them at the same time.

The retrograde motion is a poor position for marriage due to the need for freedom in order to work for ones best potential.  To live a life of enthusiasm while desiring to help everyone causes a person to push away anyone who dampens their spirit.

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius is one of the best placements for the seeking of higher knowledge.
Mars in VirgoTransiting into Virgo on Thursday, July 29th at 4:32 p.m. EDT, Mars can now be best used for acquiring knowledge and putting it to practical use.

You may find yourself feeling like you are at a crossroads, if you are affected by these energies, suddenly realizing that there’s more to life than you had thought before and needing to decide what that means for you personally.  This could cause you to want to retreat in fear.  On the other hand, if you are up for an adventure into the unknown…take that leap of faith now!

Feelings of inferiority may crop up during this transit of Mars.  don’t allow them to hold you back.  Self-criticism needs to be watched.

From a health perspective, digestion may present a problem.  Inflammation or fever can also flare up.  Stress and worry could be factors.  Be pro-active to prevent any such occurrence by relaxing and paying attention to diet.

Although Mars is less enthusiastic in Virgo, we can still move forward by taking a practical approach during this transit.
Stream of StarsLots to think about this time.  I hope you find it helpful in your current journey.

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