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The most common things people want to know about, when they have their natal chart done, is money, health, and love.  There is another subject that some few want to know about and that’s their karmic lessons for this lifetime

Since natal astrology does deal with the energies we cloaked ourselves in, at birth, in order to best achieve our goals for this lifetime, there are certain things in the chart that can help answer those questions about karma and even, sometimes, reincarnation.

For me, the first place I look for that information is retrograde planets and asteroids.  Instead of radiating outward, when a planet is retrograde, it’s bringing the energy back to us.  To me, that says we have energy that we need to deal with again from another lifetime.  The planet, the sign it’s in, and the house it occupies can give you a lot of information as to what the lesson may be.  I’ve had clients who have had as many as 7 of the 10 planets retrograde while others may have no planets retrograde and only an asteroid or two, if any, retrograde.  What then?

The next place I look is the North and South Nodes of the Moon.  Astronomically, these are points in the Moon’s orbit where it crosses from north to south and vice versa.  Astrologically, they deal with reincarnation and karma.  The South Node represents a combination of events, ideas, attitudes, and thoughts from every incarnation that, left unresolved, now effect ones current lifetime.  The North Node represents the highest area of expression to be reached in the current incarnation.  “Old habits are hard to break.” and create a tug-o-war that one can experience when trying to resolve the issue of past incarnations.  Their strong energy pulls on you while you try to forge a new path through new experiences and new energies that aren’t as established as the old ones.  That makes these Nodes important to ones progress in the current lifetime.

There’s also the Part of Fortune which is one of many such Parts from an Arabian system of astrology.  The Part of Fortune in a person’s chart indicates a point in the chart where the energies of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant meet harmoniously, creating a place where the most joy, happiness, and abundance can be found for the individual.  From a karmic perspective, it can be viewed as a place of reward.  It’s a point that helps as individual look beyond the perceptions of the lower mind to create a perspective to open up and connect better with the higher mind.  This allows the true goals and ideals to emerge, revealing the essential nature of ones Soul.  It’s obviously very spiritual in nature.

There are other places to look such as what sign Saturn is in, as it’s considered to be karmic in nature.  This is also true of the sign of Pisces, the 12th house, and more.  The bottom line is, the information is there, if an astrologer knows where to look and how to interpret ir so it can then be given to the client for their best possible use.

New Moon in Gemini

For now, let’s check out what the New Moon, with its accompanying solar eclipse, has to reveal to us.  That event will take place on Thursday, June 10th, at 6:53 a.m. EDT.  The Sun and Moon will both be in Gemini.  This combination indicates considerable willfulness, activity, restlessness, and independence.  There will be a tendency to measure all things from an intellectual standpoint.  Feelings, on the other hand, will not be so active.

The Moon in Gemini alone stimulates the imagination.  From a positive perspective, this can manifest as a means for highly creative work.  On a far less positive perspective, it can produce the telling of lies and a forgetting of everything about truth.

Those affected by these energies tend to talk incessantly, sometimes to the point of being annoying.  Emotions are inclined to be rationalized sometimes to the point where a person doesn’t know what they really feel.

There can also be a great deal of restlessness that causes frequent changes of residence and many short journeys.  There’s also a tendency to spread oneself too thin.  Momentary excitement at a new idea or venture without being able to follow through on them can create a habit of constantly seeking new experiences.

With the eclipse, whether you can see it or not, there is an opportunity to ride oneself of any of the above that one sees as no longer serving them in a positive manner.  “Cut the cord” during the eclipse, between yourself and anything or anyone that needs to be gone from your life.

Mars in Leo

The next day, Friday the 11th, Mars moves into Leo at 9:34 a.m. EDT.  This placement provides energies that add to the self-confidence.  It can also cause people to be quick-tempered, but easily appeased.  some may be too pushy during this time.

For some, there will be a desire and even a need to be the center of attention.  Leo does have leadership qualities so all eyes should be on them, from their point of view.  Motivation and energy levels are high here and the desire to accomplish something without interference can also be strong.

The energies are there for accomplishing a great deal during this transit.  Use it wisely.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter, which is in Pisces, turns retrograde on Sunday, June 20th, at 11:06 a.m. EDT. That’s the fourth planet to go retrograde this year (even though Mercury will turn direct in a couple days).  Here, people may find themselves spending a lot of time trying to absorb truth from the world around them.  This is a deeply spiritual and mystical time so a great deal of time may be spent sorting out the mystery of Life by those affected by these energies.

This placement brings to us the lesson of stopping the doubt we have concerning ourselves and our abilities.  This may be karmic in that you may have brought this lesson from a past life because you’ve still not resolved it.

This is a more universal than person placement and, if you find yourself affected by it, it may be that you need more practical, down-to-earth people in your life as stabilizing anchors.  That will allow you to generate more determination to reach your goals.

This may also be a time when you discover that you can’t explain how you know all that you know.  That may be because there’s a deep instinctual sense of life’s true meaning within you.  Now is the time to acknowledge it and use it.

Cancer Constellation

Later the same day, the Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer at 11:32 p.m. EDT creating the Summer Solstice.  This is the time when the Sun is highest in the sky and the longest day, shortest night occurs.

Cancer is a water sign and is, therefore, very emotional and very sensitive.  It heightens psychic abilities and increases the imagination.  People born under this sign can be easily hurt and withdraw into their “shell: like the crab that symbolizes this sign.

There is a natural nurturing ability with the energies of this sign and that could be from it being the natural ruler of the 4th house, the place representing home and mother.  It also rules the stomach so take care to not overeat or overindulge in alcohol.

You may find, in your interactions with others, that either you or they side-step situations that could turn confrontational. It’s those intense moods and emotions. Compassion is a much more desirable state than anger.

This is a great time for anything creative, including gardening, as it benefits from the fruitfulness of the sign. So, use the heightened imagination coupled with the intensified emotion of these energies and create, create, create!

Mercury Direct

Finally, the good news that Mercury in Gemini turns direct from its retrograde motion happens on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 6:00 p.m. EDT.  That brings us back to an energy that makes pure, logical reasoning, carried to its highest possible expression, once again possible.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and can make it difficult for those affected by these energies to shut out external stimuli.  All speech and activity registers with intensity and vividness in the awareness.  This forces some to deal with many thoughts and impressions at once.  Too much of this for too long can cause frazzled nerves, fatigue, confusions, and sometimes irritability.  Time for some solitude.  In becoming quiet through meditation or other forms of inner journey work and/or silence, the mind can be refocused.

The upside to this placement is the amount of mental originality.  The mind is very inventive and can find new and even surprising solutions for problems and emergency situations.

There’s also a curiosity to the mind.  There can be a great variety of interests.  The mind flits from one idea to another.  Any suggestion can start a person in a new direction of discovery and learning.

There’s great opportunity for learning and all things dealing with the mind during this transit.  Take advantage of it.

Stream of Stars

That’s it for now.  I’ll see you in two weeks!

Happy Summer

Love & Blessed Be