The Journey Continues – Sometime Waiting is the Lesson

Keep Calm & Blog On

There are times when I sit down at this keyboard and wonder what inspired words I can get to travel from my mind to my fingertips. I’m sure every writer goes through it from time to time. I can’t say it’s always writer’s block, but because I want to write things that others may find inspiring or at least interesting, I find myself hesitating as to what my subject matter should be.

This month is my ninth year writing on this site. It causes me to pause and wonder if I will eventually run out of things to talk about before too long. It’s times like this that cause me to admire prolific writers like Stephen King, John Saul and others who seem to have an endless stream of creative ideas for books that capture the interest and imagination of those who read them.

While I make no comparison between myself and these writers, I do want to write things that are fresh, thought-provoking, and appealing. Writing things that are repetitious, boring, and uninteresting serves no one, including the writer. So where do I go for these new ideas?

It is said that you should write about what you know. (Chuckle) After almost 72 years in this incarnation, one would think I would have volumes of information to write about. The truth is that, as the years have gone by, I have “specialized” in a few things and limited my exposure to others. I could pawn it off to being where my interest have lain all these years, but others might say I just got comfortable and decided to stay there. In actuality, it’s probably a little of both.

What that does, however, for a writer, is limit what they can write about without being repetitious, especially if you write mostly factual stuff rather than fiction. Over the course of these nine years, I’ve taken you on a journey through how I came to the path of Wicca, become a High Priestess, and all that has gone with it. I’ve written about being an astrologer, a practitioner of Energy Medicine, and, most recently, becoming a certified Clinical Aromatherapist. I believe I’ve also written about my interest in numerology, my belief in extraterrestrials, and my time spent as a “ghostbuster” and medium. I’ve even shared my artistic abilities with you. This is pretty much me and where my journey has taken me thus far.

What’s next? (Shakes head.) I have no clue. I know I’m far from being done here in this lifetime. I’ve known and been told that I will live a very long time. I certainly don’t plan on doing it inactively from a nursing home or hospital bed. So, there must be more for me to do. (Looks up to the heavens) Hello!? Where do I go from here? (No answer.) Ah, well. Perhaps in time it will be revealed.

In the meantime, I look out my window, at the pine tree blowing in the wind, and wonder what would be of interest to you, dear reader, waiting for inspiration to trickle down my arm to this keyboard. Nothing should be forced…so I wait…

Heaven knows this isn’t the first time I’ve waited. Have you ever felt like you were sitting on a bench waiting for the next bus? You don’t even know where that bus is going, but you know it’s the one you’re waiting for and, wherever it’s going, you have to get onboard. (Smile) Maybe it’s the proverbial “magickal mystery tour” that takes you through a land of fantasy and wonder that you knew as a child. Whoa! Wouldn’t we all enjoy that trip! No worries, just wonders. Then again, it could be headed for the next piece of enlightenment that was planned for this lifetime. Where is that bus anyway?

Waiting teaches patience. In this world of rush, rush, rush that causes us to be impatient and stressed, waiting could be just the thing we need sometimes. Learning to stop and take a breath, cop a lean, chill…these are good for the body, mind, and soul. Lewis Carroll, of Alice in Wonderland fame, once said, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” If you stop and think about it, it’s true. My experience has been that, when in a rush, I often run into delays, detours, and other frustrations that make me even later than the reason I was hurrying in the first place.

Perhaps it’s time to slow down, take the time to smell the flowers, enjoy the sunshine and even the rain, and just be patient for that bus to arrive. There’s plenty of room here on the bench. Would you care to join me? Even if you’re not waiting for a bus, we can talk for a while and enjoy the world around us. Who knows what we might learn from our conversation and each other? Could be quite enlightening.

Well, no matter. I’ll be here. My calendar for the year is filling up already with “shoulds” and “need tos” so I’m grabbing this moment or two of waiting to enjoy the peace, relax a little, and allow my mind to imagine what might be interesting to you – and me – to write about next time.

May the next two weeks give you moments of peace and relaxation. I’ll see you soon…


Love & Blessed Be