The Journey Continues – We Are All Unique


If you believe in a Creator of all-that-is, whether your belief includes a specific deity or just the belief in something greater than yourself that created everything you see around you, then it’s also possible that you might conceive that this Being, this Force, is very creative in the imaginative sense.

Look around you…no two trees are identical; no two robins look exactly the same; no leaves, clouds, or even blades of grass are perfect matches for each other. Where humans are concerned, even “identical” twins are not totally identical. Why is that?

Everything and everybody experiences this reality in its/their own way. If you believe like I do, it’s occurred to you that this is all part of ‘the plan’. “What plan?” you ask. This Creative Force (or Being, as the case may be), has the desire to learn and grow by experiencing Life through as many different perspectives as possible. Thus, the many, many forms of life on this planet – and perhaps other planets that we are not aware of yet.

I think everyone, by now, has heard the phrase, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” While this is true for us humans, it has to also be true for every living thing that exists. If this Divine Being, Creative Force, manifested all this, then it is by Her/His/Its energy that we came into being – all of us…EVERYTHING. Some would call this the “soul” and say it’s only reserved for us humans, but I disagree. That spark of the Creative Force which brought everything and everyone into being, resides within each and every form of life on this planet and when each one sheds its physical form, it returns to the place of creation in the form of the energy that first created it or us.

But I digress. This is about uniqueness. In order to gain understanding of Itself, the Creator of all-that-is wanted as many perspectives from as many different forms as possible. Some will call me crazy when I say that all life has awareness. We humans may have a higher state of consciousness but that doesn’t mean animals, plants and other forms of Life aren’t aware of their own existence. We never thought plants could feel pain until experiments showed us otherwise. That’s just one small example.

When speaking solely of humans, there is a need to understand that we see Life from a very narrow perspective. What’s even more ludicrous is that we are lead to believe, especially in our childhood, that everyone sees or should see Life the same way. How can we possibly do that when we are each so terribly unique? Even children raised in the same home with the same parents react to Life differently. And yet….we are told to conform. This is the acceptable way to live Life. (or so we are led to believe)

Our ‘upbringing’ (more like programming) teaches us that those who don’t conform to certain standards are to be avoided and even disliked. Why? If the only ‘crime’ these people are committing is looking at Life from a very different perspective while causing no one any intentional harm, why should we do anything but accept them for who they are. We might even learn something from them!

Let me share a couple of things with you. The first one is that we have left the Piscean Age behind us and have entered the Age of Aquarius (Yeah, yeah…I know there are those who will argue with me about that, but for the sake of this conversation can we just agree to disagree?) The Age of Aquarius has many interesting facets to it but the two I want to talk about are individuality and humanitarianism. This new age brings energies and vibrations that ask us to be the individuals we have always been meant to be. That means moving beyond our self-imposed restrictions and limitations and being free, independent, unconventional, UNIQUE. The other thing that’s different about the Aquarian Age is that love is universal. It’s a love of all beings on the planet without judgment – unconditional. The two really do go hand-in-hand. If you don’t love yourself because you don’t know yourself and/or are not being who you truly are, then how can you love others? How can you give of yourself (be a humanitarian) if you don’t understand what you have to offer? What you have to offer is your uniqueness.

It has almost always been the dreamers, the rebels, those who marched to the beat of their own drums (that only they seemed to be able to hear) that have created revolutionary changes through their actions and inventions. They “saw” amazing things in their mind’s eye and said, “Why not?” It was, and still is, that uniqueness that’s moved humankind forward in all areas of Life.

And still, we continue to be told that conformity is the way. If you’re in this profession, you should dress and look a certain way. If you’re in this other line of work, you should dress and look this way. We should all drive certain cars that aren’t too flashy in style or color. Get on that hamster wheel and “live” your life. Hogwash!

Who did you want to be before you were told who you should be? What things and places in Life call out to you? While you convince yourself that this is just the way Life is, is there a voice inside you that keeps trying to get your attention by telling you that doing this thing or that would bring you a lot of joy? Perhaps the time has arrived for you to listen. Perhaps the time has come for you to recognize that you have so much more to give – to yourself and the rest of the world – and NOW would be a great time to take even the tiniest step in that direction.

I sincerely don’t believe that there is even one of us that came to live Life in a cookie-cutter job, with a cookie-cutter house, while driving a cookie-cutter car or anything else that amounts to conformity. What I DO believe is that we each came here to be unique in the way we live and see Life. To understand our own uniqueness and appreciate the uniqueness of others, while taking the talents and abilities that make each of us unique and sharing it with the world to make it one heck of an awesome place for everyone!

Come on… it’s time to let your freak-flag fly!!!


Love & Blessed Be