The Journey Continues: We are stardust…

If you’ve checked out this site, subscribed to my newsletter,  follow me on Twitter or even just read previous articles of my journey, you know that I am a natal astrologer with about 40 years experience.  “Why?” you may be asking yourself.  After all, isn’t it passé?  Something from the 60s and 70s?  What could it possibly have to do with your life today?

I could give you an answer that appears over and over again throughout my writings – “Everything is energy.“, but, even before I was aware of that, I guess I always saw beyond “What’s your sign?”  Yes, I did read about being a Taurus, often.  There was, however, a deeper interest in what else there was beyond ones Sun sign.  I wondered what all the other planets meant and if there was even more beyond that.  Unconsciously, somewhere within me, I felt these were pieces to a huge puzzle that would reveal more information about me for my contemplation and understanding.  Even more, if it was there for me, was it not there for everyone?

I’ve mentioned I love puzzles and I also love a mystery.  To have the two combined was exciting!  I think I mentioned I learned astrology from a man who lived in the same town as myself and to whom I had gone to have my own chart done in about 1972.  It was thrilling to learn how to cast charts and I wanted to do them for everyone!  I practiced on friends and family.  It was amazing what it revealed.  I was hooked.  I wanted to understand everyone and thought everyone would want to understand themselves.

Over the passing years, I collected a vast amount of books on various aspects of astrology and began to refine my methods of doing charts.  It began with an electric typewriter and hand-typing each and every chart.  This is what I wanted to do to make money!  I was so sure that people would be interested and would be beating down my door to have their charts done.

As technology advanced, my next step was to put everything on diskettes so that, instead of having to retype the same pieces of information over and over again, I could now copy and paste those relevant pieces into each new chart delineation.  I only had a word processor, so I still did the chart calculations by hand and drew the charts by hand as well.

I became bewildered at why I wasn’t getting more clients.  It hadn’t occurred to me yet that not everyone saw astrology the same way I did (and do), as a means for understanding why each of us is here and what tools and lessons we gave ourselves upon entry into this incarnation.  I thought it was solely from the fact I depended on word-of-mouth to advertise my service.
Getting into Wicca, only reinforced the message of understanding oneself when I read Sybil Leek’s comment, “Know yourself and do this before you do anything else.”  What better tool to help you do this than your own natal astrology chart?

Then came computers and the computerized astrology charts.  Now you could get a chart for free or very little money.  I began to lose hope at ever being able to make a living from what I loved so much.  I was to come to realize, thanks to those who did have charts done by me, that I had something very special to offer: a very detailed explanation of what ones chart actually meant.  Computerized charts seldom offered more than the computer-generated map and when they did, it was merely highlights.  I was offering so much more.

Over those same passing years, I came to realize factually what I believe I knew intuitionally all those years ago – everything IS energy and everything influences everything else.  Everything is connected.  That made me realize the importance of what I felt so passionately about – natal astrology.  Here we are in a time of awakening and enlightenment.  Quantum physics is making us realize how we influence our reality and, yet, we understand so little about ourselves.  I’m not talking about who we’ve been programmed to be.  I’m talking about who each of us came here to be.  I hear so many people say they just don’t understand what their purpose is.  Without knowing who you truly are, how could you possibly get a grasp on what your purpose is?

The word “astrology” is derived from two Greek words, “astra” which means a star, and, “logos” which means logic or reason.  It literally implies the doctrine and laws that defines the action of the celestial bodies upon both animate and inanimate objects and their reaction to that influence.  It can be found amongst the earliest records of human learning.

You can now add to our scientific knowledge that 90% of our physical body is composed of the same stuff as stars and galaxies.  That makes us stardust!

In my mind, if you put these two pieces of a larger puzzle together, this means astrology is a road map to understanding why we decided to be here now and, despite what we’ve been taught thus far, there is much more that we could allow to be revealed to us through reading our own natal astrology charts!  Is this not an important part of our spiritual journey – recognizing that we do have a purpose and understanding who we truly are?

So when you ask me why I’ve been an astrologer for almost 40 years, I guess I could answer that I’ve come to be a guide (one of many) for those who want the use of ALL available tools for spiritual understanding and growth.  My specialty is natal astrology because I feel that each of us really does need to understand the energetic starting point of this incarnation so that we may achieve those things we planned before coming here.

Astrology is far from being passé.  In fact, it is more important than it has ever been.  The energies of 2012 are showing us that we need to awaken to new perspectives, to remove the illusions that surround us, to raise our vibrations to match the approach of the new Age.  Your own astrological chart can be a great starting point to accomplishing all that and more.

So…Child of stardust, let the stars be your guide!