The Journey Continues – Finger-Pointing

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Many of us still have a difficult time wrapping our heads around the fact that we truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Part of that realization is understanding that we are electro-magnetic in nature. There’s an energy that runs through our physical body that is electric in nature.

It is possible for us to use that energy and also the energy of the Universe around us through directing it with our hands. I learned, first from a magickal perspective and later from an energy medicine perspective, that if you rub your hands together vigorously for a few seconds and then hold them, with palms facing each other, together, you can feel the energy pulsing between them.

If you do any type of massage therapy, Reiki, or other healing modality that requires a “laying-on” of hands, you know that energy flows through your hands to the person you are working on. If you allow yourself to become a channel for the flow of this energy from the Universe, then you will still aid others in healing while not affecting your own body’s energy.

Those who are magickal practitioners, by any name, know just as well that the hands are channels for “casting” energies in such manners as spells, thoughtforms, etc. Once again, to be able to draw in and use the energy of the Universe and even the Earth itself allows you to do your magickal work and not deplete yourself.

From an energetic standpoint, there are consequences for the manner in which you use that energy. I know there are some who don’t believe in karma. That’s okay. Let me explain this from a more “scientific” viewpoint. Energy creates vibration. The Universe responds to our vibrations. The vibrational resonance that uniquely belongs to each of us is set up by our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. If your intention is to beneficially be of assistance in the healing of another person – or even an animal or plant – then you are most likely coming from a place of love and compassion. That is a vibrational quality that the Universe will respond to in a like frequency and you may see not only success in your healing efforts but experience other good fortune from it. (Although personal gain is not necessarily the reason you do it.)

On the other hand, when your intentions are unjustifiably toward doing something harmful to someone or something, that produces a different vibrational quality that the Universe will also respond to and you could find yourself experiencing ill-fortune, sickness, etc. Now, before anyone jumps all over me, I’m not talking about defending yourself from an undeniably harmful person or situation. I’m talking about you just don’t like someone or have taken offense at someone who unintentionally did something to anger or hurt you. That’s different. Just know that there are those who use their energies to cause harm just because they can or because they feel someone has wronged them yet they have no real proof of such.
The vibration that is set up in this instance is totally different, and of a lower frequency, than that of the person who seeks to help others heal in some way.

So what the heck has this got to do with “finger-pointing”? It’s simple really. The words we speak, the actions we take, even the thoughts we direct at others all are forms of “magick” or, to put it in more mundane terms, move energy thus manifesting certain outcomes.

One of the first things we humans were taught was to “point” to what we want or need. Pointing ones finger can be either positive or negative in nature depending on the circumstance. When we’re little, it can be because we’re thirsty and want a drink of water, so we point, or we’re going to sleep at night and want our favorite stuffed animal to hold as we drift off to sleep, so we point. When we’re older, it can be used in a positive manner to give directions to someone or pick out a criminal in a line-up. Unfortunately, it can also be used in anger or hatred to point at others and make false accusations and say hurtful things.

We don’t realize, but desperately need to, that this directs an energy toward another person and, whether justified or not, the Universe will respond to that vibrational act. It took me a while to realize this but when I looked at my hand, in the act of pointing, it became clear to me that this is so. The hand, when held in that act of pointing, has the index finger pointing toward the person, place, or things, but the middle, ring, and little finger are pointing back at you – or at least the palm of your hand. A very subtle, but direct, reminder that what we send out the Universe will match in vibration and send back to us. (In my spiritual tradition, we believe it comes back to you threefold. I don’t think that belief is a coincidence.)


I have often said we are all more powerful than many of us realize. With that power, with that “magick” in our hands, comes responsibility. Being sure of our information and aware of our intent are two pieces of that responsibility. Whether you actually physically point your finger or just use your words and thoughts to “point” at someone or something, your vibration will cause the Universe to respond and give something back to you. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer that something be something that’s good.

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Love & Blessed Be