The Journey Continues – Priestess, Teacher, Counselor…and Very Human

Many HatsWhen asked who we are, we often refer to the many things we are to many different people. As the title of this article implies, I am a Priestess of my faith, a teacher and a counselor, but I also have the roles of wife, mother, grandmother, astrologer – I wear many ‘hats‘…shall I go on? I bet your list of ‘hats’ is just as long – maybe even longer. The one role we have all taken on – the one chapeau we all wear – for this Earth life experience is human and, yes, we can be so very human!

We’ve come to learn and experience life as beings in human form in this reality called Earth. Is that who we are, really? No. We are the consciousness observing these different personas of ours learn and experience day-to-day life here, watching us trade one hat for another as our daily life takes us from one circumstance to another. It can be quite interesting really.

This is not meant to be an esoteric or philosophic discussion. It’s about those darn hats! Some of them we wear quite proudly and confidently. Others we wear reluctantly or tentatively. Some we have even put away, feeling that part of our life is done or we have no desire to be part of it anymore. That’s fine, life is about change.

The ones you wear reluctantly or tentatively, have you asked yourself why that is? In the case of the former, is it out of a sense of duty and responsibility? Is it a hat of necessity? That’s understandable, we all have to “chop wood and carry water” to survive. Take a moment and imagine….if you could swap out that hat for another, what would it be? Actually picture yourself wearing a hat that represents what you’d rather be doing. How does that make you feel? You’re smiling, aren’t you? Don’t ever give up on that dream. Carry that feeling with you, no matter what the day holds for you. Necessities become easier when we have a smile in our hearts and on our faces.

Then there’s that hat some of us wear tentatively. Why is that? Is this a hat someone else has given us because they see something that we don’t see in ourselves or is this something you really want to do and/or be known for, but feel you’re not ready for or not good enough at doing? Really? Seriously? Part of the human experience is learning and part of learning is making mistakes. Without mistakes, there would be no learning. Since that’s what we’re here for, it really IS part of the journey. You might actually say that the more mistakes we make, the more we learn. So, screw that hat down on your head, boldly step forward and let the mistakes come as they may!

Even if you wear a ‘hat’ confidently, there are pitfalls that can happen. This happens through the response that other people have to your hat. They see your hat and feel the confidence with which you wear it and almost deify you.

I’ve had this happen in my position as a Wiccan High Priestess. That particular ‘hat’, and I’m sure there are other similar ones, can cause people to put you on a pedestal. I never dreamed that was even a possibility. When it does happen, the person or persons then expect infallibility from you. Since no matter what hat you’re wearing, you’re always wearing the chapeau of being human, mistakes will be made. Words will be spoken that offend, even when no offense was meant, and actions will be taken that are either missteps or misconstrued. OMG! Falling from that pedestal is painful! (especially when you didn’t even realize you were on it)

A quite different response to that same ‘hat’ comes from those who don’t deal with authority figures well. You are despised before anyone bothers to get to know you. (This one, in particular, I have always found both distressful and amusing since I have my own problem with authority figures.) Somewhere along the line, it has been forgotten that under the mantle of authority, you’re still wearing your “hey, I’m human” chapeau. Yup, I make mistakes, put my foot in my mouth, trip over the invisible rug, and am definitely NOT perfect.

It has taken me years, decades even, to put my hat in my hand and tell the first group I’m afraid of heights so, please, no pedestals…human here, expect mistakes… and tell the second group that getting to know me might make them realize I’m not the bad guy…they might even decide they like me…so let’s talk.

These things that I have experienced, while wearing my many hats, I know some of you have experienced them too. Perhaps it’s time we get to know the person wearing the hat rather than judging them by the hat they happen to be wearing when we interact with them. It certainly would make for better understanding and that could lead to a better experience for us both. That’s a good thing, right?

Here’s to our many hats and all the roles they represent! With each new day, and each hat we don, we are being offered the opportunity to learn and grow through experiencing life with all its many twists and turns. May we recognize that we have many fellow travelers, making the same journey of experiencing life and making many mistakes in order to do just that!

Until next time…I doff my chapeau to you!

Witch-Hat-BroomLove & Blessed Be