Astrological Musings & More

We’re headed into the time of the year that some view as a time of introspection. It gives us a chance to peel away all the layers of who we’ve become to fit in and seek the real us. Sometimes that can be really difficult. We’ve accumulated many layers from childhood until now. So where do you begin? What tools might be out there for us to use to make this journey inward?

Although mainstream society might recommend a therapist or lots of self-help books – and I would never disagree with that – there is one more tool to consider – your natal astrology chart. To me, understanding the energies of the planets at the moment you were born can be very enlightening. It can bring about “Aha!” moments and even open doors that you’ve never thought about before.

Maybe you don’t feel you need that or you already have one for yourself. How about a friend or family member? The season of giving is also upon us. You might be looking for something truly unique to give to someone. A natal astrology chart could be just what you’re looking for.

I’ve been doing natal astrology charts for about 50 years and have really enjoyed being part of people rediscovering their True Self and thus re-empowering themselves. Perhaps I can be of some assistance to you or to someone you care about.

Charts are $150.00. For that amount you receive an 85-100 page, single-spaced printed analysis, based on your exact date, time and place of birth. It is not from a computer program. It is a well-researched report that will serve as a road map to guide you through the rest of your life, revealing attributes and detractions that need to be worked with during the course of your lifetime. This includes three 1-hour counseling sessions that can be done in person, via email, instant message, phone or even snail mail – your choice, concerning any questions you have over the material in the chart, after you’ve read it.

In a world filled with vibration, knowing the vibrations under which you were born can be extremely helpful in understanding yourself better and making the most of this life time.

If this is something that sounds appealing to you and you’d like to place an order or if you would like more information, contact me, Samantha Herron, at or you can message me on Facebook. I take checks, money orders, and PayPal. I’ll even arrange payments for those needing to do so.
Right now, we have a Full Moon happening in the sign of Aries on Wednesday, October 20th at 10:57 a.m. EDT.

What’s interesting about this Full Moon is, at exactly the time the Full Moon occurs, the Moon goes Void.

Perhaps this Full Moon, with its Void, is indicating it’s time to let go of the old and boldly move forward to a new way of thinking, doing and being. Be sure to do so with reason rather than impulse for the best results.

Aries, no matter what planet occupies it, offers us the opportunity to begin anew; to blaze a new trail; to take a new look at life from the perspective of that planet and do it bravely. In this case, we’re talking about the Moon and that, primarily, means our emotions. This Full Moon may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting on to quit wasting energy fearing people, situations and/or things and just “feel the fear and do it anyway”! Talking about it will definitely help and a Full Moon in Aries will even help with that. So seek out those you feel most comfortable with and release any energy of fear through conversation. Along with a new beginning, you may receive some new perspectives from those who are listening to what you have to say!

On Saturday, October 23rd, at 0:51 a.m. EDT, the Sun enters Scorpio. Ruled by both assertive Mars and Pluto with its intense desires, this fixed water sign can be unstable and emotional at times. The energies of Scorpio are imaginative, persistent and determined, but can also be secretive, resentful, suspicious and jealous.

Scorpio is also very psychic and, depending on what level of Scorpio energy you draw from – serpent, scorpion, soaring eagle or even phoenix – those psychic energies can be a great aid or a source of fear.

Scorpio energy is regenerative, but most of the time that regeneration comes through suffering. Living life intensely is what Scorpio is all about. They could do it no other way and be satisfied!

So, to all of you who were born under the sign of Scorpio with all your intensity and personal magnetism, I say, “Happy Birthday!”

Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday, October 30th, at 10;21 a.m. EDT. Mars is the former ruler and current co-ruler of the sign Scorpio thus giving those affected by it tremendous potential to do good or harm. It takes strength to channel this energy positively. This energy proves the idiom, “Thoughts are things.” in that strong likes and dislikes have tremendous power and will be felt by those one thinks about.

Emotions are intense with this placement and can go to extremes. Although this isn’t a statement of doom, it is one of caution. This holds true for the use of ones intuition and psychic abilities. This is a good time for alchemy, magic and creative visualization when used with positive attitudes and discipline.

Although sex and Scorpio are almost synonymous, what is really wanted here is understanding. That desire for understanding is on all levels – physical, mental and emotional – and that is the ultimate turn-on!

This is also a time to take care of unfinished business, whether it’s karma or life experiences. So this is also a good time to investigate or research the reasons why this “business” has been left undone.

The negative side of this placement can be anger, resentment, grudges, and a tendency to dominate others emotionally. If you find yourself experiencing this during this transit, perhaps it’s time to explore the motivations behind this happening.

This is truly a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and others from an emotional perspective.

Halloween/Hallowmas/Samhain arrives on Sunday, October 31st. This is a time of celebration – a time of fun and yet respect.

For Wiccans and others, it is a time to remember those who have gone before us to that place called “Summerland.” Friends, family, and ancestors are remembered and their lives celebrated. We owe them much and honor them for this.

This is the Witches’ New Year. All growing is done. It is a time of rest and reflection, a time of introspection, as we prepare for the Earth to be reborn again when the Goddess returns in the Spring.

No matter how you may celebrate this day, I wish you all the happiest of holidays!

                                         Love & Blessed Be