Astrological Musings & More

I haven’t written about this for a few years, so I thought I would share with you a tale concerning the first Full Moon of the New Year.  This is the one before the New Moon that ushers in the Chinese New Year.

So what difference does that make?  Well, to most, probably none, but for those looking to have as many energies flowing in your favor, there is a little ritual of sorts that I have been practicing for over a decade that may interest you.  This was taught to me by a practitioner of Feng Shui and I can tell you that I have found it to make a difference.

In Chinese mythology, there is an event that happens, as I was taught, on the Full Moon before the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  It is the practice of cleaning and putting your kitchen in order by that Full Moon in preparations for the Kitchen God or Stove God to visit.  The idea being that having your kitchen in order invokes the blessing of the Kitchen God, who is the most important of the Chinese domestic gods, and you are then favored with prosperity in the coming year.  There are various stories and practices, such as the use of the color red, which represents wealth, surrounding this.  I guess it all depends on whether you have a belief that it couldn’t hurt and might even help.

Knowing that this is going to be a very high-energy Full Moon, I thought I would pass this little piece of magical information on to you to, hopefully, “share the wealth.”


About that Full Moon – it happens on Thursday, January 28th, at 2:16 p.m. EST.  The Sun will be in Aquarius and the Moon will be in Leo.  This combination makes for an active intellect and a lively imagination, which help to achieve great things.  It also intensifies the love nature with an inclination to worship those who are loved.

Moon in Leo alone can make those affected by its energies very lovable and loving.  Relationships must have the potential for growth either thought understanding, appreciation, or affection.  It’s important to choose your friends and lovers with discrimination.  Otherwise, it can produce sadness and ultimately bitterness.

If we’re talking business relationships, the energy of this lunar placement makes one capable of asserting authority and shouldering responsibility.  Even this type of relationship must be once of growth or it will fail.

The downside to the Moon being in Leo is that some will have a tendency to self-dramatize when they don’t receive the appreciation and recognition they both want and need.  The susceptibility to flattery sometimes appears like childish self-importance.

If you use the Full Moon to remove obstacles from your path, then this is the time to remove anything or anyone who stands in the path of receiving love or attaining a healthy relationship where both parties help each other grow.

If you use the Full Moon to “make a wish,” then know that the energies are high here with the Moon in Leo, but also know to look for that wish to possibly be fulfilled in unexpected ways (Sun in Aquarius).  Know that it could happen all of a sudden.  This isn’t the time to believe things will happen as they have in the past.  Something or someone new, different, and unexpected could be just around the corner.


Mercury, which is in Aquarius, goes retrograde for the first time in 2021 on Saturday, January 30th, at 10:52 a.m. EST.  This is the energy of the true humanitarian.  It can also make one an excellent judge of human nature.

This makes one open to new experiences. It also allows a person to see thing in the light of impersonal truth, giving a mind that is truthful, unbiased, and objective.  Truth becomes of primary importance with this placement.

Mercury in Aquarius manifest high intuitive qualities through communication with the Universal Mind, transcending our individual egos.

Now it goes retrograde.  Mental energies may flit about rather than holding a specific focus for any long period of time.  Discussions may be about a wide variety of subjects in a single conversation.  To others, a person may seem to not be making a point, but does make that point in the strangest of ways.

Those affected by these energies may seem to have no common sense and sometimes display less stability than others would want to see.  There can be a tremendous scope of ideas coming from the strangest places that society usually overlooks.

Because the energies are now coming back at us, this is a good time to be an excellent judge of our own human nature.  Turning inward, we should seek out our personal truths while being truthful with ourselves as well as objective and unbiased.  That truth should be of primary importance to us at this time.

Yes, this will be a very interesting retrograde.  It will also be one that we can learn a lot from, if we so choose.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus joins Mercury in the sign of Aquarius on Monday, February 1st, at 9:05 a.m. EST.  This placement makes it difficult for a person to settle down easily with only one person.  Love here is Universal rather than personal.

Romantic attractions often happen suddenly and are casual in nature.  They also may not necessarily be stable or lasting.  Intellectual stimulation will be important in romance and the romantic partner or spouse must be both a friend as well as love.  Jealousy and possessiveness cannot be part of relationships created during this transit.

For the artist and the musician, this placement enhances the ability to be original.  Uniqueness in design and color are all attributes of Aquarius.


Just a brief mention of Tuesday, February 2nd, which is both Groundhog’s day and Candlemas/Imbolg.

Every year, we all hope the groundhog will fail to see his shadow and Spring will arrive early.  Knowing that the actual date of Spring is still about six weeks away, we know that he probably will see that pesky shadow, but still we have hope.

For those who celebrate Candlemas or Imbolg (Imbolc), this is the “Feast of the Waxing Light,” as we are now halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox.  The Sun is waxing and the days are growing longer for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

No matter which you celebrate, or if you celebrate neither, know that the Earth will soon be reborn and hope springs eternal.

Love & Blessed Be