The Journey Continues – Is “History” Repeating Itself?

Those who have been reading my articles know that I very much believe in the spiritual side of Life as well as the magickal and the mystical.  With that in mind, I hope there won’t be too many of you who think I have taken you all on a ride on the crazy train to the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits when you read this new article.

You see, I’ve been observing what’s been going on in our country for quite some time and I’m seeing a pattern that’s familiar to me and to others like me who remember the continent of Atlantis and why it really sank.  I have a number of past life memories.  Some of them are from Egypt, Persia, Central America, England, and…yes…Atlantis.

In my present incarnation, I grew up in a time of prosperity in the USA.  Jobs were plentiful and well paying.  Essentials such as food, clothing, housing, cars, and gas were reasonable.  Families could live on one income.  Those were the days!

Even as I because an adult, the “good” times were still around for a few years.  Then things began to change.  Families now had to have two incomes because the price of steel soared and with it so did the price of cars, then gas, housing, food, etc.  What didn’t soar was wages.  By the time the late 80s and early 90s arrived, we were looking at a totally different America from the one us “Boomers” grew up in.

That’s when I began to look around and have a “familiar” feeling.  One that I knew didn’t come from this lifetime.  I was metaphorically scratching my head, wondering where this feeling was coming from.  What I did know was that it was an uneasy feeling.  A feeling that made me think things were only just beginning to get bad.

My remembrance of past lives has usually only been revealed to me when I’ve gone through something in this life that relates to something in a past life that I came here, to this life, to resolve.  Some of those “flashes” have been pretty enlightening.  This was different though.  It was almost as if that tickle in the back of my mind was beckoning me to actively see to remember why I was having this feeling.

To make a long story short, I did the work and did remember some pieces that gave me the picture of two lifetimes spent in Atlantis.  In one I was a scientist who was responsible for the misuse of a crystal that powered the continent.  When I returned in the next incarnation there, I think it was to repay some of my karma, I was a laborer.  Let me be accurate in that.  I was a slave laborer. You see, my first incarnation there marked the beginning of corruption and greed that deeply divided the once unified peoples of that great society.  By the time of my second incarnation, that nation had become so deeply divided that there was a whole class of slave laborers who worked for the ruling class who were supported by the military class.  (Any of this beginning to sound slightly familiar?)  The end result being that the corruption, greed and lust for power because so great that the very vibrations, let alone the actions of abuse and misuse, sunk the last remaining parts of the continent. (For those who don’t know.  It took three sinkings to totally take all of what used to be know as Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean.)

Yeah, I know.  To some of you, I probably sound like I could use a good therapist and some intense medication.  I might have agreed with you had I not, over a vast number of years, run into others who have similar memories of past lives here that pretty much match my own.  Some of them, having met for the first time, knew we knew each other from another time.  Some of us were friends, co-workers, even family then.  I don’t think we’re all crazy.

The more important point here is that we all felt that the country we now occupied was heading in that same direction and it concerned us.  It still does.  The greater the division between the “rich” and the working class and the poor increases, the greater the concern for where this country is headed.  As we see the lust for power and money increase, while suppressing the health and welfare of those in a lower station than those in power, the more we can see the demise of a great democracy on the horizon.  Do we think he North American continent is going to physically sink like Atlantis?  No.  That doesn’t mean that all that makes this country great can’t “sink” and disappear from sight -possibly to never be seen again – also like Atlantis.

So what can we do?  I have to be honest.  I don’t know.  It took the total destruction of a continent and the majority of its inhabitants to put an end to what was going on in Atlantis.  I would hope that things here won’t have to reach that kind of extreme to see a positive change begin to happen.

If I am to “walk my talk” and “practice what I preach” then I would have to say that the best we can all do is focus on what’s positive.  I do believe in the Butterfly Effect.  The vibrations of each of us do ripple out and affect the world around us.  Visualize the country and the government as being a place of freedom for all with the ability to easily have the life you want for yourself and those you love.  That those who have more willingly help those who have less.  That we each reach out and give a hand up to any who need it, not because it’s required of us, but because we can and want to help our fellow men and women.  Only through acts of love and compassion can we begin to change the energies of greed, selfishness, and hatred that exist now in our country.

The alternative is to do nothing and watch our once great nation disappear before our very eyes.  It’s up to each of us to decide if history will repeat itself.  I choose to not see “Atlantis” sink again.  What do you choose?


Love & Blessed Be