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As an astrologer of 50+ years, I have to laugh every time someone decides to change the meaning of some astrological or astronomical word or phrase.  In this case, I’m talking about the most recent meaning for the long-standing term “blue moon.”

Although it has had many meanings over the approximately 500 years of the existence of the phrase, the one most of us are familiar with is the meaning of the second Full Moon in a calendar month.  Now, maybe because someone wanted more Blue Moons, we have a meaning that indicates the fourth Full Moon in a season.  What?  In a regular season, that spans about 3 months (not calendar months, but rather about 90 days), there are three Full Moons.  Now, if a fourth one occurs, its a seasonal Blue Moon.

So here we are, with a supposed Blue Moon happening on Sunday, August 22nd that has nothing to do with the traditional meaning of a Blue Moon.

I can’t wait to see what someone changes, expands, or adapts next.  Will we start to have seasonal Black Moons?  Oh, you don’t know what a Black Moon is?  Well, that’s what the second New Moon in a month is referred to in recent years.  Oh, wait, according to the online definition, there’s already a seasonal Black Moon!  Seriously?  Sheesh!

Let me step away from my “rant” and tell you what’s happening next.

Aquairus Full MoonSo, we do have a Full Moon in Aquarius happening on Sunday morning, August 22nd, at 8:02 a.m. EDT and then the Moon immediately goes Void.  This is where things get interesting, so keep reading.

With the Sun in Leo, when the actual Full Moon occurs, the energies where give intuition and the ability to judge human nature quickly.  There can also be some very marked occult tendencies as well as a lot of determination and will-power.  People tend to be independent, good-natured, sociable, and a little reserved.

I want to state here that, to many of us, the Full Moon energies actually encompass three days – the day before the actual Full Moon, the day of the actual Full Moon and the day after the Full Moon.

I mention that only because that Void Moon only lasts until 8:43 a.m. EDT, then the Moon enters Pisces.  Remember, the Sun is still in Leo and we are still very much under the influence of Full Moon energies.

So, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon now in Pisces, there’s a change in energies for this Full Moon.  Now the energies can create discontent and dissatisfaction.  People tend to be dreamy and passive, but still inclined to be kind and generous.

But the shift in the energies of this Full Moon aren’t over yet?  Read on.

Virgo 3The Sun enters Virgo on that same day, Sunday, August 22nd, at 5:35 p.m. EDT.  Now the energies have moved from fire to earth.  This is a very practical sign.  Mercury rules this sign and, here, communications also become practical.

The qualities of this placement of the Sun are being meticulous, analytical, orderly, discriminating, and modest.  The flip-side of the sign is that they can also be worriers, overly fastidious, sometimes too critical, too conventional, and finicky.

This is a good sign for anything that needs attention to detail.  The downfall can be that, if focused on detail too much, one can miss what’s happening in the bigger picture of the world around them.

When you combine the Sun in Virgo with the Moon in Pisces, the energies can make a person restless and greatly desiring change and novelty.  There can be irritability, dissatisfaction and a lack of self-reliance.

This is the final energy of this Full Moon.  So the energies have shifted from a combination of Leo/Aquarius to Leo/Pisces to Virgo/Pisces, all intensified by the energies of a Full Moon and all on the same day!

My best advice?  Keep yourself grounded throughout this whole energy shift and Full Moon.  Do that grounding often and shield yourself from any possible negative energies that may be afloat in the atmosphere during this time.

Mercury in Libra 2It will be over a week before there may be some help from the Heavens.  That’s when Mercury enters Libra on Monday, August 30th, at 1:10 a.m. EDT.

This is a sign whose energies are primarily concerned with human relations and psychology.  You and/or others may find yourselves intensely curious about the thinking and behavior patterns of others.

Good communications, especially in relationships, become essential.  Communication becomes easier because people are interested in what others think.  There’s a strong sense of justice with this placement that generally makes people honest in their communications.

While considering all sides of an issue before making a decision can be important, don’t allow it to make you indecisive or an opportunity could be lost.

Stream of Stars

Phew!  That’s some intense energies this time.  Stay safe.  Stay grounded and focused.  I’ll see you in two weeks.

                                          Love & Blessed Be
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