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It’s been 51 years since I met the astrologer who taught me to do charts.  That was back in a time without computers when computations were all done by hand and chart interpretations were either done orally or typewritten on manual or electric typewriters.  It’s amazing how far we’ve come in those years.

That was also back in a time when most people were only concerned with their Sun signs.  Although it had been around for quite some time, astrology had gone through its popular periods and its downfalls throughout history.  It was only starting to get noticed again when I got interested in it so little was really known about it by the general public.

Even though there are a number of forms of astrology, I’ve been a natal astrologer for the 50 years I’ve been practicing it.  It’s also known as genethlialogy and it’s directly concerned with the birth of a being into physical expression.  From a chart cast for the exact date, time, and place of birth, one can read the character, temperament, mental tendencies, physical peculiarities and ailments along with so much more information concerning that person.

When I do a natal chart for someone, I tell them it’s a picture of the energies they came to work with and have assist them in doing whatever they planned for this lifetime.  Two people, born in the same place, at the same time, will have the same charts but will use those energies differently.  That can be attributed to the fact that their genetics, sociological backgrounds, and even their environments will be different and will influence their responses to their experiences.

It’s truly interesting.  Every chart is like a jigsaw puzzle that will reveal a different landscape of energies that were chosen to aid the person in making progress in this lifetime.

Is it no wonder that I’m still doing charts?  Fascinating!  Now, to a couple things you may find fascinating for the coming weeks…

Full Moon in Libra

On Sunday, March 28th, the Full Moon occurs at 2:48 p.m. EDT in the sign of Libra.  It’s said that this will be a “super” Moon.  What does that mean?  Well, it means the Moon will be in its closest approach to Earth making it look slightly larger and brighter.  That could also mean we will feel the energies of that Full Moon more intensely.

What we can expect from this particular Full Moon, with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries, is having a keenly sensitive nature that’s receptive to music and the fine arts.  Those who feel the effects of these energies may find themselves more observant, alert, sociable, companionable, amorous, and disliking to live and work alone.

Moon in Libra by itself creates a strong sensitivity to and attraction for others.  This is a good time to form partnerships of any kind whether it’s a friendship, intimate, or business relationship.  It accentuates teamwork.  It can also make a person very social and that makes it great for social gatherings where you can meet new people.

Libra, ruled by Venus, makes it a good time for any kind of artistic work.  That might bring our the harmony and balance that those affected by the energies of Libra search for.

For those who look at the Full Moon as a time to consider what to remove from ones life, as the Moon begins to wane, I might suggest anything that causes disharmony or prevents you from feeling balanced.  That includes people, places, and things. If it’s not helping you achieve harmony and balance, it probably needs to go and this is a good time to make that happen.

Mercury in Aries 2

Mercury moves into Aries on Saturday, April 3rd, at 11:41 p.m. EDT creating a wonderful combination for mental strength and brilliance.  This is a time when those affected by these energies will be very original and find that they love new ideas and intellectual adventures.

One drawback is the inability to concentrate on a new idea for very long.  To keep ones interest from fading, it will take constant stimulation from something new or novel.

People may find that they or others are very impatient of opposition and want their way immediately.  It can make people willful and headstrong.  The mind can be used to control people and persuade them to carry out daring plans.

One upside is being witty and amusing.  It seems those affected by Mercury in Aries can always come up with a clever answer.  There is definitely an ability to think on ones feet.  It’s also a position of leadership, especially when used in a positive manner.

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There’s not much happening in the skies, so that’s all for now.  If you would like more information on astrology in general or on having your natal chart done, you can contact me by sending an email to or you can message me on Facebook.  As always, may the stars be your guide.

Blue Moon 3

Love & Blessed Be