The Journey Continues – The Double-Edged Sword of Duality

Meditation 6One of the many curiosities that this lifetime has presented to me has been why it seems it is so much easier to invoke (call in from outside oneself) and evoke (call up from within oneself) those things that are negative and cause us pain. Have you ever stopped to think about it? I have…many times.

I realize that this reality that we live in is a world of duality or opposites: day/night; love/hate; hot/cold; positive/negative; black/white, etc., etc., etc. I also know that life here is supposed to be about achieving a balance. One of the many teachings of Wicca plainly tells us that there is really no black or white, only shades of gray. Somewhere in that middle lies the answer to making our lives a “paradise” on Earth. Why then do we find it so much easier to hate than love, to be angry rather than at peace, or live in despair rather than joy?

I’ve found this to be especially true when you talk about magick. People are more willing to hex or curse someone than to send healing energy to a person or situation. What’s really strange is that negative magick seems to be easier to accomplish than positive magick. It seems to take less effort. Is this part of the vibration that we, as a people, choose to live in?

If you have studied metaphysics or the occult, you may have come across information on the astral planes and our descent from the Source through these planes as we begin our journey into our next incarnation on this plane. With each of these planes we pass through, another “body” of vibration is added to our being until we reach the Earth plane and we are cloaked in the flesh, blood and bone that we wear for this incarnation. The Earth plane is the slowest in vibration…the heaviest, if you will. This begs the question, “Is this heaviness, this slow vibration, the reason we so easily sink into the heavier of each duality that exists?” After all, we have come to find our way “home” again through the choices and experience of each incarnation. “Home” is that highest of vibrations, unencumbered by the lower vibrations of all the other planes of existence. Instead of reaching for the higher vibrations of “heaven”, we choose to sink into the lower vibrations of those things that cause our lives to be “hell”. (Yes, another duality.)

I have stated before, perhaps more than once, that we are all magicians, even if we would never think of ourselves that way. We create our own reality with every thought, feeling, word and deed we have – each and every day. We are far from powerless. On the contrary, we are supremely powerful. We can change our lives any time we choose simply by deciding to do so and believing it to be so. That being the case, why do so many choose to continue to be mired by heavy, self-defeating thoughts and feelings? Why do we struggle so to reach for the light?

I know that many, many people create justifications for this. More often than not, this includes blaming others for their lives not being what they wish they were. Once again, faced with a choice of duality, many choose the role of the “victim” rather than that of the “hero”. We’re not talking super-powers here, folks…or…maybe we are. If, with a mere thought and/or feeling, we can change our lives, then I guess we do have super powers.

And yet, we continue to live each day as our last – filled with stress, unhappiness, and discontent. We believe that as soon as we win that lottery or this person shows us love or respect or the ideal job comes along THEN we will be happy and life will be so much better. In the meantime, we continue working the same negative magick we have worked on ourselves for years, decades even. It’s hard to change. It’s easier to just keep doing things the same way. Do we not realize that doing things the same way produces the same results? Do we not see that if we never change our vibrations, our thoughts, our feelings, that nothing in our lives will change?

And so I circle back around to my original train of thought….why is it so much easier to invoke and evoke those things that are negative and cause us pain? Why do so many of us feel that it just takes way too much effort to save ourselves from the misery we are living in (no matter what form or intensity it make take)?

If you’re waiting for me to give you the answer to all this, I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not sure I have it. I wouldn’t be writing about this if I had let go of all these lower vibration thoughts and feelings myself. Yes, it’s possible I may be further up the path than you, dear reader, or not, but I’m still questioning and searching. I know there is more work to be done.

What I can tell you is that the desire for more joy, more abundance, more love, etc. MUST be greater that the pain of your current situation. Without this motivation, life continues on in the same manner, attracting more of the same. You have to reach a point where “enough is enough” and the effort necessary to make whatever changes are necessary is no longer seen as unacceptable. You then become determined that no one or nothing is going to stop you. Voila! You become your own hero. Go you!!!

Until you reach that point, don’t despair. After all, you did come to learn through choice and experience. For some of us, it takes longer than others. For some of us, changing some areas of our lives comes easier than others. Each of our journeys is so personal, so intimate and so unique. There’s no way we should or could compare them to the journeys of others. Believe in yourself. For me, that’s “Step One”.

Self-empowermentLove & Blessed Be