The Journey Continues – “Thou Art God”


Anyone who has ever read Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land will recognize the title of this article as a quote from that book. The actual quote is, “Thou art god, I am god. All that groks is god.”, but, for the purpose of this journey into my mind, I want to focus just on “Thou art god.”

There are some who would see this statement as blasphemous, but, from my perspective, I don’t believe that to be true. No matter what spiritual path you follow or by what name or gender you recognize the Creator of All-that-Is, the fact remains something or someone greater than us created us and all we see around us. He/She/It used the energy of their beingness to manifest everything in our world – including us.

I’ve done a lot of reading, studying, and contemplating over the last 45 years of my life about just exactly who I am and what my relationship with the spiritual side of Life is. Sometimes it has been very confusing. Other times, it’s been very enlightening. The bottom line I’ve arrived at is that, as with almost everything else in this reality we inhabit, there is a duality to us. We are both physical beings and spiritual beings. That spiritual part comes from the Creator of us.

Most of the world’s spiritual paths believe that there is a part of us that survives death. Some call it the soul, while others just call it spirit. There are some paths that even believe that that spirit/soul comes back to live other lifetimes. In the afterlife, we are seeking to reach “heaven.” We are looking to “go home.” If you believe that, then “home” means we originally came from there. For many of these spiritual paths, the Creator is referred to as our “Father” or our “Mother”, inferring it is they who gave “birth” to us. It is they who created us.

Where am I going with all this? If we have been created by the Creator of All-that-Is, then is it not correct to assume that, like our physical parents, we have some of the Creator in us? If this is true, then why would we need to seek the Deity from outside ourselves? Would that Being not reside within as well?

I read a book decades ago that espoused the theory that the whole purpose behind the creation of humans was so that the Creator could learn about Itself through the experiences afforded to each of us in this reality. It, too, wanted to learn, understand, and grow. That’s one of the reasons we have been granted free will. Our Creator would not learn anything if everything was predestined. That’s the reason for the desire to “go home.” We are each a piece of the Creator seeking to return to our Source and be reunited with It.

Our natural state is one of unconditional love which includes such other high-vibration emotions as peace, joy, gratitude, wonder, etc. The bodies we inhabit for our sojourn here are of a lower vibration and sometimes that makes it really difficult to remember that we are so much more. That’s especially true if you are living through some challenges that are meant to help you grow and become more enlightened but are difficult in nature.

About a month ago, I was on Facebook and someone had posted a meme about finding something to be grateful for each day and to look for the good even in the “worst” of situations. A gentleman posted a reply underneath it basically saying there was no reason that we should need to thank God for the good that we’ve been blessed with. I paused for two days to think about that one. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that he had missed the point.

Gratitude isn’t so much about thanking God for blessings received – although that never hurts either – it’s about raising our own vibrations to remind us we are a piece of that Creator made manifest here. It’s about vibrationally moving ourselves closer to the Source that created us. In other words, it’s about remembering who we really are inside this physical form.

When we have those moments where our vibrations arise to the point of our natural state, it allows us to have a higher, panoramic view of this Life we are living. It allows us to see what the point is of what has occurred and is occurring in our lives. It is in these moments that we become more enlightened and have epiphanies that can change our whole lives for the better.

The Law of Attraction speaks of the fact that the “Universe” doesn’t recognize words, It recognizes vibrations. We attract to us those people, situations, and things which match our vibrations. So, in those moments when we are able to raise our vibrations through the expression and feelings of gratitude, appreciation, love, joy, etc., we are vibrating in the manner of our natural state. “Thou art god, I am god….” Good things happen because we have touched the vibration of “home.”

I might also add that this offers an explanation of why, when we are most in need, it feels like the Creator isn’t listening or answering our prays and our pleas for help. It isn’t that we aren’t “heard”. It’s that we are being responded to by the same vibrationally rate we are vibrating to. We are being answered, just not in the way we want so we think no one is listening. In those moments, we must find a way to raise our vibrations so that what we receive will assist us in a further raising of our vibrations and a positive change to our lives. As I said earlier, sometimes this is difficult. Thus, finding reasons to be grateful, even in the worst situations, helps us to do that. Gratitude truly is as much about raising our vibrations as showing appreciation for blessings received.

So, you see, “Thou art god.” is a humble reminder of who we really are and from where we come. It is a sacred statement that tells us we are so much more than the bodies we now inhabit. In those moments when it is needed, it provides hope. “Thou art god, I am god. All that groks is god.”


Love & Blessed Be