The Journey Continues – A Pause for the Cause

Happy 3rd AnniversaryYes, it’s true… Three years ago this weekend, I went public with “Journey to the Center of the Mind”!  I pray, dear reader, you will be patient with me as I take a moment to let my ego do a little celebrating – some Snoopy dancing, a little Moon-walk, and an occasional “Woo hoo!”  You see, for me, this has been a rather big deal.

I know I’m creative.  I know I have a fine mind.  What has been my problem has been self-confidence.  You know, believing in my ability to produce something that others would find interesting – feeling worthy.

I’ve shared my uniqueness with you over these three years – my hopes, my dreams, my fears, my doubts, and the uniqueness of my journey.   We share that uniqueness.  Each of our journey is very personal and very different.  We may share some of the same hopes and dreams; even some of the same fears and doubts.  Still, no two journeys are the same.

As I look back on the beginning of this blog three years ago, I recognize I wanted to share what I have experienced on my personal journey and what I have learned as a result of it.  Even more than that though, I think I wanted you to know that, no matter how “different” you feel from others, you aren’t alone.  In return, I wanted to feel there were others out there who could relate, on some greater or lesser level, with what I have shared and thus feel not so alone myself.

So, here I am three years later.  I’ve managed to write every week – either ‘Astrological Musings’ or some tale of where I’ve been or where I’m heading.  To some, that might seem trivial, easy even.  I’m here to tell you that, for some of us,  that’s a great accomplishment!  You see, there were times when my ego tried to talk me out of it.  There were times when I was led to fill my time up with “stuff” so that it seemed I had no time for writing.  There were other times when the dialogue in my head would tell me, as I was writing, how this wouldn’t interest anyone.  Egos can be very tricky!

So how did I manage to persevere?  I had to bring myself to the point where I made an agreement with myself that my writing had to be for me.  Even if no one read it, I   needed to write it.  It’s amazing, when you let go of basing what you do on whether it will please other people, how many ideas have come to me.

I think I mentioned, at least once, how I have two unfinished manuscripts.  The “blocks” I face with them have little to do with knowing what to write.  They have to do with finishing them and then having to publish them.  You know, that approval thing again.  So now that I’ve seen I can write regularly on a weekly blog and have come to be satisfied that I am doing it for me, I’m taking another step in the direction of finishing those manuscripts.  I’ve been working on a little e-book on Wicca. Goddess knows I should be able to write with confidence on that subject after 40 years of practicing and teaching it!  I’ve finished it this weekend and hope  to publish it as a third anniversary present to myself.  I’m hoping to follow this with an e-book on basic astrology and one on numerology later on.  I’m viewing each of these as stepping stones in building my confidence, thereby diminishing fear and doubt, on my journey to finishing and publishing the bigger literary works.

So what else have I been doing to celebrate this wonderful mile marker in my life?  Well, I’ve gotten myself my own domain name.  I am now – cool, huh?  Well, I think it is!

You may have noticed that the site looks a little different, if you’re a regular visitor.  “Three” is my life path number so I couldn’t ignore the need for a change in some things pertaining to the site and my desire to reach out to more people with a more professional appearance.  (By the way, a big “Thank you!” to Selena for her help.)

Speaking of professional, I’m also working on being available via Skype for astrological and spiritual counseling.  I want to have a link available on this site to use to contact me using Skype, so I‘m looking into that now and learning how to use Skype. (It’s all quite new to me.)  Watch for it!  It will be arriving some time in April!!!

I feel I must be on the right track because I’m really feeling excited about it all.  It’s a little scary too, but the feeling of excitement is so much stronger than any fear or doubt I may have!  I feel like something wonderful is about to happen and I can’t wait!

Here’s the thing.  If I can do this you can, too.  It doesn’t matter what your dream is or how great your fear and doubt.  If you can make an agreement with yourself that this is for you, whether anyone else approves or not, then you can do it.  Take small steps.  Do something, anything, that takes you in the direction of your dreams.  It can be writing in a journal about your dreams and desires.  It can be cutting pictures from magazines or printing them from the internet that represent what you want and putting them up on a board or the wall so you see them every day.  It can be merely spending time thinking about what it will be like when this or that happens and experiencing the feelings.  Smile often.  Find reasons to be grateful.  Smile some more.  All these things will raise your vibrations and allow the Universe to lead you to what comes next – where to go, what to do, etc.  In that, we are the same.

So for me, the Journey Continues…into its fourth year.  I hope you will walk with me….

Adventure Awaits!