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I think I was in my 20s when I realized that other people didn’t see the world as I did and didn’t think the way I did. Up to that point, I assumed we all saw Life the same way and that our thoughts were pretty much the same. Once I had that revelation, it led to a curiosity about the human mind and our individual psychologies.

When I began to read Tarot professionally, this was shown to me as possibly being the path my journey in this incarnation should take by the fact that my first reading with a client would usually end up being a reading about where they were psychologically. Both the client and I found this strange, usually interesting, but strange just the same as it happened no matter what the question was that was asked. I later figured out that the Universe was using me to tell the client, “If you don’t know where you’re head is at, how can you possibly know what you want or where you want to go?”

The Powers-that-Be doubled down on this when I became a natal astrologer and found that the basis for understanding ourselves was to understand the energies we were born into and how they affected us mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

When I read The Fragrant Mind by Valerie Ann Worwood, it really drew me back to thinking about the mind. The mind is an awesome mystery that is totally individualistic. No two people see the world in exactly the same way. No two people have the exact same life experiences. Because of this, our thoughts and beliefs are highly individualistic. What’s even more impressive is that these individualistic thoughts and beliefs have an effect on the body, causing illness, but also causing healing. To me, what’s even more amazing is that we have the power to choose which it will be – illness or healing – through choosing our thoughts and beliefs. We are just that powerful. Sometimes, though, we could use some help in accomplishing this.

The Fragrant Mind is about aromatherapy. Aroma meaning “smell or odor” and therapy meaning “treatment.” Thus, aromatherapy, to me, is “smell therapy” or healing oneself though the inhalation of certain scents, odors, smells. I know in today’s world, aromatherapy has come to encompass all manner of things including massage, healing baths, lotions, etc., but, for me, it’s the inhalation that really gets the mind to change its chemistry.

Another thing about inhalation is that so many people today are on prescription drugs; allergic to certain foods; and/or sensitive to certain things coming in contact with their skin that some of the other venues ascribed as aromatherapy can be harmful to them. This isn’t true with inhalation. With inhalation the chemistry of the brain can be changed which then allows the brain to signal the body for possible changes but the means of that change never goes through the digestive system and never touches the skin so the chances of adverse reactions are dialed way down to almost nil. This includes harmful interactions with any medications that the person may be taking.

One other advantage to using the inhalant method of aromatherapy is that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Yes, there are diffusers for putting the scent into an entire room, but when you go to work, go on vacation, or even just go to run errands or shopping you can take a bottle with you. This is great for those using one oil scent or a blend for, let’s say, anxiety. You have it handy when and where you need it.

The process for inhaling straight from the bottle of essential oil or oil blend is pretty simple and fairly quick. If you are familiar with the technique of alternate nostril breathing, this will sound somewhat familiar. 1. Open the bottle of oil and have it ready in your hand as you use the other hand to hold your left nostril closed. 2. Hold the bottle under your nose and breathe deeply through your right nostril. Hold for a moment and exhale through your mouth. 3. Switch the oil to the other hand as you hold the right nostril closed and breathe deeply through your left nostril. Hold for a moment and exhale through your mouth. 4. Repeat for a total of 3 times with each nostril. In about a minute, you’ve helped your brain and body to find some relief from whatever symptoms are plaguing you. Simple and easy. I like that.

I guess that’s why a little over two years ago I sought out and found an online course to take in aromatherapy. This is another valuable tool that I can use to assist those who come me in their efforts to heal and re-empower themselves. I wanted to be able to have as many means as possible to help others.

For myself, it was interesting to go back to “school” at the age of 70. It was also interesting to be a student after being a teacher and counselor for so many years. I learned a lot – as much from taking the course as from the course itself. Now, having completed the course, I’m a certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist. I feel good about that.

HOH - Certificate

My particular field of practice is Psycho-Spiritual aromatherapy. As I state in my thesis on this field, “To be able to successfully help others to heal, you have to begin at the starting point of all susceptibility to illness, ‘our own spiritual harmonic note.’ This seems, to me to be the basis for being in balance and harmony so that we are resistant to all forms of disease.

“When we become out of balance and out of harmony with who we truly are, it trickles ‘down’ first to our psychology and our beliefs about ourselves and the outside world, manifesting next in the physical – in our bodies as illness either of mind or body or both. To truly heal, it appear you have to follow that illness back up the chain to first our minds and then our souls.”

I truly believe this and it’s the basis for my use of astrology, energy medicine, and spiritual counseling in the work I already do. To be able to use aromatherapy to help others to heal and re-empower themselves is even more satisfying. So it’s here I begin.  Showing people that, simply by carrying a bottle of essential oil or oil blend with them, they can find the balance and harmony in their minds and bodies that will release dis-ease and illness from within them. It makes “scents” to me!

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Love & Blessed Be