Journey Log – Day 4: Lost & Found

Do you mind if we go this way for a while?  I know there’s much more ground to cover and things to be said and seen where we have been traveling, but I feel the need to take a side trip here – just a short one, it won’t take too long.

We come into and grow up in a world that seems almost oblivious of the spiritual beings we truly are; of how we are all connected; of the energy that makes up us and everything around us; and of how our thoughts, words and actions are all part of that energy that manifests into the lives we live.

As young children we’re trained – almost like training a dog or cat – to behave in an “appropriate” manner.  That “appropriate” manner is one in which we are forever directed to look outside of ourselves for approval.  Many of us are even taught that it is all important to be selfless.  It is more important to give than to receive.  Because we are young, we assume the adults are wise and know what is right.

What we aren’t taught is that thoughts are things and our emotions are the fuel that causes those thoughts to manifest into our reality.  Parents can’t teach what they don’t know.  They teach what they’ve been taught and have been taught for generations.  Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten who we really are – spiritual being having a physical experience.

Even in the temples, churches, synagogues and other places of worship, we aren’t taught about our true nature and our real power to create.  More than likely, even there, you are taught about  “appropriate” behavior.  This time it’s about what the Creator-of-all-that-is will accept.

My intention here is point out that we are disempowered almost from birth.  That’s a terrible thing to do to a Being of light and energy who is naturally limitless.  At every turn we are told we are limited by what others will think of us and that even includes your God.

I’m not suggesting we live in anarchy or become atheists.  What I am asking you to imagine is what it would be like to have been taught from the perspective that you ARE a spiritual being, here to learn and grow through the lessons of this Earth.  What if you were taught that unconditional love is really the key to everything here?  What if your childlike wonder and joy had never been trained out of you?  How different do you think your life would be?  For that matter, how different would life be on planet Earth if everyone was taught from birth that life was about love, joy, passion and our ability to create our own reality?

To be taught that you’re born, you go to school, get a job or career, get married, have children and then die has to eventually cause some of us to ask that question, “Is this all there is?“   To be told that you only have one lifetime to get it right is even more unbelievable to me.  I mean, come on!  Have you ever done anything “perfectly” the first time?  Well, not me and, for that reason alone, I would have questioned what the purpose of life on Earth was about.

If we have been given free will by the Creator-of-all-that-is, why do other humans try to take that away from us – starting with our parents and other adults in our childhood?  When do we truly get to choose who we are and what we want our lives to be?  The Truth? Now.  It’s always been now, we just haven’t known it.

The energy of our thoughts and feelings can be used to change our lives dramatically.  It does become necessary to override, disregard, and/or lose the baggage we have been given from youth because that, too, is energy – the energy of limitation.

So where do you begin?  First with a decision that it’s time for a change in your personal world.   In 1993, an author named Shakti Gawain wrote a book entitled The Path of Transformation.  The major thing I got out of that book was a very clear explanation of how changing my energies will help change the energies of  the world.  Much like Gandhi, she encourages us to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Rippling out, like a pebble dropped in a pond, our energies do have an effect on other people and upon the world in general.  Yes, folks, the “butterfly effect” is real and we  are those butterflies!

Transforming your energies and your life is about changing course, taking another path, doing things differently.  It’s about becoming very aware of how and why you respond to people and situations the way you do.  It’s about being willing to make new habits and willing let go of the old ones that really aren’t working.  That actually takes a certain amount of courage because it’s asking you to head off into the unknown, not knowing the terrain and not having a map.  For some, that’s a little too scary and, even though they dream of positive change in their lives,  they will stick to what is familiar – even though it may make them miserable.

I really love a quote from the Inaugural Address of Nelson Mandala in 1994:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who are we to be brilliant, gorgeous,     talented,  and fabulous?
Actually, who are we not to be?…

“You playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so other people     won’t feel insecure around you…

“And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other     people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence     automatically liberates others!”

There’s no way to say it better.  We are the stuff of which dreams are made and we have the ability to make those dreams a reality – it’s all a matter of the energy we choose to use in our lives.

May you find your path…and walk it with grace, serenity and hope.

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