Journey Log – Day 3: Ghostly visits

Where were we?  Oh, yeah.  The existence of the energy that animates the physical body after death….ghosts.  It’s actually more than mere ghosts that haunt you or your house or some other place and make themselves known.  It’s about the fact that we are intelligent, emotional beings whose real appearance has little to do with the appearance we take on as we enter the Earth plane. 

If we go back to the original realization that everything in the Universe is moving, vibrating energy – whether it is seen or unseen – then we have to ask ourselves, “Is this just mindless, moving energy?”  My overall belief is that the answer is, “No.”   I believe this to be especially true where the “spirits” of human beings are concerned.

Most religions and spiritual paths of this planet believe in the existence of the soul.  Some limit that belief to a one-time shot at living on planet Earth, others believe we live many lifetimes.  In other words, reincarnation.  Many that believe in reincarnation also have a belief in karma.  Let’s take a look at the basic definitions of these two words:

The dictionary defines reincarnation as 1.  A rebirth of the soul in successive bodies; also, the belief in such rebirth.
2. In Vedic religions, the becoming of an avatar again, one of the series of transmigrations of the soul.

I would take this a tad further and say that reincarnation is not only the birth and rebirth of the soul in body after body, life after life,  but that this is part of a pattern or system of development.  The soul is reintroduced into a body and is thus capable of “storing” information which is used in spiritual development.

As for karma, the dictionary seems to limit the meaning to the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism when it states that it is 1. …the doctrine of responsibility for all one’s acts in all incarnations, that explains and justifies good and evil fortune.  2. Loosely, fate or destiny.

Here again, this is essentially true, but I take it further.  The word itself means “action” and the doctrine taught is that for every action there is a reaction; that what we choose to do to ourselves and others will produce a reaction either good or bad depending on the action that was taken and this reaction may not necessarily take place in this lifetime.

Science tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Hmmm…isn’t that what karma is telling us?  If you combine that with the scientific premise that energy cannot be destroyed; it only changes form, haven’t we just presented scientific evidence for the existence of both reincarnation and karma?

Energy…”ghosts”…reincarnation…karma.  Are you beginning to see the pieces of the puzzle coming together?  Well, it all made sense to me.

So, here I was with my belief in ghosts, reincarnation and karma. Where did I go with it?  You remember the girl from work that I discussed my visitation with?  (I’ll call her Dee for the purpose of our conversation.)  We traveled along Life’s pathway for about ten years and during our sojourn together we investigated and experimented with a lot of things that fall under the category of the occult or metaphysics.  There was that Ouija board, Tarot cards, astrology, astral projection, mediumship, automatic writing, hypnosis, house exorcisms, magic and Wicca – just to name a few. 

Although our journey will probably lead us to all these subjects and how they are just more pieces to the puzzle we’re constructing, I’d like our journey to continue in the spirit world for now.

Dee and I shared something else in common.  Both of us had parents that were old enough to be our grandparents.  I bring this up only because it’s important to understand that the passing of her mother and my father played an important role in our learning about the spirits of the dead and the spirit world.

Dee’s mother was the first to cross the Bridge of Light to the spirit world.  At the time, we had been experimenting with reading ESP cards, testing our abilities at being psychic.  Besides that, we had been working with the Ouija board and working with hypnosis to try and reach altered states of consciousness.  Dee was much more psychic than I and could easily slip from waking consciousness to the next altered state with just a little help.  That’s why I find it so amusing that when her mother tried to make contact with her from the other side, she ended up coming to me.  “Why?” you might ask.  Well, there was one little flaw…Dee was also a very sound sleeper.  Her mother had tried, without success, to make contact at night while Dee was sleeping.  She couldn’t wake her up!!!  No joke.

Well, Mrs. S (Dee’s mom) did what one of us would do when we need help and try to phone someone and get no answer – she tried another number, mine!

It was interesting that because of my previous experiences with ghosts, I was totally non-plussed by her visit.  I did have trouble understanding what she wanted, so I invited her into my dreams and went back to sleep.  There’s no need to go into details, just to say she relayed the message she wanted Dee to have.  I, in turn, gave a startled Dee the message.  Thus began a journey through the land of mediumship that would later incorporate automatic writing, astral projection and trance.

There is one other interesting piece to this though.  My father had a true belief in the afterlife and in ghosts (after all, he was an Aquarius).  He had told me that, when he passed, if there was any way for him to come and give me a sign that he still existed, he would.

Dad passed a few years after Mrs. S.  One night, I got another visit from Mrs. S.  She told me that my father wanted to speak with me, but was having trouble doing it, since he had just recently passed.  She asked my permission to once again enter my dreams so she could bring him in, thus allowing him to speak to me.  I entered dream state and found myself in some big, old house with a huge fireplace.  As I stood before the fireplace, Mrs. S entered and told me to look at the doorway.  As I did, my father came walking through!  Mrs. S withdrew and Dad and I had a nice visit. 

My point?  Even on the other side, we sometimes need help and there are those willing to give it so that those of us on this side, who are open to it, can know that the loved ones who are no longer on Earth are “alive” and well.

That was quite a hike!  There’s plenty more to see along this particular path.  Let’s rest a while.

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