Journey Log – Day 25: Me, Myself and You

If you follow “Astrological Musings & More”, then you’ve heard me talk about Saturn in Libra, which is now retrograde, and how that can bring us lessons concerning relationships.  It brings us the opportunity to take a more mature attitude toward how we relate to other people, situations and even things in our lives.  It’s an opportunity to bring peace to even those situations from our past that have caused us pain that we may still be carrying and may be causing us delays, detours and discouragement within our present life.

It got me to thinking about my life and how different relationships with peers, teachers, other adults (as a child), friends, lovers, co-workers and parents have affected my life – either causing curiosity or apprehension.  I don’t think any of us truly realizes the impact that other people – who enter, leave and stay – have on how we react, respond and look to each new day.  I’m sure, somewhere in this running dialog of mine, I’ve mentioned the illusion that the physical body presents to us of being separate and alone when in reality, since we are all a piece of the Source from which we came, we are very much connected.  Truth be told, because everything  was created from the very same Source-energy, we are connected to all that we see, hear, touch, taste and smell.  That is the true reality of this illusion called physical life.

Quantum physics now tells us that even being an observer to an experiment (or life situation) can have an affect on the outcome or, in other words, our very expectation of how things might turn out , can cause that result.  I’ve talked about how much more powerful we are than we are willing to believe.  But what guides this power?  Our thoughts combined with our feelings.  Where did we learn these thoughts and feelings?  Through our interaction with other people…lots of other people.

I’ve had lots of time to think back on the situations that, in particular, fuel my fears.  Fear of rejection, either personal or of my artistic work, seems to be the biggie with me and although I’ve worked through a great deal of it, there’s more to overcome. My point is, for a long time, I was totally unaware of why I hesitated to put myself out there.  When I realized that it tracked way back to elementary school, I began to realize that I was lead to believe that everyone else was right and I was wrong.  I believe this is the training most of us got in our formative years and carry with us still.

Along comes Saturn in Libra retrograde.   In a year as vibrationally important as 2012 is for us all, we are being given one heck of an opportunity here to reevaluate how we relate to the world, to each day, to ourselves, to others and transform the misguided teachings of the past into the enlightenment that empowers us to achieve our dreams with little effort at all.

Saturn is  ones teacher and no matter what sign or house it is found in, when it is retrograde, it indicates we must be more honest with ourselves since most of us are unaware or in avoidance of true self-awareness and self-honesty.  Let’s face it, as adults, we’ve had decades to cover up all that we truly are because we were taught to disregard what is truly going on inside us.   Here’s your chance, and mine, to be our own teachers using the energies of the astrological teacher, Saturn.

Libra is about relationships, but also about balance.  How many of you were taught that others were more important than you?  Or that you giving to others, even if it means denying yourself, was the “right” thing to do?  How many of you were left with the feeling that you had to please people in order for them to like you?  That if you didn’t act a certain way, talk a certain way, dress a certain way, then people would disapprove?  Where’s the balance in all that?  By the time you get done giving and pleasing everyone else, what’s left for you?  Resentment with a side order of misery.

We can learn a lot from the energies of Libra when it comes to being in any type of relationship.  Yes, to accomplish anything of value, cooperation is necessary and, to be really effective, that cooperation must be enduring.  The thing is though, unless all parties in the relationship are treated justly through the use of mutually agreed upon rules of conduct and commitment, no relationship will last.

We live in a world of duality – day/night; positive/negative; male/female; Summer/Winter; etc. – and Libra teaches us we need to find a balance, a middle road, in all these circumstances if we are to achieve success and cooperation in our relationships.

But you know what?  I’m going to take you back to the fact that everything is energy and all energy is vibrating and like attracts like.  If you’ve ever wondered why a certain type of person keeps popping into your life and seems to present the same lesson over and over again, then you need to stop and take conscious inventory of what you’re vibrating.  I have – more than once.  It’s amazing to realize what piece of emotional baggage you’re still carrying around – unconsciously – that’s bringing you “more of the same” into your life over and over again.  My Goddess!  How blind could I be?  Embrace the pain and let it go!  Then you don’t have to keep repeating the same lesson over and over again!  Makes me want to shout “DUH!!!” at the top of my lungs!

My point here is that of all the relationships you will ever have, the most important one…the one that counts above all others…is the one with yourself.  Even in this relationship there is a duality.  It consists of your temporary self, which some call the ego, and your Higher Self, that some call the soul.  The temporary self or ego is that persona you chose to take on to do and learn what you came into this lifetime to accomplish.  The Higher Self or soul is the part that goes from lifetime to lifetime learning and evolving on its journey back to the Godhead.

Revelation – although most of our parents wanted us to find a religion, attend church, temple, synagogue, etc., almost all of us were never taught about our Higher Self/soul.  Our training consisted of teaching the ego to behave properly in order to be accepted by others.  No wonder so many of us feel so alone.  There’s a whole other part of us, our spiritual selves, that we have had no real relationship with at all.

Decade upon decade, without real contact with our spiritual selves, has made our egos fearful, mistrusting, miserable and more.  Even when introduced to the fact that the spiritual self, this being of love and light, exists, the ego refuses to let go, refuses to even commune with the Higher Self.  The ego has well learned all the lessons of fear and possible loneliness taught by parents, teachers and others.

So how do you develop a good relationship between the ego and Higher Self?  It takes time, patience and nurturing.  You see, the ego is the child within who carries all the wounds, all the pain of the past.  The Higher Self, the real you, must now become the parent to that child and reassure it that all is well, he/she is loved and protected.

Saturn in Libra retrograde has been given by the Universe, at this time, for each of us to have the opportunity to be that parent to that wounded child within.  These energies can help us to build a connection between the dual parts of ourselves, thus healing us and making us whole.  It affords us the opportunity to change what we attract into our lives through a change in ourselves.  By reaching for the higher energy of our spiritual selves and combining it with who we are in this lifetime, we raise our vibrations and thus allow the Universe to bestow on us the abundance we so richly deserve.

Spring will be occurring soon.  A time to plant seeds for growth in the coming year.  What better seeds to plant than those that will grow a better relationship with yourself and, ultimately, with all that surrounds you in your world?  Come join me!  Let’s see if we can’t grow something really beautiful in the garden of relationship with ourselves.  It will be glorious!

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