Journey Log – Day 24: To sleep…perchance to dream

Have we talked about dreams?  Not the waking kind, like daydreams, but the ones that happen while your physical body is at rest and your conscious mind is “sleeping”.  I know I’ve told you of my ghostly experiences as a child, but there was this dream….

Dreams are supposed to be the result of your subconscious trying to sift and sort through your thoughts from the day in an effort to put some order to them and make sense of them.  I know that’s a real simplification of the meaning, but you get my point.  The thing is, I’m not so sure that what we consider dreams are always just that, especially when we are children, but even as adults.

When I was little – elementary school to be exact – I used to have this recurring dream that I was running for my life, down a snow covered hill, because I was being chased by something.  When I looked over my shoulder, what had once been a very small ball of excrement (I’m being polite) had become this HUGE ball of the same stuff and if was rolling down the hill after me, about to overtake me.  Just as I was about to be overrun by it, I’d wake up…heart racing, crying, scared to death.  My mother would come in, calm me down, convince me it was just a dream and I’d eventually go back to sleep.

As a child, I did have a bed-wetting problem caused by underdeveloped kidneys.  That, along was a real challenge to live within a time when the cure was to “grow out of it,” could have been behind that repeating dream, but  if this dream had been about that problem, would it not seem logical that I would be drowning in a pool of urine rather than being chased by a growing ball of sh*t? (Hope I’m not grossing anyone out here.)  I know some of you may question that since I was on a snow covered hill, could I have misinterpreted what I thought was coming after me?  I’ve thought of that.  The answer is “No.”  I had this dream so many times, even a few times in early adulthood, that there’s no doubt in my mind of what it was that was coming for me down that hill.

My question is, why would an elementary school-aged child dream of such a thing over and over again?  Was I warning myself, early in life, that “sh*t rolls downhill” and there was plenty of it that would be chasing me through this lifetime?  I’ve no clue today anymore than I had then.

If you look it up in a dream dictionary, under feces, it will tell you that it represents “money, wealth, profits, or tangible value and is a lucky omen pertaining to material gain” and, under chase, it says “no luxury, but a comfortable old age through your own efforts”.  That only leaves more questions in my mind.  It makes no sense, at least not in my mind, for someone so young to be dreaming of such things.

The dream did eventually stop.  I can’t tell you when, but I know I was greatly relieved.  What it did do for me, though, was call my attention to what goes on while I “slept”.  By the time I was really interested in and investigating anything “occult”, dreams were a part of that investigation.  By the time I was doing mediumship, I realized that more than just dreams occur once the conscious mind is out of the way.

In some circles of occult and spiritual endeavor, there are seven planes of existence and each of those planes is divided into seven levels.   The physical world is the densest of all the planes.  It is the “bottom rung” on this ladder of seven planes.  Most of these other levels are of a higher vibration, but there does seem to be at least one that is nightmarish, hellish in nature.  Even that one would be considered of a higher vibration than our physical reality since it isn’t solid in the same sense as our waking world.

There are also seven bodies to us humans, each enwrapped one upon the other like an onion.  Long story short, we are able to travel, or be taken, to many of these other planes.  How “high” we can go on these planes depends on our spiritual development in this lifetime. Was I out ‘traveling’ as a child?  Still, what would that mean and where was I?

My point is, sometimes when we dream, we’re not dreaming at all.  Sometimes we have left our physical body behind and we are traveling through time and space, with thought and feeling as our fuel, to places we can only begin imagine.  This is called “astral projection” or an out-of-the-body-experience (OOBE).  So, how do you know one from the other?  How do you tell if you’re dreaming or “traveling”?  One of the most obvious differences between a dream and a projection is that in most dreams there is no sequence of events, no time sense.  You just seem to be swept along, having no control, unable to make any decisions.  Also, in a dream, there can often be repetition of identical events.

I know some of you will immediately think of a state called “lucid dreaming” where you become “consciously” aware of the fact you’re dreaming and are able to take at least partial control of the dream.  This is a great technique, especially when dreams are nightmarish in nature.  Although there is a similarity between lucid dreaming and astral projection, even to the point of some believing the two are the same thing, they are different.  Lucid dreaming is still dreaming, just with some control.  For the experienced astral projector, the dream state isn’t needed to project and it is possible to make others aware of your presence while projecting.

In my early days of experimenting with projection, I decided to see if a friend of mine would notice me so I projected to her bedroom and stood watching her as she slept.  This was my friend Dee.  She awoke and almost screamed.  I scared her, she scared me and I was back in my body across town in my own bedroom.  I was determined not to say anything to her, to see if she would mention it.  Well, the phone rang and she immediately starts in on me.  “Please do me a favor and warn  me the next time you decide to ‘pop’ in like that!”  Guess it worked, huh?

Awake or asleep there is such a plethora of fascinating things to learn and explore.  If we are truly spiritual beings having a physical experience, wouldn’t it behoove us to learn more about the world that exists for us when the physical world isn’t distracting us?  It’s so much closer to who we really are.

I have been fortunate that so many things were presented to me at such an early age.   After the initial fears passed, I found myself intrigued by the possibilities and the adventure into realms to be explored.  Ghostly visits and a nightmarish dream – the beginnings of an adventure that has lasted over 60 years…amazing!!!

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    • A lot of what you read in these pages is personal experience but also years and years of study. There are lots of books out there on the different subjects I mention, especially older books. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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