Journey Log – Day 23: Journey to the Center of My Mind

This journey, you have embarked on with me, has taken us to many strange places, both physical and ethereal.   The road now takes us into the “Outer Limits” of my mind…please stand by.

I was born with a HUGE Mercury influence in my chart and life, even though I have a Taurus Sun.   Mercury rules communication, short journeys, studies, mental inclinations and abilities, and more as does the third house in an astrology chart.  My natal Mercury is in Gemini (one of the two signs it rules – Virgo being the other) in the third house of my chart, which is naturally ruled by Gemini.  So there’s kind of a triple whammy influence just in that fact alone.  My rising sign is Aquarius, ruled by Uranus which is considered to be a higher octave of Mercury.  The planet Uranus, in my natal chart, is in Gemini.  Wow!  Did we just come full-circle or what? Heck, I was even born on a Wednesday, which is ruled by Mercury!  Are you starting to get a picture forming in your mind? Or, is that my mind?

Sometimes this strong combination of astrological energies made me “too smart” for my own good.  Sometimes it made me uncomprehending of the fact that others just do not have the same perspective about life nor do they have the same abilities that I do.  As a child it was perplexing and, with no one to shed a light on this, that same perplexity lingered long into adulthood.  It wasn’t until I started teaching Wicca and began counseling people on a spiritual level that I was finally awakened to the vast differences each of us has in, not only our life experience, but the tools we’ve equipped ourselves to uniquely travel through our sojourn on Planet Earth.

Let me backtrack and tell you some about what occurred between being a perplexed child and an awakening adult.

When I was a child, we had a family doctor – Dr. Fess – who was there for me through chicken pox, whooping cough, two kinds of measles and more.  Most of the time, I was usually too ill to travel to his office so he would come to the house, but on one occasion (the reason escapes me now, but I was still in elementary school) my mother took me to his office.  Somehow, the conversation turned to the power of the mind and old doc Fess told me that you could program your mind to do about anything.  I was fascinated and also a little disbelieving.  He saw that I was skeptical, so he asked me if I like to sleep in on the weekends.  Of course I did!  Well, he told me that when I go to sleep on Friday night, I should repeat over and over again that I will wake up at 10 a.m.  “Try it.” he said.  I did.  I woke up at exactly 10 a.m. on Saturday morning!  I was hooked.  My fascination with the mind, subconscious, and even the psychology of the mind began that day.

The mind seems to be my forte in this lifetime.  Whether it’s what I can do with mine on any number of levels or the fascination with anything to do with the mind’s many levels that has allowed me to help others, this seems to be “where I live”.  Of all the levels of consciousness, I find the subconscious to be the most interesting.

Dictionary definitions of the subconscious give the following meanings: n. Psychol. – 1) that portion of mental activity not directly in the focus of consciousness but sometimes susceptible to recall by the proper stimulus;  2) the unconscious mind – mental activity not directly perceived by the consciousness, from which memories, feelings, or thoughts can influence behavior without realization of it .

It has been said that the subconscious mind doesn’t miss a thing – even though we may miss something on a conscious level.  It is also said that, when we pass away from our physical existence, the subconscious becomes our conscious awareness in the non-physical realms.  Does anyone else find that as fascinating as I do?  Here’s the thing though, the conscious mind – that temporary awareness for life on Earth – doesn’t relinquish control easily sometimes, even when we need to sleep.  As an example, I offer this brief life experience.  Remembering that I have all this Mercury influence floating around and inside me, in my early 20s, I used to find it almost impossible to shut my mind off in order to go to sleep.  My conscious mind didn’t want to stop thinking, worrying and supposing so that my subconscious could sort things out and possibly find a solution.  It became so bad that I had to go to the doctor.  He prescribed Quaaludes to shut my mind down so I could sleep.  I may have grown up in the 60s, but I was never one to take drugs.  I was not happy, but I took them and found I could sleep.  This wouldn’t be the only time I needed this help.

In later years, I would also discover that when I wanted to break a habit, instill a new trait or learn something new, the best way to do it was by bypassing my conscious mind and going straight to the subconscious through the use of subliminal tapes.  The subconscious mind may be the place  “from which memories, feelings, or thoughts can influence behavior without realization of it .”  but if you can’t get the conscious mind to shut up and get out of the way, working through those memories, feelings and thoughts can be a difficult, if not impossible task.

So did I become a psychologist or a psychiatrist?  No.  The clinical/medical version of mind exploration, to me, is cold and seems to be missing something.  In no way am I telling you to not seek some type of traditional therapist if you feel you need one.  From my perspective, there just seems to be a “wholeness” missing and that’s why I never became one.  Yes, as a therapist – even as a spiritual counselor – there needs to be a certain amount of detachment.  I just feel that, even though the focus may be on the mind, the body and spirit need to be included in it.  Thought and feeling are linked and affect body, mind and spirit.  That’s all I’m saying.

For this reason, I’ve done most of my counseling from an astrological and spiritual perspective.  Now, I’m learning about energy psychology, a branch of energy medicine that is slowly becoming more mainstream.  It is more inclusive and more interactive for the client/patient.  I’ve used it myself with success and it just feels right to me.

With my Aquarius rising, throughout my life, I have found that my thinking and perspective of life may seem sort of bizarre, eccentric, even sideways to many people.  Aquarius energy often causes those affected by it to be ahead of their time in their thoughts and actions.  I’d like to think that’s all it is with me.  I guess that’s why I’ve never been insulted when others have called me “strange”.  I smile and say “Thank you.” – sometimes only silently.  If my strangeness brings a new piece of information or new method into someone else’s sphere of existence that helps them to empower themselves, then it is all very worth it.

Remember, thoughts are things, words have power and feelings are their fuel.

May curiosity cause you to journey to the center of your own mine and may it be one of wonder and amazement that helps you discover the magick within!

I now return control to you

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