Journey Log – Day 22: What’s in a Name…or a Date?

I’ve mentioned more than once that I love puzzles and that life seems, to me, to be one big puzzle with lots and lots of pieces.  It’s interesting what a backward glance down the Road of Life will reveal to you.  What’s even more interesting, is how it unfolded and how long it took to see what I was meant to see.

I hope you will bear with me on this particular part of our journey.  The story I tell this time has several components.  These components span a number of decades.  I hope not to bore you but to intrigue you as I unravel and reveal pieces that answer the question, “What’s in a name?” and then lead to a few other related revelations.

As we begin this leg of the journey, it’s important to the story that I reveal to you the fact that I wasn’t given the name Samantha at birth.  Samantha is a name that I made legally mine in my late 30s.  (And, yes, if you’re wondering, I did watch Betwitched  and that is where the name came from.)

I’m sure my mother thought she was doing me great honor when she named me after her best friend.  Little did she realize, nor would she really ever know, the torment I would endure as a child from being named Gladys.  Children can be cruel.  My peers were no different.  For years, Gladys because “Glad-ass” which someone then cleverly perverted into “Happy-bottom”.  I was already dealing with a very shy, self-doubting demeanor from having moved so much in the first grade coupled with the fact I had buck teeth and mom bowl-cut my bangs, braided my hair and dressed me in plaid dresses with big white collars.  Not a formula for self-confidence.  And now, the icing on this cake, was the constant heckling of my name.

By the end of the sixth grade, I really had had enough.  I was going to be in 7th grade and, back then , that meant no more elementary school.  I was going to junior high school.  Time for a change!  Here’s one of the interesting parts, as I look back.  It never occurred to me that I needed to consult anyone, not even my parents.  Once I decided that I’d had enough, I then decided on a course of action.  That action was to start using my middle name, Elaine.

I don’t know if any of my teachers or the school called my parents about it, but it took very little time to get everyone to understand that I was now “Elaine”, not “Gladys”.  It took a little while longer for the heckling to stop from the kids who had done it for all those years in elementary school, but it did stop after a while and life became more “normal” (whatever that  is!) for this soon-to-be teenager.

Now, hold that thought as I take you off into another piece of this particular puzzle.

Scientist and mathematicians both see the world, and the universe, as made up of numbers.  Some even say that numbers are a universal language and really mean the Universe!  Math and mathematical formulas can explain and theorize on any subject, any action or reaction.

Most math has always come easy for me.  Simple math especially – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.  One of my ex-husband’s used to brag that, even when I had just woken up, I could do math in my head quicker than he could do it on a calculator.  It was true.  That kind of math was easy.  I even threw my geometry teacher for a loop in my sophomore year of high school when I was flunking geometry badly – not because I wasn’t getting the right answers, but because I wasn’t using the theorems and formulas that he was teaching.  He sat with me in one study hall and gave me problem after problem to solve.  I kept getting the right answer, but not the way I should have.  I passed with a “D” because I blew his mind!

Did you ever watch a show called “Numbers” that used to be on CBS?  I really got into that show and understood the math, on some level.  Math and numbers fascinate me.  On some strange, bizarre level I understand them – even if I can’t explain it.

When I got into the occult side of life, I discovered numerology.  Numerology helps you understand the vibration of the combination of letters that make up your name by reducing them to a single number.  Change your name and you change your vibration.  Women, especially, should take notice of this since, in our culture, we take the last name of the person we marry.  Your birth name has a vibration.  The name you use in public has a vibration.  Any name-change you make changes that vibration.

Well, by the time I had discovered numerology, I’d been married three times besides changing from using my first name to my middle name!  So, of course, I had to “do the math” on all the various name changes to see where it had led me.  I won’t bore you with the details.  It’s enough to say that just looking at the difference in the meaning of the vibration of my first name plus my maiden name versus my middle name and my maiden name was more than interesting!  Of course, moving on to see the change that happened in vibration every time I changed my last name was eye-opening as well.  So by the time I had decided to legally change my first name, I first did the math to see what the change would bring me.  It was interesting and intriguing.  I went ahead with the name change.

I had already been doing natal astrology charts for a while when I introduced myself to numerology.  I soon discovered that the numerology of your birth date and a natal astrology chart, in many ways, confirm each other.  You will  find confirmation of the information of one in the other without having to stretch your imagination.  Both are based on forms of math based on your date of birth so should it be at all surprising that they are similar in definition and vibration?  Fascinating!

What’s even more fascinating is that every year, on your birthday, a new vibration is set up that offers you the opportunity to resolve problems, overcome obstacles and get to know yourself better.

Last year, my birthday presented me with the path of the number 3.  Three just happens to be my Life Path number – the number that you arrive at by adding your birth month, day and year and then reducing them to a single digit.  This is a vibration that stays with you your whole life because, let’s face it, you can changed your name but your birthdate always remains the same.  In my case, a keyword for “3”  is self-expression.  You could say I came here to learn about and create forms of self-expression.  Interesting.

Here’s the thing…As I look back, most of the lessons, many of them emotionally painful, have had to do with self-expression.  Many of the things I really love to do have to do with self-expression : painting murals, writing, even helping others to empower themselves is a form of self-expression.  I shook my head in disbelief or maybe just amazement that, here it was, plain as day, the bringing together of pieces of my own personal puzzle based on my birthdate and, additionally, my name and its many changes!

And now, we have arrived in 2012.  A time when the ending of the Mayan calendar has so many predicting doom and gloom, chaos, at the very least.  There’s a much bigger consideration: what does it mean to each of us on a personal level as we approach new birthdays – new vibrational paths – in this important vibrational year?

The year 2012 adds up to a “5” (2+0+1+2=5).  The keywords for “5” are change and  freedom.  So, you could say,  the Universal vibration will be one of change towards freedom.  If you look around our world right now, we could use some changes.  There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the status quo so we are looking for progress (another “5” word).  The warning of “5” is to avoid the misuse of personal freedom and the overindulgence in sensuality, drink and drugs.  It also warns that thoughtless must be curbed.  So we need to learn detachment, while we pursue progress through our curiosity and sense of adventure.  Pretty cool, huh?  No catastrophe here, just an opportunity for change that brings freedom to each of us!

One other thing.  If you look at the year’s separate numbers you can glean that the vibration begins and ends with a “2”.  Two is the number of association.  It is about working together.  So you could actually say where this year goes, how it ends, depends on how we work with each other.  The “0” can be taken a couple of ways: 1) the possibilities are endless (kind of like an infinity symbol), or, 2) it could represent the Void, where it is said all answers to all questions can be found.  The “1” tells us about our individuality and personal attainment, but when we reach that second “2”, we are being reminded that we are all connected and bringing our individuality together with other individuals, working together will determine the changes we see this year.

I highly recommend checking what happens when you add your month and day of birth to this wonderful “5”.  Then check what your personal vibrational path is and how this can bring about change in your life as you approach the end of the year.  You might find it eye-opening and inspiring.

Oh, one last thing – and it has absolutely nothing to do with my discoveries about numerology.  Remember my feelings, when I decided to use my middle name in the 7th grade?  I didn’t even feel I needed to discuss it with my parents?  Well, on the spiritual path I have followed for almost 38 years, at the age of 12 or 13, children are permitted to choose their own name!  Yeah, uh-huh, and how old was I?  Yep, 12 going on 13!  This is only one of several such incidents that happened in my life before I actually became Wiccan.  Divine guidance is real and it does happen, even if we are totally unaware of it at the time!!!

May the vibrations of change and freedom be with you and may your curiosity lead you on an adventure to discover your own personal vibrations this year!

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