Journey Log – Day 21: Solitary Woman

So, have  you ever stopped to think about how unique you are and, even more, how unique your personal journey through this lifetime is?  So many of us become so distracted by our outside lives that we really don’t know the person living in our “house”.  How sad.  Face it, we’re the only ones we can’t run away from.  No matter where we go…there we are!

Sybil Leek, in her book The Complete Art of Witchcraft, said, “Know yourself and do this before you do anything else.”  Although it has taken me years to fully understand this and why it’s so important, I have practiced and taught it for almost forty years now.   And, just so you know, it IS  important and you can’t possibly do it overnight or even in a year.  Part of the reason it can be a lengthy process is because of all that programming I keep mentioning.  Another part is that distraction of the outside world which grabs our attention at every turn.   I would guess that’s why many who walk this path have found this time of year – the time of introspection – to be such a valuable tool.

Becoming intimately aware of who you truly are is the foundation for finding the right mate (or even if you want a mate); finding a best friend; finding a pleasurable, good job; finding the right spiritual path; and even finding the right group – spiritual or mundane – to be a part of.  Without that intimate knowledge of ourselves, we’re only guessing – in a hit and miss fashion – who and what we are compatible with.  It’s like putting the cart before the horse – a great deal of struggle.

It would be amazingly wonderful if we could just decide to shuck off all the programming and start fresh.  Since that’s not the case, the next step requires taking a look backward and asking yourself some questions and then  answering them honestly.  Remind yourself that no one but you is going to hear the question asked or the answer given.  This will help alleviate any fears that could arise if it was done with others listening.

Take yourself back to some incident that caused you to feel sad or hurt or disappointed.  Examine it closely.  Then ask yourself how often when a similar situation has arisen have you either avoided it or already anticipated the outcome before that  outcome had arrived.  It may take some real thinking and honesty on your part to find the answer.  When you do, I would bet (and I’m not really a betting person) that you discover that no matter which you did, it was because of your previous experience and the sadness, pain or disappointment you experienced.

Based on an unpleasant past experience (and, believe me, you will find there is more than one you’re holding onto),  we now live a life that has become filled with assumption, fear, and limitation.

The worst of these is the limitation.  We came into this physical existence as limitless beings knowing there would be obstacles placed in our paths – by ourselves and others – and recognizing that overcoming these obstacles meant re-empowering ourselves, learning more about ourselves as physical and spiritual beings, and growing in our abilities to be conscious creators of the world that we live in.   And yet, we start out by being taught that everything of importance resides outside of ourselves.

This outside world, as we have been taught to reside in it, has caused most of us to become numb, even asleep, as we travel through a world that could be filled with wonder and joy for us, if we so choose.   We’ve become lost to the meaning of our own personal worth and why we exist.

Like so many of the other things I’ve talked about in these entries, the journey inside was shown to me fairly early in my life.  I was around 13 or 14 when I began to take “journeys” – in science class of all places!  My thoughts would turn to what it was like to be “dead” and I would be off on some altered state journey that, most of the time, I was able to bring myself out of before the teacher noticed I wasn’t really there.  My point being, it made me very aware of my own personal thoughts and feelings on that subject.  That, over the course of many decades, caused me to realize that there was  something going on internally that I needed to get to know and understand.

Even I went for long periods ignoring both the ability and need to travel inward and get to know who I truly was and am.  Not everyone is as fortunate as I have been and gotten a head’s up that was loud and clear.  The din of the outside world, for many, seems to drowned out the quiet inner voice that calls to us all.  That’s why it’s so important, especially in the time we’re in now, for each of us to find five minutes here and five minutes there to ask who we really are as individuals; how we really feel; what we’re holding onto from our pasts that limits our present; and how much do we want to change our personal worlds for the better.

Introspection – The observation and analysis of one’s own mental processes and emotional states.  This is the key that will unlock the door.  That door opens on a whole new world.  That world is filled with limitless possibilities.  Those limitless possibilities are the reason you came here.  You came here for your own unique journey of discovery and adventure.

You’ve been traveling with me for over nine months now and we’ve arrived at the end of 2011.   It is my wish for you that you grab that key, put it in the lock and turn it as you enter 2012.  I can tell you, you won’t be sorry you opened that door.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll invite me to journey with you as you begin your new adventure!!!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  William Morrow

Peace, love, and joy.

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