Journey Log – Day 17: A Haunting We Will Go! Part 2

It seems only fitting that I continue my ghostly tales on the very day known to many as the day when ghosts, spirits and demons walk the Earth…Halloween.   Known to others as Hallowmas or Samhain, a time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and we are able to commune with those who have departed this reality.

This is a world of duality and, because of that fact,  there is both good and evil.  Where there are white Witches, known to many as Wiccans, there are black “witches”, known as Satanists.  I use the word ‘witch’ in reference to Satanists only because some who belong to this path began to refer to themselves in this manner back in the mid-60s.  I come not to criticize or demean their practices, only to give an explanation where it involves me and my story.

The area I lived in at the time had a fair share of practicing Satanists.  It seemed that where they would open doors and let negative energies and entities enter this world, we would be called to gather up that energy, return it to where it came from, and close those doors.  Sometimes we would have only partial success and would end up being followed by energies and entities for days or weeks thus requiring another rite of banishment before everything was back to the way it should be.

On one occasion, a friend of ours, who was aware of the work we had been doing, came to us about some friends of his who had moved into a house in a neighboring small town.  It seems these folks had started to have unbelievable bad luck and accidents on a daily basis.  The family, which consisted of the mother, father, and two children – a boy about 12 or 13 and a girl about 8 or 9 – had also started feeling cold in certain rooms of the house even on the hottest of days.  They were close to desperation when our friend mentioned us to them.  They were very open to anything that might possibly relieve the conditions that they now lived with and in on a constant basis.

As the three of us entered their home, we were hit by the cold and “musty” energy right at the front door.  Dee was taking the role of sensitive for the night, but, in this case, that was far from being an exclusive role.  This house reeked!  No other words can really describe what we were all feeling and sensing.

Although the energies seemed to permeate the whole house, they seemed to be centered in the family/living room.  The cold that could be felt in there had absolutely nothing to do with the room’s temperature and the feeling that filled the room made the hair on my arms stand on end.  It was nauseating.  Saner people would have run out of there, never to return.  Well, considering we had to be a little crazy in the eyes of others for even considering this kind of work, we knew we had to stay and do whatever we were able to in order to help this family.

We told the family that they might want to consider leaving for a while, but they insisted on staying so the best we could do is get them as far from the “vortex” of this energy as possible.  That meant cloistering them in the kitchen, telling them they absolutely had to stay put until we felt we were done.

Some of what I’m about to tell you may make you sick.  Some of the rest of it may have you questioning our sanity.  I’m here to tell you that this is not  fiction.  And, no matter how crazy any part of it sounds, it did happen.

We had taken upon ourselves the self-training in some of the arts of ceremonial magick feeling it was necessary in dealing with the types of energies we had begun to be faced with.  During this self-training, we discovered that one of the most powerful weapons we had was a combination of our imagination with our beliefs.  If from the corners of your imagination you could bring forth something and believe it was real…it was.  I know how crazy that may sound to some, but on a smaller scale and on a daily basis, we do this all the time.  Illness, poverty, health, wealth – if we visualize them and believe them to be true, they manifest in our lives.  So, we were just discovering how true this was and, under the right conditions, how quickly this could happen.

We went into the family room and decided that first we had to eliminate any possible poltergeist activity from the children.  If you’re unfamiliar with poltergeist (noisy ghosts), these occurrences often happen around children approaching puberty.  We were pretty sure this wasn’t the case, but we had to be sure.

I helped Dee deepen her state of consciousness in order to “see” what was the cause of the activity here.  As she went deeper and touched the energy filling the house, she became agitated and her breathing became labored.  “Oh, my god, it’s horrible!” came from her lips.  I asked her what she was seeing but she didn’t seem to hear me.  “No!  Stop!  Oh, god!” and her eyes flew open.  The expression on her face was worse than if she’d seem a ghost!  As she was able to calm herself, this is the story she related to us:

It seems that this house had been the residence of a leader of a Satanic group about the turn of the 20th century.  He was considered very powerful and part of that power came from the fact he was into blood sacrifice.  Although for a long time that sacrifice had been limited to animals, he and his group became more and more power-hungry and were now looking to perform a rite that would call for the sacrifice of a newborn.

Besides being very powerful, the man was also very charming and he had enticed a woman much younger than himself to become his wife.   She was so thrilled when she became pregnant, never realizing what her husband was planning.

The night this ritual was to take place, she was almost to term and in this very same room where we now stood, this man and his group took that baby from its mother’s womb, killing the mother, in order to sacrifice the child in a ghastly act of black magick.  All the negative energy from that night and that rite was in this house and had been activated by the presence of the current residents’ innocent children!  You see, even from beyond the grave, this horrible, terrible man wanted power and even had hopes of coming back.

We looked at each other – WTF did we just get ourselves into?  Were we even equipped to handle this?  OMG!  So we all took a deep breath and began to work.  First, we tried rites of purification throughout the whole house.  It never hurts and often helps even in the worst situations.  Well, that had so little effect that we realized this was going to be a long night.  We put forth everything we knew and still the energies were there.  It was obvious that this former Satanic leader was adamant about remaining.  What to do?  With incense and candles burning, a ceremonial circle cast, and all the “learned”  methods used, we began to a discussion as to what to do next.  Why was nothing working?  At the very least,  why wasn’t the intensity even beginning to diminish?  We asked Dee to take a look around on an astral level and tell us if she saw anything that would give us a clue.  Well, she did see something.  In this particular part of “space”, there was a huge tear that she felt had been created by the horrible acts of blood-letting that had taken place here.  She felt, from what she was sensing, that none of the negative energy was going to cease until that rift was sealed.  Oh, great!  Just how were we going to accomplish that?

Maybe it was a sign of the times and the movies that had just been released.  It was the late 70’s and Star Wars, with its light sabers and “May the Force be with you.” was very prominent in our minds.  I know how absolutely insane this may sound, but our belief was we needed something like a laser beam to seal this rift and, of course, we didn’t have one.  The only tools we had left unused were our imaginations and our beliefs.  So we joined together and from our collective imaginations created that beam and used it to seal that rift.  Almost immediately the energies began to change.  We did the rites of purification again and this time the house cleared!  Even the family, still housed in the kitchen, could tell the difference and asked what we had done.

Days and then weeks passed, the accidents and misfortune remained absent. The family returned to being happy and productive, thrilled that this nightmare was over.

I learned a great deal that night.  Courage is feeling the fear and doing what you need to do anyway.  Oh, and most important of all, you can achieve what your mind can conceive and you’re willing to believe!

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